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2019-03-17 16:07 Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik!
Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik! He is currently unemployed and has been denied access to his favourite plants. TO DEFEND GALLIN RADKOV FROM HUMILIATION AT HIS WORKING PLACE !!! I appeal everyone who has moral virtues in himself to sign this petition. Galin Radkov is deaf-m...
Petition to the Ekurhuleni MMC of Infrastructure regarding the shameful condition of our roads in Bedfordview. As an area targeted for prime investment and job creation, investors are turned away as negotiating the roads has become impossible. Roads that should have been resurfaced 10 years ago are falling apart. The numerous POTHOLES create treacherous conditions as motorists desperately swerve i...
2019-03-17 09:45 We demand better conditions
·      Wifi: As UCT students we do not have Eduroam nor uncapped internet services off campus at the residence, we only get 20GB per month which is definitely NOT enough. ·      Computer lab/Study facilities: We do not have a computer lab or alternate technological means to do school work which includes computers and printers. We have a study space that accommodates only 8 students for a residence...
2019-03-17 08:12 درخواست تاسیس انجمن علمی پزشکان عمومی استان تهران
ریاست محترم انجمن‌ علمی پزشکان عمومی کشور جناب آقای دکتر کامیابی با سلام و عرض ادب احتراما اینجانبان ، جمعی از پزشکان عمومی شاغل در استان تهران ، به دلایل زیر ،تاسیس شعبه تهران آن انجمن را از هیات مدیره محترم انجمن خواستاریم. اول : بیش از یک سوم از کل پزشکان عمومی کشور در تهران مشغول به کارند که این تعداد برای طرح و پیگیری خواسته های خود تا کنون از داشتن شعبه و نمایندگان مستقل محروم مانده اند . تو...
2019-03-17 01:48 VOTE OF NON CONFIDENCE-------------JUSTIN TRUDEAU
This petition is over the misrepesention of the Trudeau government for the citizens of Canada, our aim is to remove the liberal government from office before the Canada is turned into a third world country. We are also aware that Trudeau has been charged and found guilty of thieft of Canadian fund, a person facing jail time should not be the leader of Canada. We were a lot better off before he too...
2019-03-16 22:32 Stop Talvivaara/Terrafame mining disaster
For the rivers and lakes - Stop Talvivaara Finland is a land of tens of thousands of lakes and rivers. The Talvivaara polymetallic and uranium mine in Sotkamo was granted a license to mine nickel in 2006. Talvivaara has since proven itself to be a hazard for water systems on both sides of the watershed. Talvivaara mine has exceeded both estimated and permitted levels of emissions by multiple a...
2019-03-16 21:57 Yoga is not a sport!
In the past ten years yoga in Croatia has grown from relatively small communities, very often with an oriental feel to them, to a popular practice and a part of a life style for many. Yoga came to us and developed in all its splendour and diversity. Today, it is difficult to count all the different lineages, styles, teachers and students of yoga. The sheer size and visibility of the discipline i...
2019-03-16 19:56 Keep Electric Vehicles quiet
Petition to law making authority to urge them to withdraw the mandate that Electric cars must have an acoustic vehicle alerting systems at low speeds. As Electric cars now are coming in more and more important numbers to public roads, as EV drivers now drove already many, many millions of EV Km in total, we can assure the silentness of our EV’s never gave a problem at low and walking speeds.  We c...
EUROPEAN WRITERS' OPEN LETTER TO THE EU AUTHORITIES (October, 22nd 2015)    Copyright spells authors' rights       Let us speak plainly: we writers do not understand the EU’s insistence on “reforming” copyright/authors’ rights in Europe.   The European Commission has chosen the wrong target in attacking authors’ rights in order to encourage the emergence of a “Digital Single Market”, when it is...
2019-03-16 16:09 Ban Remote Manipulation of Human Nervous System
PETITION TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA   Dear Congresmen,   The report by European Parliament’s STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) on  „Crowd  control technologies“ states: “In October 1999 NATO announced a new policy on non-lethal weapons and their  place in allied arsenals” (