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Say NO to the UTAS Vaccine Mandate

In late December last year, the University of Tasmania introduced a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. For unvaccinated students and staff, this mandate has made tertiary studies and work unavailable to students and staff on campus.  A student and/or staff member of the University of Tasmania should have equal rights to education and work regardless of their vaccination status. While the vaccination status of anyone is a personal health concern, we'd also like to remember that an educational institute ca

Created: 2022-01-11 Statistics

Pallamallawa Cemetery Kangaroo Damage - New Fence Please!!

Family and friends of the Pally community, we are asking for your support by signing and sharing this Petition link with your exteneded family and friends across all social media platforms to gather as much support as possible so this can be presented to MPSC and supporting Local government for action. This is a Petition for a new higher external fence to be erected around the entire Cemetery that will keep the Kangaroos out and prevent further Grave damage. Kangaroos are constantly damaging the

Created: 2022-05-31 Statistics

Virgin Active Northern Beaches - Member Petition

Below are a serious of requests from members, many of whom are long-term members of Virgin Active Frenchs Forest.  Please consider our feedback and requests. We understand changes are necessary and we are enjoying new aspects of the gym, however we are disappointed with the current timetable offerings.   As individuals we feel unheard and disheartened, as a whole we hope our voice will achieve change. Our member requests are: Evening timetables Many members are back working in the office, timeta

Created: 2022-06-11 Statistics

Morning school bus service between Glenwood, surrounding suburbs & Girraween high school.

Dear all This petition is to request school bus service 8592 that runs between Girraween high school & Glenwood surrounding suburbs. We are reaching out to all fellow parents living in and around Glenwood with kids going to Girraween High/selective school. There are many high school students going to Girraween high school from Glenwood and surrounding suburbs facing difficulty of having to change buses, trains in the mornings. There is a school bus (bus number 8592) currently operational onl

Created: 2022-03-11 Statistics

Reconsider the visitor day charge at Kaloha Holiday Resort COWES

An entry fee is a requirement policy for day vistors to the Kaloha Holiday Resort Cowes in Phillip Island Victoria. Most of these visitors are just visiting friends for the day and not staying the night. The friends they are visiting already pay an annual fee to the park which is a lease for their site and includes water, electricity, and use of the parks facilities. The reasoning from managment for this fee has been explained to cover the use of the water, electricity, rubbish, and park facilit

Created: 2022-05-18 Statistics

Residents Stopping Seafarers Project Noise & Vibration guidelines breach

City of Melbourne's own Noise & Vibration guidelines have been breached and residents within the area are suffering.  City of Melbourne qualifies the piling works, that have been ongoing Mon-Sat since 2nd May 2022, as "High impact project: Includes extensive long-term works such as construction of a multi-storey development, substantial building demolition or major excavation including piling works. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU RESIDE OR WORK AT 8 MCCRAE STREET DOCKLANDS, AND/OR NEAR, AN

Created: 2022-05-17 Statistics

Stop 200% Rate Rise - Fix Finances - Change the Council

Are you sick and tired of an uncontrolled council, spending money like on their next credit card, while asking asking you to pay the bill at the end of the day!   We have put the key points together for you and request the plans are being changed and the failed community consultation being redone. Sign here and we will send the comments on your behalf to the Council and Minister for local Government, Barnaby Joyce, Janelle Saffin, NSW Premier, all councillors and more.

Created: 2022-04-25 Statistics

Televising the NRLW

NRLW DESERVES TO BE TELEVISED We are collecting signatures to get the NRLW televised. With the introduction of 3 new teams (Eels, Knights, Titans) the women's league has had a major increase in its fan base. Unfortunately, the games aren't televised and many people are missing out on watching the competition. If the games are televised, it will help promote the game grow substantially and get a lot more young ladies playing rugby. lets all sign this Peterson to let media know we want to watch th

Created: 2022-01-18 Statistics

Fix the ROADS so we don’t have to fix our CARS

Cardinia area - kooweerup - Tooradin - south Gippsland hwy plus MORE..... the pot holes are out of control & needs to be action taken NOW someone will end up crashing due to these hazards    OUR CARS HAVE TO BE ROAD WORTHY SO SHOULD THE ROADS    fix before people are hurt or die 

Created: 2022-08-30 Statistics

Bring back the Happyfield Happy's Fish Filet for the People!

It's been twenty weeks and counting since we last had the pleasure of eating Happyfield's Happy's FISH FILET. It's time Jesse & Chris and the crew of Happyfield brought back possibly the best fish sammich ever! What's a Happy's FISH FILET you ask? Well it's a delectable concotion of crisy crumbed fish, on a Martin's potato roll with housemade ume plum sesame tartar sauce, American cheddar, pickles and lettuce. It was originally served with a side of Happy Fries and housemade soda during Syd

Created: 2022-01-04 Statistics