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Adult Satoshi in Pokémon Anime

We Ask gently the staff of the pokemon anime to develop Ash's(Satoshi) in a worthy way: no more reboots, we would like to see Satoshi as an adult (it is preferable to avoid to specify the years of the timeskip, in order to not generate more mistakes with the series in which there was shown an effective temporal ongoing) and that he could reach his goal to be a Pokemon Master. Giving the Pokemon Master title doesn't necessarly mean to take it away from the anime and to conclude it. For us the sto

Created: 2017-12-20

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Stop Donkey Abuse in Hydra & Santorini, Greece

Donkeys and mules seem to be the only trustworthy transportation tools at Hydra island, Greece.In Hydra island, Greece mules are the heavy loaders that they use to transport goods such as luggage, plants, white goods such as washing machines, furniture, shopping and building material. The mules and horses that are available to ride or to transport luggage are found in the East corner of the harbour and they are rented for 20€ per ride. The people in those islands still in 2020 tend to believe th

Created: 2020-08-19

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normalize eating applesauce

I think applesauce has a bad reputation that it doesn't deserve. It's really good & we all secretly like it, so why are we lying? It's not just for babies & old people, it's for everyone. 

Created: 2020-05-12

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Activision Blizzard Games back to Ge Force Now

Hi GeForce Now and Activision Blizzard,   This petition would ask you to return Activision Blizzard games to Ge Force Now. Because there are many fans of your great games in this world and many of us are not allowed to play these games on their PC, they use streaming services like Ge Force Now, which currently brings us the greatest stability and support in the market. So please try to talk again about the possibility of reuniting your amazing companies.   #letsbefriendsagain   Thank you

Created: 2020-04-08

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Last month 23 9

Mantener horario inicial escalonado para las clases virtuales CES

Es muy probable que la semana que viene se cambie el horario que tenemos ahora que es mucho mas flexible al regular de coger clases *presenciales* corridas de 7 a 2:30. Creo que podemos tratar de hacer algo al respecto porque siento que este horario que tenemos ahora funciona mejor ya que hay espacio para poder entender y estudiar bien virtualmente y especialmente estar al dia con las clases y mas en un año tan complicado como este. Si tomamos iniciativa puede ser que este no sea el caso. No agr

Created: 2020-08-19

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Lunglei Naupang Pawngsualtu Hremna

Lunglei a hmeichhe naupang pawngsualtu hi a damchhung lungin tan tir emaw death sentence pek ni rawh se. Mizoramah naupang pawngsual chingte hremna, na lo te te pek thin an nih avangin tun thlengin naupang pawngsual thu hriat a la ni zel. Tun tum chu sorkarin na tak in hrem se la, la tih ve tum te pawh in an tih loh phah nan leh naupang tam takin misual kut an tawrh tawh lohna turin. POCSO act hnuaiah dam chhung lungin tan (pawngsualtu dam chhung) leh death penalty phal a nih tawh angin, a phu t

Created: 2020-08-17

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Flying restrictions with children

I would like to start a petition that requires certified documentation be provided when traveling with children. 

Created: 2020-08-13

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Last month 8 8


Dear Mayor Ras Baraka, We have created this petition as a desperate plea against the recent ban of live music in the Ironbound section of Newark. We completely understand and agree that certain venues in our community have violated with total disregard to all the laws and guidelines created to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, although these venues have received a one week closure order, us musicians are suffering the greatest consequences as we have been banned from working

Created: 2020-07-28

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SMUHSD Board - Please allow students to return normally to school for Fall 2020

Over the last four months, we've continued to learn a great deal following the necessary closure of our schools to flatten the curve against Covid19. Most thankfully, multiple credible studies have concluded that Covid19 is much less dangerous and less infectious among people under 20. And we've learned that many students are left behind and disconnected with distance learning.  Dr. Scott Morrow, San Mateo County Health Officer, made a statement  on June 15, 2020 that "I want to see kids back in

Created: 2020-06-17

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Let Caleb and Nadia Hangout

Caleb and Nadia are a cute couple who have been dating since December 23rd of 2019 (4 months). The last time the couple were able to hangout with each other was almost 2 months ago on March 9th. This was before we really new what chaos Covid-19 was about to create. Most other couples that Caleb and Nadia know are allowed to hangout at this time. The couple has been following all of the Safer at Home orders and precautions since they were set in place. The couple is coming up on 5 months on May 2

Created: 2020-05-08

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