Most popular petitions in Belgium in 2018

  • Country: Belgium
  • Language: English
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Contre la démolition des pensions de l'enseignement / Tegen de afbraak van het onderwijspensioen

Created: 2017-12-03 Statistics

Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

Stop agressief rijgedrag van bestuurders tegenover paard en ruiter

Created: 2018-01-11 Statistics

The right to mock exams between the written and oral BAC

Created: 2018-01-11 Statistics

Vrienden tegen vuurwerk. Petitie tegen verkoop en gebruik.

Created: 2018-01-01 Statistics

Vote NO to National Parc Nieuwland!!!

Created: 2018-03-24 Statistics


Created: 2018-10-31 Statistics

Petition for the preservation of two-way traffic in the Albertlaan and the Oppemstraat (Tervuren).

Created: 2018-02-28 Statistics

Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program

Created: 2018-08-14 Statistics

Minister Schauvliege, we demand a clear and straightforward climate and environmental policy.

Created: 2018-12-04 Statistics

OMG they are taking away our waves!!! No island in front of Knokke-Heist

Created: 2018-06-29 Statistics

All together against the abolition of the Belgian Mounted Police!

Created: 2015-07-10 Statistics

BREAKING! Help to avoid deportation of Chechen political refugee to Russia

Created: 2018-12-20 Statistics

Stop the attacks and banning of the Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter method

Created: 2016-09-06 Statistics

Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

Created: 2018-10-28 Statistics

Keep Electric Vehicles quiet

Created: 2018-03-07 Statistics

Petition against slaughter and export for slaughter of Polish horses

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

The teaching of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture at the University of Helsinki must continue!

Created: 2018-05-11 Statistics

For an easily accessible wheelchair/bike space on Intercity train Ostend - Eupen and other trains in Belgium

Created: 2018-01-24 Statistics

Pour le maintien des cours d'histoire et de géographie

Created: 2018-01-15 Statistics