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Petition to Suspend the Special Assessment

We are owners of units of the Tribeca Condominiums located at 4414 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, Texas 75219. We hereby petition the Board to: immediately suspend the special assessment of approximately $250,000; provide all members of the Association with a written, detailed summary of events leading to special assessment, including but not limited to: (a) a timeline of events leading to the expenditures; (b) an itemization of all costs constituting the special assessment (including receipts and

Created: 2021-03-29

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Creating Cairo High Drama Club

Our children that have been active members for the one to three years of Drama Club at Washington Middle School. They deserve to enter Cairo High School with the same excitement they had starting at Washington Middle School. This petition is for our supporters parents/students/ family members that love being a part of this truly exciting time in these students lives. It is heartbreaking to see the true family unit not being given a place in the theatre department at Cairo High School. By signing

Created: 2021-03-28

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Oregon Governor and the Legislative Branch

Condemning the Governor of Oregon and the legislative branch of the Oregon Government for the continuous actions that violate the laws and Constitution of the United States and the laws and Constitution of Oregon. Whereas: Governor Brown violated the Oregon Constitution by unilaterally violating Art V Sections 9 and 10 by allowing the destruction and continual rioting in the city of Portland. As per that section of our state’s Constitution the governor is to see that the law is faithfully execut

Created: 2021-03-28

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Bring Michele Selin back as the Marina Service Unit Support Specialist

We, the Marina Service Unit of the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, hereby request that Michele Selin return as the Service Unit Support Specialist for the Marina Service Unit.   The Marina Service Unit is one of the premier service units in Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.  This was achieved by the collaboration between our support and leadership teams.  The relationship between the Support Specialist, Recruiter, and Service Unit are vital in helping continue to offer the best service to

Created: 2021-03-26

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Save East Point Lighthouse!

A historic treasure is in danger of being lost by ongoing erosion! - Second oldest lighthouse, fully restored in New Jersey on the Delaware Bay (1849) - Prehistoric land once inhabited by Native Americans who pursued hunting and gathering - Both the land and lighthouse are on the National Register of Historic Places - Serves as both an active navigational aid and education museum, open to the public for tours and events year round The lighthouse and grounds should be both saved and kept accessib

Created: 2021-03-24

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Save the ‘Party’ option on Facebook

We the undersigned do not want to lose the 'Watch Party' option on Facebook for the following reasons: It enables us to watch the chosen screening as part of a group but from the comfort of our own homes. So you don't feel you are watching alone even though you may well be physically alone.  We have the option to discuss the material being watched in the chat in real time with other audience members. You don't get that experience at a cinema as you cannot talk through a showing.  We get to learn

Created: 2021-03-23

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A Swiss National Strategy for Long COVID and ME/CFS Patients

Dear Federal Council, Dear Parliament, Dear FOPH, Dear Conference of Cantonal Directors of Public Health (GDK) and Medical Specialists Association FMH, Dear Cantonal and City Parliaments of all Swiss Cantons,    A SWISS NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR LONG COVID AND ME/CFS PATIENTS   ME/CFS Schweiz, which has been working for patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) for over 25 years, would like to urge you to recognise that, according to case figures from the UK, one i

Created: 2021-03-22

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نامه بیش از یکصد تن از روسای انجمن‌های علمی گروه پزشکی به رییس و نمایندگان مجلس شورای اسلامی در اعتراض به تشکیل سازمان طب اسلامی ـ ایرانی

ریاست و نمایندگان محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی  مسئولین محترم نظام سلامت کشور    با سلام و احترام     در آخرین روزهای سال جاری اطلاع پیدا کردیم طرح «تاسیس سازمان طب اسلامی ـ ایرانی» به عنوان سازمانی مستقل از طرف برخی نمایندگان، تقدیم مجلس شورای اسلامی شده است.  در این ارتباط لازم می‌دانیم مطالبی را یادآوری نموده و توجه عموم مردم و مسئولان را به آنها خواستار گردیم؛    ١-دانش طب در تمام دنیا و طبق قوانین جاری کشور ما یکپارچه است و متولی سازماندهی دانش آموختگان آن و نظارت بر کیفیت ارایه خدمات درمانی و س

Created: 2021-03-22

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An Open Letter to Every Damned Politician! On the Election, Selective Lockdowns, Corruption, all of it!

Politicians, why the hell do we need you? You have done nothing for the people of this country. Nothing! Your job is to protect the God-given rights of American citizens. You work for the  people  and you have forgotten your place! Night after night, year after year, we go to work, pay our taxes, and bite our tongues. We watch you on the evening news pontificate about this issue or that scandal, yet you do nothing. We’re sick of it! We watched as Hillary Clinton broke every law in the book by ly

Created: 2021-03-20

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Save Texas Drive Park!

The Texas Township board has proposed a plan to take approximatly 20-25% of the land from Texas Drive Park to build a new Township Hall.  The petition is written to opose the building of the new Texas Township Hall within the existing boundries of Texas Drive Park.  If you oppose this plan, please sign this petition and call or write to the members of the township board.  This plan will build a new 10,000 square foot Township Hall and expand the parking lot for the Town Hall visitors at a cost o

Created: 2021-03-19

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