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Golden Arrow da gama park to Simons town school

I'm trying to get golden Arrow bus from da Gama park to Simons town school. The bus doesn't stop at the school on the mornings. The bus bus drops our kids off at the shop in Simons town and then they must cross the busy main especially with the taxis could u please sign the petition to make sure our kids are dropped off ath the school safely

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Strict Security Measures

As clients of Natrent and residents of Windmill Park Estate, we have seen many security breaches. In turn have come to the conclusion that the lessor along with the Kgori Management need to make changes on how our safety is being managed. We request that security personnel be held accountable for; 1. Letting unexpected visitors in the property without calling said resident 2. Ignoring residents requests to shut down a party that has gone on for way longer than necessary  3. Boom gates that are n

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Save Shadowhunters

Hello Shadowfans! We need your help. We think everyone is agreed that the ending for Jace and Clary sucks. Clary and Jace deserves so much more. That's why we started this petition and give Shadowhunters at least a final season. The makers of the show have a whole new storyline for them. So Shadowfans all over the world, sign this petition please! We need to put some pressure to the Netflix firm. We have to give it a chance don't you think? So please sign this petition in the link below. Save Sh

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Boody pics

Support and be positive about booty pics petition

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Add Queer History to African Studies class

Hi, my name is Kingsley Aaron-Onuigbo. I am a student at the African Leadership Academy (ALA). One of the core subjects at ALA is African studies, where we read academic texts ranging from African philosophical theory to critiques of colonial underdevelopment of the continent. I have learned so much in the ten months I have been here. I have learned how colonialism distorted traditional systems of indigenous pre-colonial African societies; I have learned about centralized and decentralized syste

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Stop speeding on suburban roads. (Danger to people walking, running, children and animals.)

We suggest that in all residents interests and safety, that speed humps be laid on Marion Avenue and Margaret Avenue. This will stop the inconsiderate drivers from endangering others lives, and killing our pets. Clear road markings where stop signs are. Many drivers don't stop at stop streets.

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Gatvol of potholes in AbaQulusi

file:///C:/Users/Elaine%20Rodway/Downloads/What%20hasn't%20been%20said%20about%20the%20potholes%20in%20and%20around%20Vryheid.mp4 file:///C:/Users/Elaine%20Rodway/Downloads/What%20hasn't%20been%20said%20about%20the%20potholes%20in%20and%20around%20Vryheid.mp4 What hasn't already been said about the potholes in and around Vryheid and Abaqulusi? The state of the roads has been addressed by the community and the media at length and still we wait for something to be done. Over the past few years, th

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Return Norman Middleton Road back to a residential road

Cleary Estate residents petition for the following: Closure of the two Cleary Park entrances in Norman Middleton. No public access to Cleary Park from Norman Middleton Road. Relocation of the cabs/jikizelas to the inside of Cleary Park. Discontinuing any public transport activity in Norman Middleton which includes all taxis, cabs/jikizelas and ITPS busses. Removal of illegally placed containers adjacent to the existing taxi rank. Traffic road markings and signage as well as regular monitoring to

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Storms Road Shopping Centre

Voice your opposition to the development of Storms Road Shopping Centre We the undersigned, as residents of Norkem Park ext 4, Kempton park noting that: 1: properties in the surburb are zoned residential 1 2: Vusimuzi Informal Settlement being the target market of the development, which is not park of Norkem Park /Kempton park 3: The operation of this Centre will devalue the market value of houses in the surburb & disrupt traffic 4. Security risk & crime will be impacted We therefore dec

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Petition SA Government regarding W.H.O. international pandemic treaty

The South African Government should commit to not signing any W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum We want the Government to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), unless this is approved through a public referendum The W.H.O. is currently preparing an international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. We believe the public must be furnis

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Since December 2021, most of our SA farmers has been sitting WITH PESI vouchers from Department of Agriculture, but almost nowhere to redeem it. I propose this vouchers to be cashed out in any leading retailers, chain stores, bank institutions and or SAPO(post offices). I know maybe the delay is to get suppliers who wil not charge crazy prizes, but direct cash out now wil be acceptable, because it has been a long wait. And secondly, I know some few shops can redeem, but they are either far away

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MI7 Security to Service Wartburg and Surrounding Areas

Good day everyone. This is a Petition for all those who welcome Mi7 into Wartburg and Surrounding Areas. We  believe that MI7 can and will make difference in our Communities together with forming a Coalition, with our local Security companies.  The Objective is to improve on the Security and Safety of all our residents. Mi7 offers us Advanced Security measures, which will help make our communities a safer and a better place to live in.  Let your voice be Heard by agreeing and signing this Petiti

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The Water Infrastructure of Kempton Park is 60 Years Old. Since the Establishment of the Ekurhurleni Metro there were never a maintenance plan for the area. Residents of Kempton park is daily without water due to the lack of maintenance the infrastructure is busy collapsing (Burst Pipes). We the Residence of Kempton Park demand that the Water and Sanitation Department of City of Ekurhuleni do the following ·        Urgently Upgrade the Water Infrastructure in the Greater Kempton Park Area ·     

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#we bring home-affairs to knysna

We as a community of knynsa,we are in desperate of home affairs as alot of us is struggling. We are a growing population but we are struggling with the elevation of unemployment as well,this making it hard to go to home affairs as for transportation. We are asking of the government to bring home affairs to knysna,by any means either mobile van I building ,but we as a community are in need of a home affairs close by.    

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Shut down Scrap Iron Dealers in informal settlements around Hartbeeespoort

The Hartbeeespoort Sec 2 Community Rural Safety group is asking the powers that be and more specifically the Hartbeeespoort SAPS to shut down and put a stop to the Scrap Iron Dealers in the informal settlements around the Hartbeeespoort area. These illegal scrap iron dealers are an outlet for criminals stealing copper cable, transformers, fencing poles and anything else that they can get their hands on. These criminals are destroying the livelihoods of the community as we cannot keep replacing w

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SAY NO to South Africa to spend R22 million on 100-metre tall flag

What a waste of money and resources   Citizens have no homes, no proper infrastructure, no electricity, no water, no proper roads , no food    When asked the government just says " NOT ENOUGH FUNDS" The KZN floods have caused too much damage all over . Tongaat still doesn't have water . All other areas affected are being water rationed yet we pay our bills on time .   We are loadshedding almost every month   It's no way to live in a Democracy. Feels like it's Apartheid 2.0. If you feel that the

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Urgent: Speedbumps required in Dakota Street, Verster Street, Alberton and Aberdeen Street

There is a critical requirement for speedbumps in Dakota Street as motorists are not keeping to the speed limit, endagering the lives of residents, their children, pets as well as pedestrians. Dakota Street used to be a quiet, residential street but nowadays people are speeding up and down the road on their way to or from the school. Pets have been hit by cars, residents have difficulty getting out of their driveways and pedestrians often have to quickly get out of the way of speeding vehicles-

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Set Raaths FREE

FATHER, DAUGHTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OVER RAPEMegan Raaths (21), who has maintained that her father, Abrie (Raaths), who is in prison since 2012 because of her rape, is innocent and now is supporting him in a last, desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Together, they are approaching the Constitutional Court (Case # CCT-110/2022) to set aside his conviction and also request that the Children's Act be amended to prevent similar incidents.Abrie, a father and husband from Pretoria, is servi

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Dear Ktms Managenment We have recieved your communication after some time we had to recieve our stipend. You have made a decision to pay eah of us an Amount of R1500 which is less than our stipent amount of R3300.That amount wont be enough for our transport ,  we have debit orders and family responsilities. We have agreed to decline your payment . Please dont send an amount unless is full payment. Kind regards  COJ students

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Save the Kempton Kali Amman Temple

We the undersigned, as devotees of the KEMPTON KALI AMMAN TEMPLE, situated at: ERF 1148, NORKEM PARK EXT 2 TOWNSHIP, 2 BLYDERIVIER STREET, NORKEM PARK, KEMPTON PARK, object to the temple described as hereinabove to be sold/demolished; as this will greatly hinder our Constitutional Right to practice our religion.

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