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Fight for Election Integrity in Lauderdale County

Kimberly Butler, a Lauderdale County businesswoman, ran for State House District 2 Representative. Following the primary election, she found proof that 67 Lauderdale County voters in District 2 were not allowed to vote for their representative for State House.  These facts were confirmed by the Alabama Secretary of States' Office.She acquired 42 signed legal affidavits from these voters stating that they would have voted for her if they had been given the proper ballot. In an election that was d

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Request TWL Homeowners Vote on Adding Pickleball Playing Capacity to Existing All-Purpose Courts

We are proposing to increase the Pickleball playing capacity at the Tidewater Landing courts.  While maintaining the existing tennis and pickleball lines, we can add lines to each side of the tennis net on both courts and use rollaway portable nets to create 4 pickleball courts.  Our proposed configuration increases the safety of our courts and allows more pickleball playing without reducing the tennis court capacity.   To utilize the proposed pickleball court lines, we need to acquire 4 portabl

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Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!

Safoora Zargar, a student activist leader, incarcerated under UAPA for her role in the anti CAA-NRC movement, is being denied regular extensions to complete her MPhil.The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholar

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Reinstate the post of Professor of Burmese at SOAS, University of London

This petition, an initiative of colleagues at the Australian National University (ANU), seeks to persuade SOAS, University of London, to reverse the decision to terminate the Professor of Burmese position, ending over a century of scholarship in the languages and linguistics of Myanmar and Southeast Asia at SOAS. Please read the full letter from ANU Burma studies colleagues, and consider signing this petition. Thank you for your valued support. Sincerely, Justin Watkins _________ To:Professor A

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Free School Meals For All Childern

I Am trying to reach out to have a change made about school lunches. For the past about three years the schools have been able to provide our children with free lunches and even breakfast depending on the school. I would like to make it so its free for everyone going forward not just the last three years or, not just lower income households. At 2.00 plus a lunch and about half that for breakfasts. Thats alot of money for anyone to have to pay. We as parents should not have to worry about the ext

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Asking Itasca County to prioritize safety for drivers!

Asking Itasca County to prioritize safety for drivers by putting up guardrails on Scenic Highway 7. By signing this petition, I'm agreeing with my neighbors that the county needs to address this safety issue by putting up guardrails at the dangerous corners of the lower mile of Scenic Highway 7. I'm agreeing that the county should NOT wait until someone gets badly hurt. This petition will be submitted to the Itasca County Highway Department. 

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Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!

READ MORE: BBC and Daley Weaponise Games The British diver Tom Daley has started a campaign to overturn anti-sodomy laws in the Commonwealth. He wants no nation with such laws ever to host the Commonwealth Games.  That means only the white nations (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) would host the games from now on. We the undersigned believe that nations are blessed when their laws follow the laws of God.  We support the right of nations to frame their own laws in line with Biblical princip

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Emergency Request for Drug and Task Force for Town N Country

We are experiencing a noticeable increase of vagrant drug addicts and drug dealers in Town N Country. Businesses along Hillsborough Ave. say they are finding human feces, hypodermic needles, and trash in front and behind their businesses in the morning. Drug dealers are regularly delivering drugs in the open. Drug dealers have been seen delivering drugs to Jr High age students with back packs before they get on their school bus. Addict vagrants are seen daily along Hillsborough and in front of b

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Westmar Student Loft lease revocation tenant refund

Westmar Student Lofts is falsely advertising to acquire students and student funds to make improvements to the building without disclosing to the perspective residents the true conditions. Units are not cleaned, are in need of repairs and often left in uninhabitable conditions. This petition is to get Westmar to refund and terminate the lease of any resident whom so chooses and to not occupy units without fully disclosing the true conditions of the unit. To provide any potential tentat with a cl

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Please sign a petition for Nayatt to have 4 third grade classrooms & reasonable class sizes for 2022-2023

August 25, 2022 Barrington School Committee Superintendent Michael Messore 261 Middle Highway Barrington, RI 02806   Via email:    Dear Chairwoman Bae, Members of the Barrington School Committee and Superintendent Messore:  We are deeply concerned about the third-grade class sizes at Nayatt School for the upcoming school year. Historically, there have been at least four classrooms for third-grade students at Nayatt. This year a decision was made to elim

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