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Save Industry Theater!

Industry Theater, a concert venue in Lancaster, CA is threatening to be shut down. This petition is to be sent to the City Council Members showing the support and impact it will cause on the residents of the Antelope Valley and even the Los Angeles County itself. Please show your support and keep the AV music scene alive!

Created: 2013-11-20 Statistics

Age of Mythology Gold release on steam please!

If you support the idea of Age of Mythology, as well as it's expansion's re-release on Steam, please sign this petition. Currently, there are still around 4000 people who play these games worldwide, not counting people who play locally or privately, or offline. For a game that's a decade old, this is a truly great achievement. Such games should not simply be forgotten, when there still is life in them. A re-release on steam would bring people who thought the game to be dead back - currently the

Created: 2013-10-07 Statistics

Tibet Scholars’ Appeal to Halt the Destruction of Old Lhasa

To: President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China Mme. Irina Bukova, Director-General of UNESCO   We, the undersigned, independent and institutionally-affiliated specialists in various fields of Tibetan Studies, respectfully submit this petition to you out of grave concern over the rapidly-progressing destruction of much of the traditional architectural heritage of the Old City of Lhasa and its environs. This destruction is not simply a question of aesthetics: It has been and is destro

Created: 2013-05-14 Statistics

Mike Spack for 2014 ITE VP Candidate

Please add Mike Spack, PE, PTOE to the Institute of Transportation Engineers' upcoming election ballot as a candidate for 2014 International Vice President.  You must be an International ITE member in good standing as of October 1, 2012 in order to sign the petition.  Although you don't have to fill in all of the prompts, doing so will help speed up ITE's determination if we have met the petition requirements or not.

Created: 2012-12-17 Statistics

Stop Sign for Barbara

The residents on Barbara Street are asking you to please help us keep our street safe by placing a stop sign on the corner of 34th and Barbara Street in San Pedro. Ever since the Paseo Del Mar landslide in November of 2011, the traffic on our quiet neighborhood street has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers do not respect the fact that their new route between Paseo Del Mar and Western ave. or 25th street is a residential street and the number of cars that race through the nei

Created: 2013-08-04 Statistics

Take "zayn did 9/11" off iTunes

Let get it off iTunes for zayn. It's just sad that they even dared to think of such a thing . Help by signing it:)

Created: 2013-08-04 Statistics

Petition Against BET, Soul Train , And All the Music Awards

This Is a petition against all of the music awards Including the Grammys , BET , Soul Train & all the award shows that do not honor real soul legends of music , like old school doo wop , blues , jazz , disco funk , old soul , hip hop & true gospel music from the yesteryears , we are sick of these award shows dishonoring true legends of music especially music of black culture We are sick of these award shows honoring people with no talent , If this music Industry do not start showing homa

Created: 2013-11-25 Statistics

Plava voda Travnik

Moralna obaveza načelnika Općine Travnik je podnijeti ostavku nakon što je oskrnavio simbol Plave vode i grada Travnika bez obavještenja građana. Potrebno je uspostavljanje eko policije i zaustavljanje daljeg uništavanja kulturnog i prirodnog blaga grada Travnika.

Created: 2013-03-11 Statistics

Original Timber Collective has my support!

Original Timber is eager to consolidate our Richmond and San Francisco based operations in the former Fire House, located at 3455 and 3461 Champion Street, Oakland. 1.  Original Timber Collective will provide local artisans the opportunity to showcase and sell their work and will encourage a larger segment of the Bay Area community (and beyond) to engage with local makers 2.  Our vision is to serve our neighbors and to attract visitors as we host regular community gatherings and events at our lo

Created: 2013-09-28 Statistics


************** Feel free to sign this letter if you are a supporter of Highlands Nursery School in Melrose, MA. We would like this letter read to the church membership during their next meeting in early January, 2014. Not sure if for any other reason than making them aware of how we feel... Then we can begin the dialogue with regards to next steps. Thanks for reading and supporting!!  And please feel free to forward along. *************** December 19, 2013 Dear Melrose Highland Congregational Ch

Created: 2013-12-20 Statistics