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Reclaim St. Stephens Day

St. Stephens day has always been a family day to spend time with each other after Christmas Day. This has stopped over the last few years because of the greed of many retailers in their choice of opening their shops on this day not only cutting short the Christmas Day festivities for their workers but also taking them away from their families in the early hours of St Stephens Day. Christmas Day is now the only real day retail. Workers are guaranteed a day off each year other than mandatory holid

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Replace our heroes medals

Folks as I'm sure you all know. Dublin legend conal keaneys medals where stolen from his car. This petition will be sent to the gaa to get them to replace his medals if his original ones are not returned. 

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Melanoma awareness Ireland are petitioning for an outright ban on sunbed use.

Sunbeds are UV-emitting tanning devices and are classified “carcinogenic to humans” Let's follow the lead of Australia and try to pull the plug on sunbed use in Ireland.  Please sign the petition Thank you for your support. For more information, you can visit      

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500 signatures to let Kayleigh get a pug

500 signatures needed for Kayleigh to get her dream dog

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Add Abbott Freestyle Libre to the Irish Long Term Illness Scheme

The Abbott Freestyle Libre Flash monitering system was recently made available to buy privately in Ireland. We as a type 1 community plead with the Irish government that it is added to the Long Term Illness Scheme. This is a life changing device for all Type 1 diabetics but the cost makes it restricted to the general public. Our kids especially need this devicie, they deserve an easier life free from finger pricks. 

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Open BED Nightclub for Stephens Night

No need for explanation. You know you want it opened.

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St kevins should be given league of Ireland status

With school boy football transferring into leagout of Ireland format from u13 it means a club like st kevins will basically be a nursery in 2 yrs time . This club have proved then can compete with academies European wide and on a yearly basis they have anything from 2+ boys signing contacts in uk. They also have 30+ ex players within league of Ireland clubs . Why can't st kevins get league of Ireland status as to destroy the most successful school boy club in Ireland is a shame .  Can people ple

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Simon Coveney, House the Homeless

We, the undersigned, call on Simon Coveney to provide housing for all homeless people as a priority

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Product review of medical foods for PKU - Low Protein Diet

Dear Simon  Harris, We are Petitioning you as Misister for Health. We are Adults with (or Family/Friends) with PKU (Phenylketonuria) (or Allied disorders), a rare metabolic disorder which require a very low protein diet. We are under the care of Temple Street / Matter hospitals and will be for life. The diet requires the exclusion of protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, pulses and regular baked goods such as bread, crispbread, biscuits. For us prescribed low protein foods are a

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last letter written by patrick pearse


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Kalydeco and Orkambi: Our Cystic Fibrosis Warriors fight for life saving wonder drugs Orkambi and Kalydeco.

My name is Angela Ryan, my husband is Darren, we have 3 amazing kids, one of whom is our 4 year old daughter Chloe. She has cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a life limiting genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system along with many other health complications that are caused by having this awful disease. there are two drugs called Kalydeco and Orkambi, these two wonder drugs have the capability of giving those who suffer with cf a better quality of life. They are miracle drugs

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Ban the sale and use of fireworks in Ireland.

We the undersigned are alarmed and concerned that the illegal sale and use of fireworks are still prevelant in Ireland in 2016. Tonight is October 31st ... A cat was killed in Clonmel when a firework was placed in it's mouth and it exploded and there have been countless tales on social media of dogs being thrown onto lit bonfires. Also animals terrified and running scared because owners didnt lock them up securely. Not to mention the thugs who think it is perfectably acceptable to throw lit fire

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Save Vine!

Vine is an important community for so many people! It has helped me find so many friends and is honestly an incredible creative outlet. Help keep Vine alive! Sign this petition to give all Viner's out there a shot! Enter your vine name. 

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Sephora to come to Ireland

its not fair that Irish beauty obsessed women cannot be enriched with brands such as BECCA, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc. MAKE SEPHORA COME TO IRELAND!!! 

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Irelands mental health funding for 2017 should be 35m as promised

Depression & Suicide as well as all aspects of Mental health are a huge problem in the Republic of Ireland. We were just promised 35m ,now it's looking more like 15m in funding for 2017. Appalling lies given the amount of people affected by suicide ,depression in this already underfunded & understaffed area. Let's remove this government if they continue to lie to us so blatantly. Helen McEntee & Simon Harris must go if they  stand over this.

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To help my mam get the bungalow she needs

This is gonna be a rant, but please read it.For over four years my mam has been fighting to get a bungalow, two years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis all over my body and I could possibly be in a wheelchair in 10 years, so we kept fighting for this bungalow. In February of this year my family got hit with a bomb. My mam has terminal cancer. At first we didnt know how long she even would have but she is fighting like a trooper. She still is defeating the doctors odds, and has lasted

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Name the Rugby Champions Cup the Anthony Foley Trophy.

On Sunday 16th October 2016, just hours before Munster Rugby were due to play their opening game against Racimg 92 in this seasons Rugby Champions Cup, Anthony Foley, head  coach of Munster sadly died. At 42 years of age his loss was totally unexpected and deeply tragic. A true Rugby man, a Munsterman and more importantly a family man, his loss has had an impact that words cannot do justice to. He is a man who's values opitimised exactly what Munster are and what Rugby should always be, honest,

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Petition urging FISA to preserve lightweight rowing

 Please sign this petition urging:  FISA to work to increase universality in rowing by preserving a significant lightweight program at the Olympic Games, and at the very least to maintain the number of olympic medals for lightweight men’s rowing.    FISA to work to improve gender equality in rowing and to expand opportunities also for women in rowing by adding a women’s lightweight event that would allow as many women as possible to row so to emphasize the characteristics of team spirit that is

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Mental Health Days in Irish Second-Level Schools

  Your brain is an organ inside your body. And just like any other organ, sometimes those brains can get sick, especially during a person's youth due to stress, underlying mental conditions, and/or a number of other factors you probably have not even considered. And that's okay. What isn't okay, however, is our authorities' way of dealing with this, drilling it into our heads since childhood that mental health and illnesses to do with it are nowhere near as valid as physical ones. We can't sit o

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Remove Napjes Vac ban

The Bastard can't install a GPU he's hardly cheating 

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