Most popular petitions in Finland in 2011

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Save From Closure

Dear The Internet/Anons We ask you to save The Pirate Bay, save the Internet, and stop companies controlling the Internet because they have a 'legal team.' The Pirate Bay is a search engine that indexes torrent files. Just like Google, The Pirate Bay allows users to search for files, and then find them.  On 17 April 2009, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Carl Lundström all co-founders of the The Pirate Bay were found guilty of assistance to copyright infringement and sente

Created: 2010-11-28 Statistics

The new official NHL Eastside Hockey Manager update

The petition is designed to inform Sega and SI (Sports Interactive) that the game has fans (gamers), even though the game development has been stopped. I do not want you to spoof, but of course you can spread the word to friends and relatives. If you want to know more about this game and support it, here is link: Please write your name, it does not take long! "NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 is an ice hockey management simulation game

Created: 2009-01-02 Statistics

Heli's husband to Finland

Hård tolkning av utlänningslagen omöjliggör familjelivet2008-07-25Heli vet hur finska Migrationsverket tolkning av utlänningslagen kan påverka livet för enskilda familjer. Heli lärde känna sin man, Lezgin från Turkiet, genom bekanta i januari 2005. De började hålla kontakt via telefon och e-post, vilket ledde till att paret gifte sig i Turkiet i april samma år. Deras äktenskap är registrerad både i det turkiska och det finska folkbokföringssystemet, men Heli och Lezgin har ändå inte fått möjligh

Created: 2008-09-26 Statistics

The Last Dragon (1985) as a PAL DVD release to Europe!

In 1985 a movie called "The Last Dragon" had its premiere. Nowadays it's been released in United States in NTSC format. In Europe several TV channels have shown this movie years ago and this movie is not so well-known in Europe. This movie has been released as VHS in the late 80's but nowadays you can't find this movie, even as VHS, hardly anywhere. Eventhough we could buy this movie from The Unites States, all the European persons can't watch this movie because we have PAL system in our TV's a

Created: 2007-02-28 Statistics