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2019-05-21 14:10 Enough lies about the death of Magdalena Zuk!
      President: Andrzej Duda, To information: Prime Minister / Prime Minister: Beata Szydlo Minister of Justice / Attorney General: Zbigniew Ziobro     Dear President, We the undersigned, ask The President of the Polish Repablic to take special care of all activities to clarify the circumstances of our countrywoman death, Magdaleny Żuk. We want to send a clear message to all authorities: We dem...
2019-05-21 11:29 Ban boats in the Canal of Malmö during the birds breeding period.
Considering that a swan male was killed and now the nest is abandoned and the eggs are lifeless. So, nine swans have lost their lives in order for people to paddle the canoe in the canal during the breeding period.. So if you agree that boats should be banned during the breeding period in Malmö channel then I think you should sign. Thanks in advance. PS: Please share on your social media...
2019-05-21 00:54 Support for the initiative to have the United Nations declare 20 May WORLD BEE DAY !
With the support of the Slovenian Government, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association has started an initiative to have the United Nations officially declare 20 May WORLD BEE DAY. The goal of World Bee Day would be to further educate the general public about the essential role bees play in our everyday lives. You can find more information on the flyer
2019-05-20 23:44 The flute emoji
we NEED a flute emoji. Sign the fricken petition!...
2019-05-20 22:59 We want a philosophical emoticon on Facebook
April is all about Philosophy. Jean Paul Van Bendegem takes the opportunity to ask the founder of Facebook to implement a fitting emoticon and needs YOUR help. Sign the petition!  "With a beard, like every respectable philosopher." ... That’s a joke, of course! Evidently we at Klara also value female philosophers. E.g. Martha Nussbaum, Joke Hermsen, Karen Armstrong, Trudy Dehue, ... These are all...
2019-05-20 22:46 The Establishment of a Green Office in UCR
Sustainability is a topic that needs urgent addressing from individuals and also institutions. In our university, sustainability is not at the forefront of discussions. That is why for the past few months, SusCo has been working hard on a Green Office proposal. We hereby present the proposal: This Friday the 17th of...
2019-05-20 22:24 We want to Motionless in White concert in POLAND!
  This petition was established in order to pay attention to the record label Fearless Records it that people want to concert Motionless in White inPoland  (Even as a support another band!) If you know someone who would like to concert Motionless in White in Poland, send them a link to this petition - let her will sign and will send to others! Sharing a link to the petition WHERE IT'S POSSIBLE! I...
2019-05-20 21:19 Equal basis pay at EU level
Equal basis pay at EU level We Citizens of Romania of the European Union, we consider that we are deeply discriminated against on the basis of the salary level that we collect in Romania. For this reason, we believe that the EU should create the same conditions and working rules for all EU citizens on the basis of a homogeneous work code, harmonizing conditions for employees and rights and obliga...
2019-05-20 20:56 Save the Glacier - No to luxury ice cubes (2019)
Someone wants to chop up Norways 2. laregst Glacier, distribuit with helicopters and trucks, and sendt it out in the world to bars and hotels.  How in the world is this enviroment friendly?    Please sign the petition, to show your love and support! Also making a statement that this is not OK or sustainable use of our resources!  ...
2019-05-20 19:33 Stop the Nobel Center in Stockholm!
We are against the demolition of highly valued cultural heritage in the heart of Stockholm and believe there are better places for the Nobel Center to be built, if it has to be built at all. The current design of the Center is much too big for the setting, and risks dwarfing one of Sweden's landmark architectural masterpieces, the National Museum of Art. We want to refine the Blasieholmen peninsul...