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I pledge to treat those with mental disabilities with respect and that I will ask them before helping and listen to what they are saying before giving any advice so as to not make them feel uncomfortable or invade their personal space.

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Panel Configuration

As residents, we have had discussions with several Zipblinds vendors about installing Zipblinds on our balconies, and they in turn spoke with the MA about the allowable configuration for Zipblinds. We have no choice but to follow the layouts suggested by "Architect" via MA, as this would result in unsightly tracks right in the middle of the balcony, which is unacceptable. As Park Colonial residents, we comply with your colour guidelines, but we also desire our homes to look as good as you desire

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We are a group of fans, listeners, followers and supporters of Starship Entertainment (Korea)'s SISTAR.   We are demanding Starship to release a physical album of SISTAR'S Lonely and For You.  SISTAR disband is a blow to the KPOP Music Industry, their songs and performances are already missed by many.  Rated by many as a befitting finale song by SISTAR, it is a shame that there is no physical album released.  The album will miss the opportunity of rated as a Legend in the years to come. Starship

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Lola Release

In quarantine since Aug 1 We, in agreement, with the family on animal rights and their concerns for Lola psychological state and safety.  The child and her emotional support dog shall not be separated any further than needed once the dog is deem healthy from the vet. Release Lola, for the state of the child and dog mental health. We, in agreement, to sign this petition for Lola Release as a voice for the voiceless (the dog).

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Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

The Hathras gang rape victim's body has been cremated without consent of family or legal instruction BY on duty Police Officials, as if the gang rape didn't inflict enough pain upon the victim's family. The police officers need  to be penalized for this act on the basis of multiple grounds. Sign this petition to stop the systematic oppression by the police in our country. The police is not the LAW. It is time to wake up and step forward. For we shall not obtain change unless we Create it.

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I would like to retain Cecile Chagnaud as a lecturer in the Film BA (Hons) course in Lasalle, College of the Arts.

It has been brought to attention that Cecile Chagnaud, the Editing lecturer for the Film BA (Hons) course in Lasalle, College of the Arts, has not had her contract renewed for the entire of the following Academic Year of 2018/2019. This means that she will not be around to teach Semester 2, from 7 Jan 2019-28 Apr 2020. This will bring about an inevitable disruption in the Semester's scheduling and planning of student consultations. All of us have been consulting Cecile since last year and are fa

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Singapore investor left unprotected from untruthful / fraudulent listed company

Recently fraudulent cases involving companies listed in singapore e.g DMX, China Sky Chemical, other S-Chip companies has reached a point that local singaporean investor needs to ask if SGX, as the main regulator , its main role is to safeguard the singapore reputation as a financial hub and to protect singapore investor has been performing it due diigence as accordance to expectation by the public Minority investor placed their trust in both the company management and the SGX in hope to see the

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Petition the Singapore government to grant the same standard of j

The 5 boys are young. They have their whole future ahead of them. Moreover, they are merely voicing out their frustrations at government policies that discriminate against Singaporeans. If the government does not grant favorable treatment to the wealthy and to foreigners these boys will probably not have done such a thing. Moreover, if the courts can fine Dr. Woffles Wu only $1,000/- for 2 counts of speeding & perverting the course of justice and if former YPAP member Jason Neo and Filipina

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Removing Michael Owen as Liverpool Ambassador

As a Liverpool Ambassador, one needs to have shown exemplary conduct, loyalty, and dedication to the tradition of Liverpool FC.  Michael Owen, despite playing for Liverpool, had been controversially moved to Manchester United, and with his recent comments, is not fit to be the ambassador to represent Liverpool as the representative for the Reds globally.  Please sign this petition which will be sent to Liverpool FC to remove Michael Owen as their official Ambassador for the club. 

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Suspicious Midas Share manipulation

I would like to seek everyone attention on that there is a possibilities of share manipulation of the Midas holdings that occurs during th period from 24th Nov till 8th Dec 2017. Till Date it was approximately that around $100million or around 60% has been wiped off from the company capitalisation We would like the relevant authority to do a through investigtion based on the following reason. 1) Midas Holdings is listed both in the Singapore and Hong kong Stock Exchange. Under todays pricing und

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