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Inclusion of financial literacy in middle school curriculum.

Financial Literacy is essential for the development of a country. Finance is a part of everyday life, and therefore understanding it shouldn't be a luxury.  Hence, I urge CBSE to include more skill-based subjects in the middle school 5th grade onwards) curriculum, covering all the basics of finance required for day-to-day life. This is to further establish financial stability and security in the general population of our country.

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Recognition of Head and Co-Head Coordinators of Industrial Liaison Cell, NIFFT 2022.

I hereby declare that I as an ILC coordinator, recognize the following members as the Head and Co-Head Coordinators of Industrial Liaison Cell, 2022 for their respective branches. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Head Coordinator: VISHAL SRIVASTAVA Co-Head Coordinator: ABHISHEK RANJAN Manufacturing Engineering Head Coordinator: PARTH CHAKRABORTY Co-Head Coordinator: SHUBHAM KUMAR I am having complete trust in the above members and thereby accept them.

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Supporting People who are Experiencing or at Risk of Homelessness

HOMELESS PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE YOUR PITY. THEY DESERVE YOUR HELP.  Food, shelter and clothes are the basic needs of a Human.  As per the data from ABS 2018, more than 116,000 people were estimated to be homeless in Australia including 58% males comprising 21% aged 25-34 and 20% identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Through this petition, we would like to: Focus on a holistic understanding of the homeless experience Awareness of the available government services to supp

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About timetable

According to timetable Leelavathi mam has two classes per week but she has increased the class for one more day, this is not acceptable by us. She has class on Friday and Saturday but now she is taking the class on Thursday also and we can't afford the internet for class daily 2GB of data is not enough for the class. So please take the action on this.

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Give the students an option for both online and offline classes

The number of covid cases is really increasing in the country, in a situation like this it really isn't safe to join practical schooling as the chances of virus transmission is very high. The students should be given an option to choose from offline schooling and online schooling. Also the vaccines for 18 above hasn't been implemented so it's even more unsafe to send children to schools practically

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Bring back Abhinav Sir

Please sign this petition as our favourite English teacher has left the school due to some internal issues with the school officials, we want him back otherwise we would loose a great teacher which would cause our board result to degrade . Please please support us the students of MIET Public School,Meerut. 

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Himanshu should stop talking

Hi guys, We have been talking about this for a very long time. Himanshu's opinions on science, modiji, feminism and "being progressive" are genuinely apphaling. Please sign this petition so we can get him to stop talking. This is getting really out of hand and i urge y'all to support me

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Petition to convince Tejas to cut his hair

Hi, I am Sinjinee. Tejas Musaddi is my homie and I want the best for him. I don't remember the last time he had a haircut. His hair have grown sm that it is covering half of his face. We can't see his eyes and it looks weird. We have been trying to convince him since the past few months to have a haircut but we are failing. As the hair is covering his eyes, it is dangerous for him to cross the road alone. Also, he might undergo skin problems and most importantly the long hair is hiding his hando

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Finding a proper solution for cycle parking in PLH

Hi All   As we are all aware of the recent developments that has happened where all of us have been made to shift our cycles from corridors to our allocated parking spots. Few concerns around that -  1. No Security cameras in parking to esnure the safety of the bikes 2. Monkey & Stray dog menace which is making it difficult for kids to collect their cycles from basement   Possible solutions after discussing with quite a few of you over groups can be -  1. Implementation of a CCTV system in b

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Opening of college in covid timea

As per notice of University of Delhi they are willing to open the colleges from 16th of August in these hard covid times and almost definite third wave of covid. This could be life threatening to the students. We should stand against this because online classes are going smoothly and there is no requirement of physical attendance at this dangerous time when third wave is alarming the country. I request you to kindly sign this petition. 

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