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  It's not our fault we have  menstrual cycles!!

Created: 2020-09-28

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Haitian live matters - La vie des Haïtiens compte - Lavi Aysyen gen valè   INTERNATIONAL ALERT FOR THE RELIEF OF THE HAITIAN PEOPLE For many decades, the descent into hell has been continuing for the Haitian people, a people already sternly hit by natural disasters. Throughout the tenure of the last successive governments, the foundations of fundamental human rights the situation have steadily deteriorated: insecurity, precarity, loss of freedom, denial of basic rights. Yet, these rights are for

Created: 2020-09-23

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Sign this so Emma breaks up with her deadbeat boyfriend

My best friends boyfriend is a dick who thinks she cheated WHEN SHE DIDNT. If you can't handle dating a bad bitch don't date one. If enough people sign this she said she'll dump him, i swear i'm a supportive best friend.

Created: 2020-09-18

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Save Cleeve Hill Golf Course and the playing of golf on Cleeve Hill

This petition has been set up on behalf of the members of Cleeve Cloud Golf Club who are responsible for running competitions and are the members section of Cleeve Hill Golf Course. This is due to the sad news that a decision has been made to close Cleeve Hill Golf Course from the 1st of April 2021. Unfortunately the current lease holder and the council have announced that the lease will be terminated early and golf will no longerbe  played on Cleeve Hill after more than 125 years of histoty. ht

Created: 2020-09-08

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TO:  International Criminal Court Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda We, Belarusians of the World and friends of Belarusian People, would like to draw the attention of the International Criminal Court to the multiple crimes against humanity, recently committed by self-proclaimed “president” of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, his state officials, and the members of his law enforcement bodies. We are asking you to respond to the disturbing and tragic events in Belarus, to protect the live

Created: 2020-09-03

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Remove all 2 hour parking signsi

I Antonio Dasilva  is starting this petition in support of all students attending G.A wheable centre .the school doesn't have enough parking to accommodate all students who drive cars .the only option they have is to park on the street. Which has a 2 hour parking limit. Leaving the students vulnerable of getting a $30 parking ticket. I feel that these students attending this school trying to better their education  and get jobs cant afford to be paying $30 tickets...Question?  Why is a parking r

Created: 2020-08-30

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Make Wicked Into A Book!

If you have read Sicko by Amo Jones, you should all be acquainted by a specific, hot, sexy, male character in this book.  We, the people, want more back story on this man! We need more WICKED!

Created: 2020-08-26

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Give us ship interiors in elite dangerous

We need ship interiors in elite dangerous.  

Created: 2020-08-19

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Charlotte McCandless

Petition for our family to adopt a cat over a guinea pig😊. 

Created: 2020-08-15

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Reunion Pond Fountains

The city of Airdrie has warned against the existence of blue-green algae in the Reunion Green storm pond. To improve the water quality and ecological habitat with our community this petition is intended to lobby the city for several fountains to improve the flow of water and improve / reduce the spread of blue-green algae. By signing this petition you are in favour of adding fountains to our local pond to reduce the existence of blue-green algae. Thank you for your time and support! ​​​​​What is

Created: 2020-08-06

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