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To waive off Fees in Maria's Day School till the school reopens.

We are the students of Maria's Day School, Howrah, West Bengal. Our school is charging us fees for the online classes, which are rarely attended by the students. This is because some students don't have the facility (No smartphones), even the network doesn't works properly after the Amphan Cyclone.  We all  belong to a middle classed family, and some of our friends are from a family lower than middle class. Not everyone's parents owns a Job, not everyone is getting paid in this lockdown. The par

Created: 2020-06-06

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Thank you Taiwan

To the brilliant people of Taiwan, We, the Czech people, would like to express our sincere gratitude for helping us during the Covid-19 crisis. Rather than to thank you for your kindness our government chose to welcome planeloads of overpriced goods from China. We feel ashamed of their behaviour. The message is simple: THANK YOU. We hope we can return the favour. Thank you for giving us, the Czech Republic and the whole EU, respirators and ventilators that you could have used for yourselves or e

Created: 2020-06-04

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OPEN LETTER ON ANIMAL PROTECTIONTo:Dr. István Nagy, Minister of AgricultureDr. András Rácz State Secretary for the EnvironmentDr. Márton Oravecz President of the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NÉBIH)Róbert Zsigó State Secretary for Food Chain SupervisionDr. Gábor Gönczi President of the Hungarian Veterinary ChamberDr. Sándor Pintér Minister of the InteriorDr. László Sors State Secretary (NAV), Head of the National Tax and Customs Officedr. László Jámbor President of the Hungarian National

Created: 2019-11-18

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Promote All the students of HP Takniki Shiksha Board colleges including the final year students

Since last March 15 our colleges have been closed due to Corona virus.Till March 15, half of our syllabus was not even completed. Now the college has been closed for almost three months, tomorrow there is news in the newspaper that the Himachal government will inform the final year students 15 days before the papers. The college also started online classes to wipe its hand, which lasted only 2-3 days, it did not happen in all subjects and whatever happened also has no effect. Is it right? When m

Created: 2020-06-07

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Free "The Field" in Corcaghan

At Very last minute, the Garda have shut down "The Field", in Corcaghan, a community  organised outdoor, drive-in event space. There has been a lot of time,risk assessment,insurance & equipment costs put into the last few weeks,not to mention community spirit, and we would love the support of the public to get behind this. Your at more risk buying a litre of Milk..and we wanted this to be a huge BOOST to people's morale & mental health.  Thanks everyone, and we look forward to welcoming

Created: 2020-06-05

Time period All countries Ireland
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Reopening registration link for MCA MAH-CET-2020

To, The Commissioner and Competent Authority, State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra State, Mumbai   Subject:  Reopening registration link for MCA-CET-2020   Dear Sir/ Madam,   This is humble request to you made from all students and parents of Maharashtra state who missed MCA MH-CET form filling or many of us could not complete the process of form filling.  As CET Cell have extended MH-CET form filling for all other courses like MHT -CET( Ref. MHT-CET-2020/Link_Opened/2020  Dated: 25/05/2

Created: 2020-06-06

Time period All countries India
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STOP 5G in WATFORD, Hertfordshire

​ 5G is being introduced in Watford. There were a few 5G monopole masts that were granted planning permission by Watford Borough Council and Hertsmere Borough Council in November and December 2019. The purpose is to provide better connectivity though this technology.​ There are very serious concerns over the safety of 5G. A 2017 appeal by 240 doctors and scientists has been sent to the EU to prevent the roll out of 5G due to health concerns. As of May 8, 2020, 372 scientists and medical doctors

Created: 2020-05-12

Time period All countries United Kingdom
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Shut down Mclaren Circus, South Africa

Mclaren circus uses animals such as lions, snakes, tigers, camels and many more. These animals should not be used as entertainment and these animals deserve to have a better life and be free from that horrible business. The animals deserve to be respected and to be free to live in the wild instead of cages for peoples entertainment.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP. 

Created: 2019-11-16

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برگزاری امتحان پایان ترم به صورت مجازی

هیات محترم رئیسه دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد کازرون با سلام به استحضار می رساند امضا کنندگان این نامه از شما تقاضا دارند درخواست ایشان مبنی بر برگزاری امتحانات پایان نیمسال به صورت غیرحضوری را به سازمان مرکزی دانشگاه آزاد اعلام نموده و از ایشان حمایت نمایید   با تشکر و آرزوی سلامتی و سربلندی برای شما

Created: 2020-06-01

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Request for Assistance in School Fees

Respected Sir, We all Parents make you humble request that School Authoroties should not ask for fees till Physcical school resumes and run smoothly for around one month, and we also expect concession in yearly fees, following are main problem and concerns: 1.Due to Covid 19 Situationwe would like to bring to your notice that there is heavy Salary cuts of parents who are doing job many have lost their jobs and some are working on variable salaries and parents who are doing business has almost Ni

Created: 2020-06-06

Time period All countries India
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