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Spring Valley, MN City Administrator position. Out with the Old! In with the new!

Spring Valley as a City has sat stagnant for many years with little growth!! It is time for a Change and in my opinion and from what I've gather from community members is it really starts with our City Administrator position. It is a hired Position done by our Mayor Tony Archer and Elected City Council. I have personally been lied to and railroaded by the City at the hand of Deb Zimmer(City Administrator) She has got to go!! She's bad for business and bad for the City!!  Just as Chris Danielson

Created: 2019-05-30

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Bring Back Minecraft

Bring back minecraft. Don't remove it from kids that are good, get their work done, and behave. If there is a problem, remove that 1 student, not an entire grade! Some people have done amazing things in their worlds like Thompson Town, a community for the 7th Graders of East Middle. And some people host daily competitions. It if for the better of the school. Sign this petition, and lets revive Educational Minecraft!!!!!

Created: 2018-11-08

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PETITION FOR HELP FOR ALEKSANDAR STANOJLOVIC FROM SABAC (SERBIA)-HELP HIM TO BUILD A SHELTER FOR DOGS HE SAVED! For a long time, Aleksandar Stanojlovic, the founder and legal representative of Associaton for protection of abandoned animals "MEDA-SABAC", is taking care of more than 70 stray animals from city of Sabac and from whole area that belongs to the municipality Sabac. He provides them accomodation, food, water, medical care, sterilization, vaccines and everything else that these animals n

Created: 2017-09-16

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End Sanctuary Cities

Illegal Aliens Have been ruining The United States Of America's private Job sector by driving wages down or by working without a 1099 or Filing Taxes!  Many Employers Know this and Take advantage of it by picking up illegals in parking lots of fast food businesses at 6Am and allowing the Worker to stay on board and be payed Tax exempt AKA (under the Table) We Ask Congress to look into & examine major corporations and small landscaping businesses, construction companies, and many other busine

Created: 2017-07-13

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Kira's Bill: Establishing an Animal Abuse Registry in Iowa

Recently Kira, a Great Dane, was observed by a concerned citizen fenced in on her owner's property in dire shape. After many calls Kira was rescued and brought to the Cedar Valley Humane Society and was found to be 60 pounds underweight. One of her rear legs was atrophied due to a past untreated injury. In order for her to survive the leg would have had to be amputated. As the days passed and Kira was able to go through additional testing it was apparent that she had suffered long term malnutrit

Created: 2017-06-22

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health & wellness of CDL HOS flexibility change on 14 hour rule

under current hours of service rules CDL holders are forced to operate under a non-stop 14 hour day 11 hour driving rule with a requirement of a 30 minute break that doesn't allow time to eat a healthy meal or give a chance to exercise while on duty during the shift . Many CDL holders are forced to eat unhealthy meals like fast food at is not designed to be a everyday meal . Fast food on a daily basis can lead to health problems like diabetes , hypertension and excessive weight gain .The inabili

Created: 2017-04-09

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DANSK LÆNGERE NEDE:ENGLISH:Abdulle Ahmed is a Somali citizen (Somali passport) being held as a detainee at the psychiatric facility on the Island of Zealand in Denmark close to the city of Slagelse. He is currently detained on his 16th year at the section, following his conviction on two counts of assault on caretakers at the hospital he previously was in, Aalborg Hospital. Following this conviction, a Physician by the name Kjeld Reinert had requested the Ministry of Justice to subsequently conv

Created: 2017-03-16

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please sign and share this petition. this store has been running under very questionable conditions, many reports to rspca but no action has taken place. still to this day many birds in small cages together, water bowls dry, food and and bird feeces are always all over the floor, many people have gotten parrots from this shop and have taken them to vet to find they have a desease called "beak and feather" which is highly contagious so basically all of the birds there would most likey have it asw

Created: 2017-03-13

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Petition against slaughter and export for slaughter of Polish horses

President PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski Al.Jerozolimskie 125/127 02-017 Warszawa   Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Beata Szydlo Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrow Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3 00-583 Warszawa   Parliament (Sejm Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej) Kancelaria Sejmu Ul. Wiejska 4/6/8 00-902 Warszawa         Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable Members of Parliament,   We appeal to you to support the bill on the protection and human treatment of domestic horses, donkeys and mules. On behalf of the

Created: 2017-01-30

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Iranian_campaign کمپین اعتراض به تشکیل فراکسیون مناطق ترک نشین

به نام خدا   جناب آقای دکتر حسن روحانی رئیس جمهور محترم جمهوری اسلامی ایران با سلام و عرض ادبما ملت ایران از هر قشری (هنرمندان، ایثارگران، اصحاب رسانه، فرهنگیان، دانشگاهیان، ورزشکاران و ...)، و از هر قومی با هر زبانی، بدینوسیله اعتراض خود را به تشکیل فراکسیون مناطق تُرک نشین اعلام می کنیم طبق فرمایشات مقام معظم رهبری پیرامون مسئله نفوذ در کشورمان،که منشا آن به کشورهای حاشیه خلیج فارس،کشورهای غربی و رژیم صهیونیستی و به ویژه ترکیه برمی گردد،این فراکسیون شیطانی نیز حاصل اتاق فکر این کشورها می باشد.

Created: 2016-11-07

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