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Equalizing All Hiring Barriers

Our goal is to pass Senate Bill 11. Senate Bill 11 will require Ohio state contractors to follow civil rights laws preventing discrimination in hiring many critical factors. This bill will prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and or sexual expression. This means that individuals, no matter what their sexual orientation, can not be discriminated against when being considered for a job. This will help unemployment rates drops tremendously. This action will cause pe

Created: 2020-10-12 Statistics

Demand for DC City Council Hearing on Discrimination & Retaliation at MPD

We, the undersigned registered voters and/or citizens of the District of Columbia, hereby DEMAND that the District of Columbia City Council holds a public hearing, taking sworn testimony from relevant officials, on the issues raised in the Class Action Lawsuit filed by ten (10) current and former Black Women MPD police officers, and the suit filed by three former MPD Cadets, with respect to serious enterprise-wide racism, sexism and retaliation at the MPD, ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 30, 2021.  

Created: 2021-10-20 Statistics

Coach Albertson for Saugerties Varsity Lacrosse

Here by signing this petition, I believe that Coach Albertson has been and will be a great Coach for the Saugerties Lacrosse Program. 

Created: 2021-07-09 Statistics

A Censure of America's Federal Government

A Brief List of Injuries and Usurpations inflicted by Our Federal Government Upon the People of the United States   (This is the list accompanying Cedric Keith's Long March of Liberty)       The federal government of the United States has long strained at its Constitutional limitations, writing law and creating bureaucracy within realms reserved to the states or to individuals. In 2020, this tendency accelerated as we watched  a common coronavirus employed as pretext for lockdowns, delineation o

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute Volusia County Beaches!

Currently there are not enough trash cans to support people on the beach properly disposing thier trash. My cousins and I went to the beach today and filled up three whole buckets of trash from the beach in less than an hour and only a quarter of a mile!  We want you to sign our petition so that we can ask Volusia County to put more trash cans on the beach to prevent trash from being tossed carelessly on the beach. Please help us keep Volusia County beaches clean!  

Created: 2020-09-23 Statistics

2nd Chance at Life

My name is Tyler Holmes, an African-American man who fought to become successful while many obstacles were trying to keep me from living up to my full potential. My story and my help could inspire and aid anyone that has been in a bad position or sucked into the justice system and simply need a second chance in life. Currently, I am the CEO of Ty’s TV Mounting & Home Services, the Founder of 2nd Chance LLC., and a Youth Mentor of Boys2Men, etc. Yet, due to past incidents with the law, to the

Created: 2021-09-03 Statistics

Keep Tolland Children and Community Safe and Masked in Schools

Living in the town of Tolland are approximately 1,500 children under the age of 12.  These precious human beings are not yet eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  There are a number of people who feel that masking is no longer necessary, or that it is too inconvenient.  We, the undersigned residents of Tolland, are asking that the decision makers make the decision to keep our children safe from the coronavirus. We ask that you mandate masking in all school buildings, regardless of vaccination s

Created: 2021-08-07 Statistics

To oppose the rezoning effort for the land located at 12740 Black Forest Rd.

PLEASE NOTE: TO SIGN THIS PETITON YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF EL PASO COUNTY, COLORADO AND REGISTERED TO VOTE. The purpose of this petition is to oppose rezoning of 12740 Black Forest Rd., barn with living space, permit #M78797, parcel #5207000004. After careful review of all documents, several discrepancies were noted. The land is owned by Black Forest,  LLC. The business is Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. The company has submitted a PLOT AND DESC PLAN which was approved 2/28/2020. The plan shows on

Created: 2020-08-07 Statistics

Shepherd Park Plaza driveway parking restoration

For over 50 years Shepherd Park Plaza residents have not encountered any problems parking in their own driveways which are on a side street for corner lot homes.  However, recently the city is ticketing all vehicles in these driveways claiming the vehicles are over the sidewalks. How can this be suddenly an issue? How can this be an issue especially in light of the fact the city approved the plans for this neighborhood over 50 years ago and during the past half century not given out tickets to r

Created: 2021-08-29 Statistics

Hottopic: Please restock the Lore Olympus' "Underworld Con 96" Hoodie

Lovely people, This petition is for the cause of showing Hottopic how many people would wish for a reprint of the beautyful "Underworld Con 96" Hoodie. Sadly, it was nearly instantly sold-out and especially non-US citizens had barely to no chance to purchase it. However, Hottopic, despite constantly restocking all other clothing merchandise, has no plans to restock the Hoodie. 😢 Hence, please help to raise hottopics awareness on how popular it still is ❤️

Created: 2021-03-31 Statistics