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A petition to end the Downtown Improvement Area (DIA) management board’s stranglehold on North Bay’s economic centre; by repealing bylaw 1977-144

The goal of this petition is expressly to allow business and activity within North Bay’s downtown core that is not aligned with the interests of the DIA and their management board by repealing local bylaw 1977-144. This group has had a stranglehold on a major part of downtown since 1978, forcing local businesses and event coordinators to comply and in most case acquiesce a portion of their profits each year for the privelege of being saddled by this entity, their rules, and their regulations. We

Created: 2021-06-11

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STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St.

STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St. PETITION   If you want to: Keep your quality of life Continue to enjoy the picturesque views Preserve the family lifestyle of our neighbourhood Prevent traffic and parking nightmares   BE PROACTIVE AND OPPOSE THE PROJECT OF DEMOLITION-3477 DRUMMOND WITH YOUR SIGNATURE.   By signing: I agree with petition titled "STOP the BUILDING of 3477 Drummond St." to prevent real estate speculation from eliminating mountain and scenic views and negatively affecting th

Created: 2021-06-07

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Petition for the protection of the Vltavska metro station concrete cascades spot

We, members of the Foreign parkour community, supporting the Czech parkour community, based on the official organization of the Czech Association of Parkour, z. s. (ČAPk), as well as other public, demand that the concrete cascades at the Vltavská metro station be preserved during the new planning of the Vltavská Philharmonic and surrounding buildings, or that changes be consulted with representatives of the Czech parkour community, ie ČAPk. The Vltavská concrete cascades are an integral part of

Created: 2021-06-06

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Since the beginning of the current academic year, the Pedagogical University of Krakow - the oldest teacher training higher education institution in Poland - has been subject to the so-called ‘recovery plan’ (or ‘programme’). The newly elected University Authorities legitimise the need to implement it by referring to the alleged risk of imminent financial collapse. The main measure taken under the framework of the plan involves heavy redundancies. Yet, growing evidence has come to light which ch

Created: 2021-05-30

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Reverse the DCDSB decision on the rainbow flag

We, Catholic/Christian parents and God-fearing people of faith, are demanding that the decision to fly the rainbow flag at the Catholic schools within the Durham Catholic District School Board be reversed for the following reasons: the decision goes against the Word of God, the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church, which has been the same for over 2000 years and will NEVER change, as it is according to God's will, and not the will of man. Thus, NOBODY has the right or the authority to cha

Created: 2021-05-28

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Make Children's clothing stores an essential service.

Hello My name is Chanelle, I am starting this petition to see if some of my family, friends, and I can possibly make a difference during this difficult time. Before I voice my concerns I'd just like to say that when Covid was first declared a global pandemic last year I was a nurses aid in a Hospital in England. I worked on a Covid ward and saw people with the virus first hand. Covid is very real and I believe in taking precautions in protecting ourselves and the vulnerable. That being said this

Created: 2021-05-25

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In defence of professional wind orchestras in Estonia

On 17 May, Estonian Music Council, together with other prominent institutions in the field of music, appealed to the Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet and Minister of Culture Anneli Ott to express concern pertaining to the proposed plan to liquidate the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces. On 18 May, the dissolution of the Police and Border Guard Orchestra was made public within the planned budget cuts in the Ministry of the Interior. From the point of continuity,

Created: 2021-05-20

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I will not buy a ticket with benning as gm

Despite 7 seasons where gm Jim Benning has shown a lack of ability to ice a successful team, only making the playoffs in a year the Tournament was changed to allow 24 teams, the Canucks  are bringing Benning back for year 8.  In the last 8 years the canucks have gone from a model franchise to a laughing stock. This is a potion stating that signees will not buy tickets one fans are allowed to return to the rink.  It is the only real way to voice our displeasure 

Created: 2021-05-19

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SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN BY ADDING YOUR NAME TO OUR CALL TO ACTION: 17 May 2020 In September 2020, seven artists of Chinese heritage were appointed by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester to co-design a Revisioning Project that would address equality and inclusion, and the future relevance of the organisation. CFCCA wanted artists in a central role to ‘shape their future and solve the issues of underrepresentation in the staff team’.  What followed was a series of events tha

Created: 2021-05-18

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Fenced off-leash dog space in Wesbrook Village

Dear UNA Board:As fellow UNA members, we kindly request the establishment of an off-leash dog space in Wesbrook Village. The number of dogs living here has increased exponentially as the neighbourhood grows, and they are in desperate need of a space to safely socialize and play.  Currently, many owners allow their dogs to play off-leash in the existing parks and grassy fields. However, this is only an option for owners of dogs well-disciplined enough to not run away. It's also extremely dangerou

Created: 2021-05-16

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