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Perth Tasmania Pump Track

The Perth Community continues to grow and is in need of community facilities for our community.  We seek to establish a pump and/or bike track to give children and youth a space where they can ride.  The plan is simple:  Put together a proposal, seek community and Council support; work to receive funding for the project and see the track built. As part of the process we want to show that the community wants this to happen.  Please sign this petition so that we can use your voice to add to any gr

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Fight for Maternal Child Health Service Funding

The State Government is not honouring the MOU with Local Councils to help fund the Maternal Child Health Service in Victoria. Please sign the petition to let the State government that they must honour the 50/50 funding agreement and restore funding to this vital service.

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At RMS a child named TRISTEN JAMES who has raped several girls and the school is defending him for it! He should be locked away instead of walking free to do this to more women in the future and shouldn’t be at our supposedly “safe space.” PLEASE HELP US TO LOCK HIM AWAY AND EXPEL HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE

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Morning school bus service between Glenwood, surrounding suburbs & Girraween high school.

Dear all This petition is to request school bus service 8592 that runs between Girraween high school & Glenwood surrounding suburbs. We are reaching out to all fellow parents living in and around Glenwood with kids going to Girraween High/selective school. There are many high school students going to Girraween high school from Glenwood and surrounding suburbs facing difficulty of having to change buses, trains in the mornings. There is a school bus (bus number 8592) currently operational onl

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It’s not to late the power of the people! Let’s save Greens Lake.

We have always visited the lake since moving here a few years ago. It’s disgusting and a disgrace that they are allowing this beautiful place to dry up! We enjoy the lake locals and travellers, all year round. It’s been a great place for recreational activities like boating, camping, fishing and water sports. It’s a safe place for families as small children can play along the waters edge unlike the “eroded Murray river from the Malibu’s”. Not to mention the flora and fauna that thrive their for

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Keep the Modawarre Fire Brigade Shed in community hands - "The Moriac Shed - a place for Community activities"

Big thanks to the Modarware Fire Briagade for thier keen interest in keeping their old Fire Station built by and funded by the community for the Community.    With an office and the main shed area, we have perfect opportunity for 'Mens Shed' type activities with generous offer from our neighbours at the Anglesea Mens Shed to help us set up with equipment!    Please sign our petition to ensure the Shed doesn't get lost for community use!   Many Thanks Moriac Community Network and Modawarre Fire B

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Ban shooting close to housing and public places

The undersigned people request the Southern Grampians Shire advocate for peoples safety by stopping shooting at a minimum of 1km, preferably 3km from homes, businesses, public places, public roads, school camps and walking tracks. Bullets from high-fired rifles can travel over 3 km!

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Initiation of a Royal Commission into the Mainstream Media's Discriminatory and Coercive Reporting

We believe the Mainstream Media have exceeded their original remit for fair and objective reporting in the public interest. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have used their power to coerce, bully and discriminate against Australian Citizens who wish to exercise their rights for personal choice. They have publicly maligned and divided our society in a drive to achieve compliance with vaccine uptake even within States that have not initiated blanket mandates. This division and relentless pre

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Free Tamara Lich, political prisoner in Ottawa, Canada

  Free Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022. We ask for an investigation. She was arrested on charges of counselling to commit mischief. She was denied bail on the grounds of “severe" offences by the Ontario Court Justice Julie Burgeois three days ago. Bourgois ruled that “Lich had contributed to economic and social damage of the community and that in case of her release, there was a substantial” chance Lich would commit more alleged crimes, and that her continued

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IKEA: pause your 27 Russian stores during the war! Let's try to make a change where we can!

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad believed he could change societies where he brings his stores. There should be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL during a time of war in Europe. Your act can have other international retail chains to follow. Spark the conversation.  IKEA has 27 stores in Russia (with e-commerce) - the same number as EU Member States. IKEA symbolically carries the blue and yellow colours just as Ukraine does. Sign this petition to encourage IKEA to lead with a symbolic example!  This petition wi

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