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No to the closing of the Bois de la Cambre!

The City of Brussels, who is the sole administrator, has unilaterally decided to close the Bois de la Cambre for traffic by car. The Bois de la Cambre is a very important traffic axis that permits inhabitants a quick access to the critical car trajectory’s of Brussels with its well-known mobility problems. Since April 2012 the Bois de la Cambre is partially closed to car traffic at the weekends and on holidays but some of the trajectory’s stay accessible for vehicles. On March 19th 2020 the cit

Created: 2020-05-23

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 6440 6364
Last month 720 711

Appeal against the Qm2 Exam decision

Students should not suffer disadvantages due to mistakes made by the university which could have a negative impact on their future university career. This disqualification of grades is based solely on the error of the university to implement randomazation in the exams. Due to this misconduct on the part of the university, the Gpa and overall Gpa are interpreted as a disadvantage for the students. Furthermore, no costs for further educational measures will be reimbursed. Furthermore, the quiz sco

Created: 2020-06-22

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 222 45
Last month 220 45

Shades of color Lego bricks must become better, pricing is high so quality as well

 The last months we see lots of problems with shades of color in new LEGO sets, even in new sets like 42115 (lamborghini sian), 75979 (hedwig) and 75275 ( a-wing starfighter). The problem was already known for dark red and dark blue but now also happening with white and newer colors. We would like to send this petition afterwards to LEGO in order to inform them that we AFOL's are not happy with this problem because sets are expensive if you compare them with other copycat brands.

Created: 2020-06-05

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 20 13
Last month 20 13

Petition for ingredients declaration on alcoholic beverages

Within the EU, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages do not need to tell you what they have put into the bottle. All other food and beverages, on the other hand, must have detailed ingredients lists.   In wine, for example, the manufacturers can use some 60 different additives and other substances, without them being declared on the bottle.   It all comes down to an EU decision in 1979 where they failed to decide the labelling rules for alcoholic beverages. And since then, they have left things

Created: 2019-02-19

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 5075 72
Last month 61 11

Démission des Ministres de la Santé - Ontlsag van Minsters van Gezondheid

Please sign the petition if you agree that Belgium's Health Ministers must be accountable for their actions. «Bij deze aanvaarden Wij, Belgische Bevolking, het ontslag van alle Ministers van Gezondheid van het Belgisch Koninkrijk (lijst hieronder), ontslag dat effectief wordt op de dag waarop de speciale bevoegdheden van de Regering Wilmès vervallen. Wir, Volk der Belgier, nehmen den Rücktritt der Gesundheitsminister des Königreichs Belgien (Liste anbei) an; der Rücktritt wird bei Ablauf der Son

Created: 2020-05-17

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 9 8
Last month 9 8

We ask for Blue Air airline investigation regarding the way they managed the ticket cancelation situation!

I've created this online petition to draw the attention of the competent authorities in order to start the investigation on the Blue Air airline and the way of operating the canceled tickets / vouchers issued, during the state of emergency / alert. During the coronavirus pandemic,  from March 15th to June 30th , all Blue Air flights were canceled and for customers were issued vouchers, many of the customers not even received them. The main problem is that the VOUCHERS CANNOT BE USED ON-LINE (the

Created: 2020-06-16

Time period All countries Belgium
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Last month 172 5


In March the European Union decided to close its international borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. An important decision that had to be taken to protect the health of the citizens. Meanwhile, governments are preparing a safe exit strategy to unlock their country, taking into consideration further health and safety measures.  People will soon have the opportunity to meet their family and visit their friends inside the country again. Hope is growing... On the other hand, for people who are

Created: 2020-04-19

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 133 84
Last month 22 3


Hello animal-friends,  Circus with wild animals is forbidden in Belgium now about ten years. A dolphinarium is also a circus with wild animals; lots of them are even captured from their natural environment, the sea. SO THIS HAS TO STOP! Modern documentaries (on television) learn us that wild animals have a hard time in captivity, also in the usual zoos, and even worse for big predators like lions, bears, orca’s and also dolphins. They can’t live according to their natural instincts, hunting, pr

Created: 2016-05-11

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 1386 290
Last month 5 3

Supporting the letter of the Lebanese people to the IMF

النص العربي المترجم في آخر الرسالة The Executive Board International Monetary Fund 700 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20431 United States 27 May 2020 Dear Sirs The signatories of this letter represent a cross-section of civil society and activist groups in Lebanon and abroad, concerned that failure to tackle current issues comprehensively will result in spiraling unemployment, uncontrollable inflation, more social unrest and a severe deterioration in public health and other services. On 1 May 2020,

Created: 2020-05-28

Time period All countries Belgium
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Last month 186 2

Consular assistance for Ali Aarrass

Ali Aarrass is a dual Belgian-Moroccan citizen, unjustly imprisoned for eight years in Morocco following a terrorism conviction based solely on torture evidence.   Ali Aarrass’ life was turned upside down on 1 April 2008, when he was arrested in Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Moroccan territory, and transferred to Spain, on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist network. After a long and careful investigation, the celebrated judge Baltazar Garzon decided there was no case to answer in March 2009

Created: 2016-10-24

Time period All countries Belgium
All time 3144 2431
Last month 3 2