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Commutation for Dayton Knight

In the year of 2016, Dayton Knight Sr. was sentenced to 8-10 years for involuntary manslaughter. After careful review of the facts of the case, the district attorney as well as Dayton’s council at the time agreed that the incident was not at the fault of Dayton. However because of the criminal point system, and the points Dayton has accrued over the years due to drug charges that disproportionately affect those of color, his sentence was lengthened. Dayton’s lawyer, Cunningham informed Dayton th

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Mask optional at IHM Anderson school

Members of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Community request for IHM School to implement a "mask optional" policy for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.  The choice to mask children is a personal medical decision that should be made by parents, not school administrators. This optional masking allows those who wish to mask their children the freedom to do so and permits those that desire for their children to attend without masks to do the same.  We do not wish to develop a “no mask”

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Keep our teacher

If you would like to keep Mrs.Herbin-Hervig instead of getting a new teacher sign this petition.

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SC School Board Intervention to maintain a safe learning environment for Pelion Sc Schools

I am writing this petition as a concerned parent of 2 children in the Lexington 1 school district.  My children attend the elementary and middle school of Pelion Sc.   My hope for this petition is to get someones attention from the school board and for something to be done about the enviroment our kids are trying to get an education in. Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment is important for students’ well-being and quality of education.   Something has got to change.  These scho

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Keep Chloe Safe

In a little over 2 weeks the same man who did all this could possibly get his rights and visitation to this sweet innocent girl . The same man who hasn't even asked or tried to see this child since July 1, 2018... How is this even possible  ??? I just don't know 😥 Pray for our family and pray that we can keep Chloe safe . No father would do this ! & If he were innocent he would of attempted to come see her in the hospital or tried to convince me he didn't do this abuse. If you agree that Chl

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Justice for Alex

August 20th 2021 Alex Eaton was killed in the hands of three wreckless individuals. We aren't getting the justice we need for Alex. I can't go into details on the case it's still in court. If anyone can sign and share it would be greatly appreciated. Alex was full of life like any 19 year old he had big plans. Unfortunately he never got to see those dreams his family was left broken hearted. We aren't asking for money just help signing this petition so we can get help for Alex.

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Build a dog park in Hart's Cove

It's obvious that dog ownership in Hart's Cove has increased, maybe in part due to the "covid puppy" trend. In order to keep up with the demand of a "pet-friendly" complex, it seems only appropriate that a dog park be built on the premises. Currently, many dog owners use the basketball court as a convenient fenced in area however the hot asphault will not be an option during hot months and in some cases is already too rough of a surface for dogs with softer paw pads. Using the basketball court a

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Make Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains Filing No. 1 a Cohesive Development with All Surrounding Communities

This petition is regarding the development of the Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains bowl area and land north of Mountain Gate III (MGIII) condominium complex. Specifically, this is referring to the proposed development known as: ·       Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Case Name “Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains Filing No 1” ·       Case Number 21-121001PF As residents of the affected area, we have concerns about the negative impact this new development will have on our area. We believe the density o

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The removal of Seth Sumner as Athens TN City Manager

This petition is to show the Athens City Council that the citizens of Athens demand the removal of Seth Sumner as City manager for the following reasons. 1) Stopping the investigation into city owned cameras that he himself had posession of before they disappeared. (Theft) 2) Firing our beloved Police Chief Couch without cause and without speaking with the City Council in attempt to obfuscate his theft investigation. (Corruption) 3) Using his position as City Manager to make a charge of attempti

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