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Resume neighborhood patrols -- bring back Community Crime Patrol by restoring OSU funding

We, the undersigned, petition The Ohio State University to restore funding to Community Crime Patrol (CCP) so that off-campus neighborhood patrols can resume immediately.  We are students, permanent residents, and business owners who recognize the immense value of the extra eyes and ears that the patrollers from CCP contribute to our neighborhoods in deterring and detecting crime.  Since their departure from the University District, we have noticed an uptick in property crime, vandalism, and the

Created: 2020-10-12

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24 hours 2 2

Petition for CEOs at Jails & Prisons to Wear Body Cameras

Mothers with Sons in Prison petition for every CEOs in the Prisons that have contact with any inmate wear a body camera. The reasoning is if the police on the streets have to be accountable for surveillance of the people they protect. CEOs should also be held accountable. The inmates has so many complaints of being accused of doing things that is not true. System have so many people working in the prison system that is crucial, liars not trust worthy no matter how many words i could use. They sp

Created: 2020-10-11

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All time 38 37
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Ban Single-use Plastic by 2025

Plastic is a man-made invention that has generated significant benefits for society, and even in some cases, the environment. Unfortunately, the way industry and governments have managed plastics and the way society has converted it into a disposable and single-use commodity transformed this innovation into a disaster. This is a pledge for our planet. Let’s stop plastics choking our oceans – and harming people and nature! We will submit this petition with 1,000 signatures to the United Nations

Created: 2019-11-27

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Affordable Healthcare and Wage Increases for the Essential Workers at CWI.

We, the undersigned are signing this petition in support of the Union demand for affordable health insurance, wage increases, respect, and dignity from the CWI administration. If CWI won’t provide the essential employees with a fair contract, then, we will take ACTION together until we succeed in our demands.

Created: 2020-10-16

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Let Them Play

This petition has been created to show the Brunswick Board of Education how the residents within Brunswick County feel about students that are homeschooled and privately educated having an equal right to participate in public athletics. A policy is in place currently through the governing body, NCHSAA, that clearly states students that are homeschooled or privately educated CAN participate by attending 1 course at the local public school within their district. Unfortunately our great county is N

Created: 2020-10-09

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 As we all know Elsa and Jack are totally in different movies, but their similarities in lives are perfect. We request Disney and DreamWorks to collaborate together and make a JELSA MOVIE(Jack + Elsa). All the JELSA STANS can sign this petition to get a great movie in the future. Hoping that everyone would sign this beautiful petition as in to see the most perfect and cutest couple together♥️ We can give our imagination an end and look forward for a collaboration.  PS : This image was found in a

Created: 2020-09-26

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Save Cleeve Hill Golf Course and the playing of golf on Cleeve Hill

This petition has been set up on behalf of the members of Cleeve Cloud Golf Club who are responsible for running competitions and are the members section of Cleeve Hill Golf Course. This is due to the sad news that a decision has been made to close Cleeve Hill Golf Course from the 1st of April 2021. Unfortunately the current lease holder and the council have announced that the lease will be terminated early and golf will no longerbe  played on Cleeve Hill after more than 125 years of histoty. ht

Created: 2020-09-08

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ASB Mascot

We, the undersigned are AGAINST the Alabama School for the Blind changing the name of the current mascot known as  Redskins”. Since the ASB’s “Redskins” mascot was created, it has never been, nor is it presently, nor ever intended as a negative connotation! ASB Redskins has represented pride, strength and endurance, not only in each student, faculty and each competition held, but in every alumni as well. Changing the ASB mascot will create a ripple effect of what else needs to be possibly change

Created: 2020-08-11

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To oppose the rezoning effort for the land located at 12740 Black Forest Rd.

PLEASE NOTE: TO SIGN THIS PETITON YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF EL PASO COUNTY, COLORADO AND REGISTERED TO VOTE. The purpose of this petition is to oppose rezoning of 12740 Black Forest Rd., barn with living space, permit #M78797, parcel #5207000004. After careful review of all documents, several discrepancies were noted. The land is owned by Black Forest,  LLC. The business is Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. The company has submitted a PLOT AND DESC PLAN which was approved 2/28/2020. The plan shows on

Created: 2020-08-07

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School tax refund

We should  all request a school tax refund for the entire amount of time in which schools have been  shut down.

Created: 2020-07-17

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