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Per nje ligj efektiv mbi Mbrojtjen e Kafshëve në Shqipëri / For an effective Animal Protection Law i

  Ju lutem shkoni ne fund te faqes per te firmosur. Faleminderit. To sign this petition, please go to the bottom of this page. Thank you.   (English and Russian version below Albanian Text)   Shkëlqesisë së Tij, Kryeministrit të Shqipërisë: I nderuar zotëri, 1. Duke pasur parasysh se është detyrë e njerëzve që t'i respektojnë kafshët dhe të garantojnë përfitimin e tyre nga legjislacioni që i mbron në mënyrë të mjaftueshme dhe të efektshme; 2. Duke pasur parasysh se kjo detyrë po njihet d

Created: 2010-07-21 Statistics

To stop animal cruelty and puppy mills

I do not like puppy mills or animal cruelty that much and i really think that we should not let the animals suffer any more so that is why i want to stop animal cruelty and puppy mills.

Created: 2010-07-08 Statistics

Support of the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminal

WHEREAS, North America has a proven abundance of natural gas, a portion of which can be exported to the economic benefit of the United States; WHEREAS, exporting North American natural gas via the Jordan Cove Terminal will have minimal impact on the price of natural gas in the Pacific Northwest, and any increase will be offset by the tremendous economic benefits for the project; WHEREAS, construction of the Jordan Cove Terminal and the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline will cost $7.7 Billion, makin

Created: 2013-12-23 Statistics

Fifa must increase the number of African teams in World Cup

The current system that only takes 5 countries from Africa to participate in the World Cup is unfair and unjust to the continent. Over 50 countries fight for just 5 spots...injustice!

Created: 2013-09-16 Statistics

The abolition of cantons in FBiH

The abolition of cantons in FBiH and their responsibilities transfer to the municipalities and partly in the Federation BiH. This will  generate hundreds of millions savings and improve functionality of institutions. A  number of ministers, advisors, cantonal assemblies, services would not be consumers of budget which citizens full.

Created: 2013-06-01 Statistics


Do your part as a parent and petition at the end of the e-mail. Don't let us forget Louise de Waal this week! It could have been your child! We need everybody's support! Over the last few weeks in South Africa , a two year old was abducted from her creche, raped and left in the bush, where she was found crawling around and crying, by an old woman, two hours after her abduction. Another child in a pre-primary school was molested, and the authorities have done nothing. We have all heard the sto

Created: 2013-04-24 Statistics


666 = The mark of the Beast President Obama Vs Revelation13:15-18 The US Senate has passed the Obama Health Care' bill into law. The implementation would commence on 23/03/ 2013.This bill would require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip in order to access medical care.The device will be implanted on the forehead or on the arm.  IF YOU DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!! - PLEASE TAKE 1 MINUTE AND SIGN THIS PETITION!!!.

Created: 2013-03-04 Statistics

Help Chef Adam bring Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen to New Orleans

Sign this petition and let's help Adam talk his favorite chef, Nadia Giosia from Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen, the #1 show on The Cooking Channel into coming to New Orleans!  Nadia G brought the chef out in Adam when he first saw her juicing limes saying "You can do it, you can do it" from her first season of Bitchin' Kitchen.  Adam has started a blog for Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen where he cooks all of Nadia G's dishes and he also has a Youtube channel with all of his Nadia G cooking videos.  Bit

Created: 2012-11-17 Statistics

Include indigenous languages in the curriculum

Ugandan indigenous languages are under threat with the government planning to scrap their study at the O level of education.  Experts say that one of the reasons why Ugandans are struggling to read and even learn anything in class is because of the fact that there are many children that do not understand the languages they are taught in and the teachers equally do not fully understand these languages.   This campaign is petitioning the Speaker of Parliament against agreeing to this scrapping of

Created: 2012-11-02 Statistics

Vratimo lice niškoj Tvrđavi

Peticija za izmeštanje neprimerenih sadržaja lociranih po obodu Tvrđavskih zidina, objekta od najvećeg kulturnog značaja u ovom podneblju. Kada neki stranac stigne u naš grad, prođe najprljaviji i najružniji deo grada koji se ni u jednoj drugoj zemlji ne bi lepio uz zidine najvažnijeg spomenika kulture! Tvrđava je mogla da bude osmišljena kao jedinstvena turistička atrakcija, kao jedini muzej na otvorenom, ali dovoljno je da je vidimo celu i napravimo parkove oko nje. Tada će njena lepota doći d

Created: 2012-10-31 Statistics

Stop selling ThunderCRACKER toys

This is an online petition to stop Hasbro from selling toys with racist slurs. It all started last week when my husband and son got back from the store. My son proudly showed me his new toy, a blue jet robot.  He told me that its name is "Thundercracker." I was taken aback.  If you don't know, "Cracker" is a racist slur used against people of caucasian lineage. It's the equivalent of the "N" word. I told my son that it's not right and we gave the blue jet a new name.   I couldn't think of a reas

Created: 2012-10-04 Statistics

Petition against the E1 settlement expansion

Voir ci-dessous pour la traduction française This is to draw attention to Israel's continued work on the huge settlement expansion known as E1 to the east of Jerusalem.  Although in 2005 and 2009, international pressure restrained Israel from going ahead with E1 , in the past few years Israel has prepared for development with new roads, infrastructure and the first buildings. The expanding settlements will join to Jerusalem, and together divide the West Bank in half. The project defies internat

Created: 2012-10-03 Statistics

Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure BSL IS BULLSHIT

Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure (Thursday, February 07, 2013) Two bills have been introduced in Rhode Island that would  regulate all “pit bulls” (or dogs believed to be “pit bulls”) and impose  numerous requirements on the owners. The  bill would also require every kennel, veterinary office, and commercial  breeder, among others, to post a sign notifying people of the new law and  providing contact information for someone to report a dog owner who is not in  compliance. AKC strong

Created: 2012-09-16 Statistics

Swastika-EU - Hungarians' Protest against EU Double Standard

Support Hungarians' Protest against EU Double Standard!- Five-pointed Red Star versus Swastika A petíció magyarul-The petition in Hungarian Primary reason for petition: The EU double standard became obvious during the investigation of a judgment (for full text, click here) related to totalitarian symbolism. On March 8, 2012, the EU imposed a fine of 5,600 Euros to Hungary for a local court decision that convicted a Hungarian citizen for the offense of having displayed  a five-pointed red star

Created: 2012-08-26 Statistics

Freedom of Religion in Riverlea

Petition to Johannesburg City Council from the Residents of Riverlea (Proper and all Extensions) and all surrounding areas The following petitioners’ requests that the Johannesburg City Council allow the Muslim Community and all other Religious groups of Riverlea (Proper and all Extensions) and all surrounding areas free use of their sound systems, bells and all other instruments used for religious purposes.

Created: 2012-07-18 Statistics

Colourful Hearing Aids Available From All Audiology Departments

When I transferred to adult audiology a few months ago I discovered that the only hearing aids available were NHS standard issue beige coloured ones. While I can see that many people will be happy with this inconspicuous option their are many deaf children, teens and adults who would rather have the opportunity to express themself through their hearing aids with bright colours. I was told that the only people given colourful aids were those with additional learning difficulties or those with men

Created: 2012-06-25 Statistics

Justice for Jasmine

We the people are dissatisfied that a cause of death was not certified by the pathologist in the death of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe after being informed via media that an onsite post mortem was conducted.  We believe that the best results were not obtained from an onsite autopsy. We know how critical certifying a cause of death is in ensuring a conviction in murder cases . Without a certified cause of death, it is very difficult for law enforcement and prosecutors to properly prosecute murderers

Created: 2012-06-08 Statistics


Petition It is imperative that the international community and all sectors of civil society mobilize to tackle the hurdles that obstruct adequate and equitable international action on climate change and human rights, we urge NGOs, Civil Society movements and government officials to move ahead in the establishment of a SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR  ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND CLIMATE CHANGE. Building on the calls being made by civil society organizations in 2010 and 2011, the undersigned organizations urge the Hum

Created: 2012-05-07 Statistics

Révision ou arrêt des poursuites contre les "athés" Mehdia

NON A LA DICTATURE RELIGIEUSE!!   Human Right Watch: (Tunis) – La peine de prison de sept ans prononcée le 28 mars 2012 contre deux Tunisiens pour avoir publié des écrits perçus comme offensants envers l’islam illustre la nécessité d’abroger les lois répressives datant de l’ère Ben Ali, a déclaré Human Rights Watch aujourd’hui. L’un des hommes condamnés, Ghazi Ben Mohamed Beji, a publié en juillet 2011 un extrait intitulé L’Illusion de l’islam, tiré d’un essai qu’il avait écrit et diffusé

Created: 2012-04-08 Statistics

Justice for Hungary! - Appeal of the Presidium of the WFH

At its meeting on 17 March, 2012, the Presidium of the World Federation of Hungarians discussed the widespread political and press campaigns that are being conducted against Hungary in various countries of the world at the present time.  In the interests of truth, integrity, and fairness, it was decided to issue the following appeal.   The Presidium of the World Federation of Hungarians denounces the campaign of hate that has been under way for months against Hungary, her people, and her gover

Created: 2012-03-21 Statistics