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Iranian Students

As it is clear to everyone we are dealing with several economic crisis in Iran which are multiplied in this worldwide pandemic situation due to corona virus. we want to sincerely ask NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY respectable rector to reconsider the discount amount dedicated to us, and increase it to highest possible amount ;as the economic situation is getting worse every day, and affording the amount of tuition fee and living costs is getting nearly impossible for almost every one of us. (full explanat

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries Iran
All time 47 35

Cancellation of exam GGSIPU

" Hard times for the world, thousands death per day, millions are under financial stress, more than half of the world is under strict measure lockdown. Doctors, nurses, police all the front line workers are trying to protect the civilians from pandemic" BUT here our universities(GGSIPU) come with a proposal of traditional PEN PAPER exam risking the life of students and potentially exposing students family members(INDIRECTLY). We dare to stand against the university, we are against risking our li

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries India
All time 10 10

Oppose animal killing

What happened in the state of Kerala is very depressing...People have just gone out of their consciousness and making themselves as cruel as evil demons... Nowadays mankind kept on dying just for the sake of happiness or entertainment. Some don't know that such entertainment gives them the harm of destruction of themselves. Killing the animals for their self defence is a reasonable cause. But, without any reason if a man kills an animal it's a punishable offence. Guys! Please sign this petition

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries India
All time 9 9

Petition for the reinstatement of Coach Kent as Women's team WR/RB Coach

It has come to our understanding that Coach Harry Kent has been removed from his position as Women's team WR/RB coach. It was stated that this was due to the liklihood of conflict and compromise to the Men's team positioning, as Coach Kent is a currently a member of an opposition team playing within the same league. As we do not train with, or compete within the same timeframe as the mens team, we do not believe any such advantage would be afforded to Coach Kent's new team. The Women's team requ

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 19 19

Petition against Animal Cruelty.

On 3rd of June, 2020, a pregnant elephant was murdered by an unidentified group of people in Kerala, India. Since she was hungry, they gave her a pineapple that was filled up with fire-crackers. Sadly, this was just done for fun. The elephant cracked her jaw. People came for help but she sat in a river and died. This petition is to request the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL), to hunt down those cruel inhuman bunch and take necessary action against them. Humans have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER to pla

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries India
All time 159 148

Justice for Mother Elephant

A female pregnant elephant who was going to give birth in upcoming 18 to 20 months was feed with a pineapple which had a cracker inside... which unfortuneatly busted in her mouth... leaving her mouth and throat damage.... Still she was so kind that she still didnt harmed anyone... she ran to the lake and awaited there for herself and her infant to die... I m so shattered to see such kind of incident happening in the most literate state of india. This is so heart breaking.... I donno wheather to

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries India
All time 198 197

Extend Gautrain Bus Route to Norkem Park and Birchleigh

We the people of of Norkem Park, Birchleigh North, Birchleigh petition Gautrain to expand the Rhodesfield Bus routes.  The bus routes should cover the following streets / roads: Mooifontein, Pongola, Mooirivier, 

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 139 139

No schools for our kids, unless the government finds the vaccination for CORONA pandemic.

It is probably the first time in the history of schools that both parents and their children are in agreement – they’re saying no to schools. Over 90 percent of the parents said that they are not comfortable with schools opening in July or August. There is no clarity on how they will maintain distance between students. How many students understand physical distancing? When adults don’t follow physical distancing, will children do it? parents’ minds are made up. It’s no to schools opening anytime

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries India
All time 195 195

Open Private Swim Clubs

We are asking our members and friends to sign this petition to get small private swim clubs back open! We are a small private swim club in Bridgeton, NJ (south Jersey). We have been working tirelessly to get our club open to our members. We run on member dues, swim lessons, parties and memberships. We have had a member of the health department guide us on how we should set up our outdoor facility area ( tables and chairs), completed the mitigation strategies for COVID-19 safety, have hand santit

Created: 2020-06-03

Time period All countries United States
All time 15 15

byebye steinsgate! ahmet for mod!!!!!!!

Wir wollen brudis, die auch da sind als mods und nicht dudes, die schon weg sind wenn dre stream halb am starten ist!!!!

Created: 2020-06-02

Time period All countries Germany
All time 6 6