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A Rockmans position for Jo.

Hi everyone. My name is Jo. I need your help to show Rockmans, a team I have been eager to become a part of for a long time, that they want me on their team as much as (if not more than) I want to be a part of said team.  I know, you may find yourselves asking the question "how has this not happened yet?" "How could they possibly need any more convincing?" "Don't they know who she is?" All of which are great questions. However we need to keep in mind just how many applications they receive and f

Created: 2019-09-13 Statistics

Dissolution of Orana Community Centre Committee

In light of recent and evolving events we wish to submit a vote of no confidence with regard to the operations of our community centre. We stand united in creating a harmonious and friendly environment that is fair and just for all members and staff and free of intimidation. There is a distinct unrest within community member circles and we no longer hold faith that daily operations are being fulfilled with competence and professionalism, nor do we hold the view that the committee is reflecting o

Created: 2019-11-28 Statistics

Bring ALDI supermarkets to New Zealand!

I've started this petition to get Aldi to open up shops in NZ. After returning from Australia where I discovered and fell in love with Aldi for the first time. I was so impressed with the affordability, quality and range of food, clothing, house wear etc.I belive to make it more affordable for NZ consumers the supermarkets need more competition - Aldi is the answer to this and I feel it would be hugely popular here in NZ.I really belive there is a need and a market for this chain of supermarket

Created: 2017-07-06 Statistics

Petition regarding the release of Captain Andrzej Lasota arrested in Mexico

President of Republic of Poland Excellency  Andrzej Duda Presidential Palace in Warsaw Krakowskie Przedmieście 46/48  00-071 Poland                                                      Dear Excellency / Mr. President  Andrzej Duda   I am appealing to you, Mr. President, in terms of your humanness, capacity as President of the Republic of Poland and history with the “Law and Justice Party”,  for your urgent intercession in the case of Polish Master Mariner, Captain Andrzej Lasota, Master of Cypru

Created: 2019-11-24 Statistics

Howlong car wash

residents of Howlong and surrounding towns are having to drive 40 minutes just to wash their cars at a car wash. Fuel costs being so high, not only are locals spending time traveling away from their local town to put money into another towns economy but also money in fuel!  Many local farms are washing their vehicles with bore water to save precious fresh water. as they don’t have the time to drive into Albury, Rutherglen or Corowa to wash company vehicles which need regular cleaning due to driv

Created: 2019-01-28 Statistics

Please do not adopt the New Taekwondo Dobok in Tokyo 2020

We are world taekwondo practitioners around the world. We don't want the World Taekwondo to adopt the new uniform in Tokyo Olympic games 2020. 

Created: 2019-09-28 Statistics

Boycott Coles' "Mini-Collectables"

As well as contributing to the plastics scourge and ending up killing, poisoning and maiming innocent sea and land animals, these "mini products" are also aimed at training children to be consumers of the "real thing". It's marketing propaganda and the companies they represent are most likely financing this "project". Call Coles on their hypocrisy in stocking these useless pollutants whilst at the same time banning plastic bags. Provide kids with toys that truly educate and stimulate imagination

Created: 2018-07-31 Statistics

Dear retaillers, Tasmania Diecast collectors are being ripped off.

In Tasmania, there are hundreds of toy car collectors, ranging from Hot wheels to Matchbox and so on.  It has become increasingly frustrating to see your stores recieve ONE box of a new release, only to have it purchased by one person, usually a team member collector, or ebay seller. To counter this, increase sales and make all of us happy again, would be easy. Supply enough stock. I will refer to just one, of many scenarios that have occurred. Hot wheels have recently supplied big w with a team

Created: 2019-10-24 Statistics

Malvern Street Signage

The current Malvern Stainless Steel signs in our precinct are going to be replaced.  Our Association has been working with council for over a year to have these signs available to advertise events in our precinct through changeable screens.  Council have recently decided this won't be possible. We need the help of our members to overturn this decision.  Jump online and join with us in campaigning for these signs to be available for use by council and by the Glenferrie Road Malvern Business Assoc

Created: 2019-07-22 Statistics

200 signs for nathan to tattoo sassy with a vb on his ass

200 signatures and my mate nathan will tattoo sassy the sasquatch on his ass with a VB 

Created: 2019-02-08 Statistics