Most popular petitions in Australia in 2017

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Android Auto and Apple Carply for Mazda MZD Connect System

Mazda has added the MZD Connect Infotainment system on all his car product lines. Even if it supports navigation, bluetooth phonecalls and music playback, a lot of people would love to have more interaction with their smartphone and the world wide web. There are a lot of rumours, that Mazda would implement Android Auto and Carplay one day. In March 2017 a Mazda spokesman should have said that both will come and "it should be retroactively upgradeable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potenti

Created: 2017-07-10 Statistics

P.J. Proby On Tour Petition!

By signing this petetion we ask all agents & promoters - be it in the UK or the rest of the world - to please add P.J. Proby to a tour line-up! P.J. Proby is a Sixties legend and his poweful show is not to be missed! P.J. Proby would love to work every day of the year. It's such a waste not to book him and not to have him perform all year round! We feel robbed of an opportunity to see the man-with-the-thousand-voices! So please book P.J. Proby or become his agent, so we can buy tickets!!!

Created: 2017-01-18 Statistics


WE CLAIM THE WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH CAPE, WEST COAST, NORTHERN CAPE AND THE PREVIOUS BOER REPUBLICS AS OUR LAND. We and the Koisan are the original Natives of South Africa and were here since 1652. No other People were here since Jan Van Riebeeck arrived except the Koisan living from the sea in Western Cape Since the colourd people are part of our ancestors blood they are also included in this Independant Land we claim. NO RACE WILL BE REMOVED ALREADY LIVING IN THIS LAND WE CLAIM BECAUSE THAT WILL

Created: 2017-01-06 Statistics

Allow bitless in national dressage!

I'm against all the people that are against bitless, it's obvious it's better for the horse. The problem is that the federation is very old fashioned , they don't see how great bitless can be! I've created this petition so we can all make a difference and change the minds of the federation. By signing the petition and sharing your story with me,  it gives me more support and therefore I have more chance of changing the rules!  My goal is to be able to get them to create a class for those of us t

Created: 2017-12-05 Statistics

Protect the Right of Way to the Great Arch in Fanad

This is a petition set up to Protect the Right of Way to the Great Arch in Fanad. This has always been a big attraction for locals and visitors alike. We hope to get as many people as possible to sign this petition so that we can turn this around and get the Great Arch open to the public again.

Created: 2017-06-21 Statistics

Gallop Out

David Gallop has done no favours for the A-League since his arrival. Help to show how unpopular he is by signing this petition.

Created: 2017-05-20 Statistics

Interest in an Sgd game engine tech help session

This petition is to create a show of interest in a 3 hour session each week to aid students in the sgd course with using game engines, ranging from programming to asset importation and implementation as well as to help with fixing problems in your project. To show interest please leave your full name and your university email address,  and if enough interest is shown. A session could be run this semester.

Created: 2017-03-08 Statistics

FVAT Constitution changes

Petition to ammend the FVAT constitution to add a vice presidents role and add one more general committee members to the association committee

Created: 2017-12-27 Statistics

Raging Bull Mining Company disrepect to Native Title groups

Raging Bull Ltd have brought Century Mine Project in NW QLD from MMG Ltd (who abused their position) with that purchase is an Agreement with 4 x Native Title groups and also QLD State Government - this was 6 months ago and no one from MMG or Raging Bull or State Government have informed the Native Title members of the Lower Gulf Communities Queensland what is happening to date, the Gulf Communities Agreement is still active and still a legally binding document, we are calling for a meeting of th

Created: 2017-07-09 Statistics

Who loves Sam Harris?

Inspired by the incredible Julie Harris. A petition to show our love for the man himself, Ham Sarris. 

Created: 2017-03-21 Statistics