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Happy Birthday Kash! You are literally awesome! Just getting signs hehe.

Created: 2020-12-18

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Remove Biden as a Presidential candidate

We the people know this election was a fraud. The liberals along with mainstream media and big tech are trying to silence the voice of the American people. The evidence has been ignored repeatedly and we will not tolerate this attempt to steal our country away from us. We are calling on every elected official to contest Joe Biden as legitimate and remove him from the running. Stand for what is right and do not allow America to be destroyed. Defend our constitution as is your OBLIGATION as an ele

Created: 2020-12-17

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Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz

January 11, 2021 ADDENDUM TO BAR COMPLAINT:   On or about December 20, 2020, I filed a bar complaint against attorney Matt Gaetz for his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election, in abrogation of his oath of office, as a waste of valuable court resources, filed in bad faith and without any basis in the law.  Since that time, much has transpired.  Rather than being chastened in his comportment, on or about January 6, 2021 (and in the days leading up to that date) Mr. Gaetz made se

Created: 2020-12-15

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Laity Against Locking Down in Indiana

We ask the Indiana Catholic Conference of Bishops (The Most Reverend Archbishop Charles Thompson, Archdiocese of Indianapolis; Bishop Kevin Rhodes, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend; Bishop Timothy Doherty, Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana; Bishop Joseph Siegel, Diocese of Evansville; Bishop Robert McClory, Diocese of Gary) to resist closing our churches in the state should there be any new government-issued stay-at-home orders. Your Excellencies,We, your spiritual children, are writing to urge

Created: 2020-12-14

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Switch the nines back at El Rio Golf Course to the historic configuration!

After more than 90 years, the nines were switched at El Rio Golf Course.  All the greats of the game in the 1940s, 50s and 60s played the course the way it was when it opened in 1929.  In the late summer of the crazy year of 2020, the nines were switched. SWITCH THEM BACK!

Created: 2020-12-13

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Alternating Work Schedule and Work from Home

 We the undersigned employees of the Ocean County Board of Social Services, along with concerned members of the community, in light of the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic, the rising number of cases in New Jersey and the recent rash of cases at the Board request the Board to immediately re-implement their prior actions for the safety of their employees, their families and the community at large. Those actions have previously included an alternating work schedule to reduce the number of employees i

Created: 2020-12-13

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Petition in Support of the Disbarment of Ashley Moody

 We, the undersigned, affix our names to this petition in support of the bar complaint filed by Florida resident Pamela Keith, against attorney Ashley Moody. We assert that we are over the age of 18, are residents of the State of Florida, and are in full agreement with the request that Attorney Moody be disciplined for conduct in violation of her oath of office and in abrogation of her responsibilities as an officer of the court, up to and including disbarment and permanent prohibition from the

Created: 2020-12-13

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Spokane Transit Authority Employees: For Vaccine Health Freedom/Choice

People of goodwill can disagree about the safety, efficacy and religious implications of a new vaccine for the coronavirus. But, everyone should agree on this point: No Employer/government can force employee(s)and/or make it requiremnt for employement for Spokane Transit Authority  to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. Please SIGN this urgent petition which urges Spokane Transit Authority at every level of Mangement and/or Employee's UNION (ATU 1015) to reject calls for mandatory coronavirus va

Created: 2020-12-12

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Demand for Non Violence - Red House Eviction Protest

Attn: Red House Activists Mayor Ted Wheeler Chuck Lovell, Chief of Police Portland City Council   This is a beloved community of families and small businesses in the vicinity of the Red House eviction protest.  We cherish the safety of our neighborhood and right now we feel incredibly unsafe. Whereas: Lethal weapons and threats of violence are clearly visible at the Mississippi/Albina Ave. blockade. Escalation could lead to serious violence. Serious violence threatens the safety of the residents

Created: 2020-12-12

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Glendale teachers support our counselors, our teacher specialists, and our nurses

The Glendale Teachers Association is composed of more than teachers. We are also counselors, teacher specialists, nurses, service providers, and coaches. Right now our school district is demanding that three groups of our members return to work on campuses while the majority of our members may continue to work remotely. This, at a time when Covid-19 rates continue to rise to all-time highs and school districts around us have either shut down campuses or have already agreed that their unit member

Created: 2020-12-11

Time period All countries United States
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