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To oppose the rezoning effort for the land located at 12740 Black Forest Rd.

PLEASE NOTE: TO SIGN THIS PETITON YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF EL PASO COUNTY, COLORADO AND REGISTERED TO VOTE. The purpose of this petition is to oppose rezoning of 12740 Black Forest Rd., barn with living space, permit #M78797, parcel #5207000004. After careful review of all documents, several discrepancies were noted. The land is owned by Black Forest,  LLC. The business is Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. The company has submitted a PLOT AND DESC PLAN which was approved 2/28/2020. The plan shows on

Created: 2020-08-07

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Centennial High School / Middle School excessive homework.

  *Lots of suggestions are pouring in from many parents, to have all of them included, please sign this petition WITH YOUR COMMENTS.  I CAN TAKE A PRINTOUT WITH ALL SUGGETIONS AND SUBMIT. Dear CHS/Middle School parent, Lots of parents in High School and Middle school and those who are doing virtual classes are raising this concern about excessive homework in schools. If you like to support please come forward and support us. Schools should be enjoyable for our kids and not just homework and mean

Created: 2020-10-09

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Keep Strawberry Fields in Canyon proper school

With all 3 Canyon ISD boundary proposals Strawberry Fields has been removed from Canyon proper schools. We are the only are that has been removed. We want to keep our children attending Canyon proper schools specifically the intermediate, junior high and high school. 

Created: 2020-09-28

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time for ally to download tiktok

this petition is set forth to get Ally Casarotti to download tiktok. this petition requires 15 signatures to be put into action. Ally shook on this at 9:20 am on 9/29/2020

Created: 2020-09-29

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Affordable Healthcare and Wage Increases for the Essential Workers at CWI.

We, the undersigned are signing this petition in support of the Union demand for affordable health insurance, wage increases, respect, and dignity from the CWI administration. If CWI won’t provide the essential employees with a fair contract, then, we will take ACTION together until we succeed in our demands.

Created: 2020-10-16

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Reunite our loved ones that has been shut out during Covid-19

   Dear everyone! We need your help! Due to COVID-19, Norway closed its borders on 16-03-2020 to all who were not Norwegian citizens, or who did not have a residence permit in Norway. Many of us who have been in a relationship for many years are forgotten because we are not married / engaged or have / are expecting children.In a society where it is less and less common to get married,these criterias are not up to date with regard to the modern society we live in. In addition, we also have

Created: 2020-10-02

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I AM OPPOSED to the City of McKinney Planning & Zoning change request, case number 20-0074Z, which proposes to change long-standing zoning in the center of four established McKinney residential neighborhoods to allow for the construction of an indoor/outdoor 37,000 square-foot wedding event center intended to host gatherings of 800+ guests per event. The property being targeted is the 10-acre undeveloped tract of land on the southwest corner of Virginia Parkway and Lake Forest Drive. This pr

Created: 2020-10-23

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Activate oximeters on all samsung devices that allow it.

During this 2020 Covid Pandemic, information on oxygen saturation should be available to most people, because it can alert early pulmonary problems , so people can seek attention with more information that can help health workers respond more adequately to their condition. Since we do have hardware that can be easily activated to evaluate this condition, it is imperative that this function is enabled as soon as possible in all Samsung watches that support this feature. It would be ideal to have

Created: 2020-09-24

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Unban Dragonback

Hello all, I am Dragonback (Varonos). I was banned from RA a few months ago for dms between myself and another person in RA. Regardless of how I feel about the ruling, this is the situation I have gotten myself in. I've taken my time to reflect on everything that has transpired and feel like I am ready to make a comeback worth being a part of. When I am unbanned I plan to bring a very high level of raiding into RA. I hope to teach people harder strats and riskier comps that will pay off with big

Created: 2020-10-12

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 Hello Everyone, I am submitting this online PETTITION AGAINST MENTAL ABUSE TOWARDS WOMENON YOU TUBE. My name is IAMHER.PERIOD, I myself like many other women on YouTube have been a victim of SLANDER, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, AND THREATS.  This is something that is becoming a little to normal and it is time to STOP!! This petition is going towards anyone that feels they have the right to mentally or physically abuse ANYONE (Specifically Women). There is one individual on YOUTUBE who has caused a

Created: 2020-10-05

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