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Sign to help push for family court reform:        Family courts tend to be biased toward fathers, don't fill enforce orders and agreements even after multiple violations, and solely rely on cps (child protective services) recommendations.      However, not all cases involve cps or their need for the division. Further for cases with cps involvement, they tend not to be fully honest to the courts. In New Jersey for example, even with excessive evidence, witnesses and multiple outlets reporting for

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Save TEAMs for Sales

While using Slack is fine for those who find it effective, the Sales team has spent over 5 years honing and improving TEAMs.  Productivity aside, we also use it to communicate with POCs as well since the vast majority also uses TEAMs.  Since we are keeping the CP instance of TEAMs for meetings, etc, we are just asking to allow the Sales team to continue to leverage it to communicate internally and externally for alll the various benfits it leads to closed won deals!

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Mungo Preset Manager Petition

This is an open petition for John Pillans of Mungo Enterprises to develop a module that enables the saving of presets for his digital 0 series of eurorack modules. I know many (if not all!) Mungo users and enthusiasts who would love something like this. This is the one major thing missing from the Mungo line-up, and indeed is something that should help expand his market. Currently there are only two 3rd party modules that can save and recall Mungo presets - the Macro Machines Storage Strip that

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We the concerned citizens of Natchez ,Adams County,Mississippi , herby petition the City of Natchez Planning , The Mayor, and the Board of Aldermen to permit BRUCE PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING SERVICES to continue to provide needed services to the youth of our community . We also want to continue to provide employment opportunities at the location which is formally known as THE NATCHEZ CHILDREN HOME . The address for this location is 806 North Union STREET NATCHEZ,MS. This location has historically b

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HPV Owner Support of Ariana Sanchez

Our Administrator Ariana Sanchez has been working and serving Haciendas Palo Verde for 14 years. Regardless of any challenges Ariana faces while performing the duties of the job, she tirelessly does the best she can for our community.       Recently Ariana's professionalism, integrity and character have come under attack by an owner in our community. In a show of support to Ariana and an expression of appreciation for all she does for us please sign this petition.   

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Allow equine animals( horses) to be apart of parade within city limits .

Our request is that we be able to participate in parades within the city limits in Natchez , Ms. We want to be able to give the same opportunities to our kids that were given to us as children and as adults as well.This has caused a great impact across the community and the city officials don't even realized just how much. Our community looks forward to seeing the horses come thru the parades .We love coming thru on the horses and seeing the kids face light up like Christmas trees. This has been

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Request for Special Meeting for Little Hawks Program

CUYHA has been granted the opportunity to host the Little Hawks Program.  We the undersigned are reqeusting a special meeting to be held to finalize and approve this program to further the growth of CUYHA.  

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TWL Community Yard Sales

This petition is to request a Special Meeting of the Tidewater Landing Homeowners Assocualtion to reconsider a TWL HOA policy prohibiting annual Community Yard Sales. The outcome of the meeting is to conduct a formal vote of homeowners  after reviewing the proposed guidelines and vote on a change in policy to allow Community Yard Sales based on these guidlines.  Please indicate that you agree with our request to have the HOA Board and Homeowners consider and approve this proposal.  We need 49 ho

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Ask the West Nodaway R-1 Board of Education to grant Camryn Brady's appeals to remain in the A+ Program and go on senior trip.

Camryn is a senior at West Nodaway R-1 High School in Northwest Missouri. She has had to undergo four surgeries in the past four years. That is more than most people have in a lifetime. The summer right before her freshman year, we took her to the E.R. with intense pain in her lower right side. We assumed it was her appendix but instead they had to do an emergency surgery to remove a softball sized cyst that was attached to her fallopian tube and filled with blood. It was twisting the fallopian

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Reinstate the GSDCC board for 2023 - 2024 elected and acclaimed

We, the members of GSDCC Inc demand that the elected president, Molly Snider, and our acclaimed treasurer, Kay Calvin, are put into office immediately! We demand that the current dissention on this board is resolved expediantly and the board work in the best interest of the GSDCC Inc and it's members. If any board member feels that they are unable to work as part of this team then we request that you tender your resignation. Under section 2 of the Charter Of Rights, Canadians are guaranteed free

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We want Fall/Spring Break to Align with Sumner County Schools

Recently it was released that Pope's Fall Break for 2023-2024 calendar will not align with Sumner County Schools but instead with Catholic Schools. Please sign this petition to show your overwelming support for Fall/Spring Break to align with Sumner County Schools and not with Catholic Schools. As a mother of 1 Pope Student, 2 St. John Vianney Students and 1 Sumner County Public School Student not alingning fall/spring break is breaking up the family. I expect many other families are in my same

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Petition to Harper Collins to Restore Original Order of Narnia Series

We, the undersigned, request that Harper Collins, who holds sole rights to publication of the seven-book Chronicles of Narnia, should offer the series numbered in order of publicaion date instead of, or in addition to, its current order of internal chronology. This will allow future generations of children to experience The Chronicles of Narnia in the same way children did when the series was first written. In addition are these points to consider: 1) Multiple references do not make sense when r

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Turun yliopiston etnologian professuuriin kohdistuvat säästötoimet tulee perua! (edit 17.1.2023)

På svenska nedan Scroll down for English version Etnologian professuuri ja tieteenala uhattuna Turun yliopistossa! edit 17.1.2023 – Työnantajapuoli haluaa meidän tarkentavan, että etnologian professuuria ei ole ehdotettu lakkautettavaksi, sen sijaan he ovat kirjanneet säästösuunnitelmiinsa, että etnologian ja folkloristiikan yhdistämistä pohditaan ja että professuurimme saatetaan jäädyttää eläköitymisen johdosta. Seuraukset ovat kuitenkin samat: etnologiassa ei olisi omaa professoria, mikä näive

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Oppose the promotion of homosexual pride at the Somerset Hills YMCA

We the undersigned firmly believe that the topics of homosexuality, transgenderism, and gender identity are religious and moral issues.  The Somerset Hills Young Mens's Christian Association( aka The "Y") should absolutley not be actively promoting homosexual pride, transgenderism, gender fluidlty, or any other gender or sexual orientation related issues.   In so doing, the Young Men's Christian Association is directly undermining and contradicting the very religous beliefs and moral teachings t

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Stage Run Community Petition for Birdsong Thoroughfare Restriction

Summary: Stage Run HOA (SRHOA) had initial concerns about a gate planned at the end of Barrow Post, a small stub of a street that for 15 years emptied to a small oak forest but is now an apartment complex currently being completed.  This gate, if general use is allowed, bypasses Two Creeks road that would normally go around Aue Elementary to Baywater Stage for access to Boerne Stage Crossing (Walmart, Chick-fil-A, IH-10 access) and The Market at Boerne Stage (HEB, etc.). This gate would primaril

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Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu

Let’s show how many people support Tate brothers and the girls. They have to be released cause they’re innocent and don’t deserve these fake accusations. Not the first case of random girls, haters who’s still asleep, consuming fake news about Tate’s a d accusing them of bad things which they obviously didn’t do. They are too smart and too busy for all this, they don’t need it 💀They also very religious men. Tate financially helped Romania a lot and i think the government has enough reasons to tru

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Please Help Stop The Unsafe Practice of Firing a Weapon from a North Carolina State Owned Road or Highway in Sampson County!

We are asking for signatures of those who are willing to help us take the issue of hunting ie. firing a weapon of any type but especially rifles, from a state owned road/highway onto personal property or other property with or without the land owner's permission, to the North Carolina State Lawmakers; especially Sampson County. Right now, as far as we know from speaking with game wardens and other law enforment officials, it is legal for anyone to fire a weapon from a state road or highway in or

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The citizens of Charles County, MD, ask for the resignation of District 2 Commissioner Thomasina Coates –Effective Immediately!!!

According to Brad Bell of ABC 7 News, and other reliable media outlets, local public television channels and substantiated evidence from a special investigator:  In Charles County, an elected official, District 2 Commissioner Thomasina Coates (censured and accused of discriminating against a county employee), was accused of racial discrimination, and after a special investigation, said accusations were substantiated, and now legal action has been taken. It’s a battle among county commissioners o

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Allie's Walkabout - Covington Location

Allie's Walkabout has entered into a lease agreement with SKLO properties at the intersections of MLK Blvd (12th st) and Russell St. Currently the City of Covington is telling us the building is not zoned for our use where our reading of the zone description, it allows our use. Please lend your support by signing this petition to show the City of Covington, you'd like us to be a part of your community.

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We are respectfully requesting that our children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation prior to graduating from St Paul's Beach, starting with the current 7th grade(Class of 2024).

We are asking you to join us by signing this petition to have our children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation prior to graduating from St Paul's Beach.  St Paul's Beach is the ONLY school in our diocese that does not confirm prior to 8th grade graduation. Confirmation is the last sacrament of Catholic initiation, and one that students throughout the diocese immerse themselves in during preparation for it as part of their 8th grade religion cirriculum.  We all agree that keeping our children e

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