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Would You Like To See An Investigation of the SEC?

Would You Like To See An Investigation of The SEC In Regard To Gary Gensler?If Yes... Please sign the petition on the right. McHenry, Huizenga Call on Chair Waters to Immediately Convene Full SEC Hearing on Gary Gensler in the presence of the full SEC Commissioners. McHenty stated; "Our Members deserve to hear from the full Commission. Moreover, the public has a right to know the full range of views among the SEC Commissioners, especially in the absence of a meaningful notice-and-comment process

Created: 2022-05-10 Statistics

We want Taylor Alesia back on Twitch

Twitch streamer Taylor Alesia was provisionally banned from Twitch on April 22, 2022. Unfortunately, more detailed information is not available and Twitch has not expressly commented on it.The only thing that is known is that her stream from April 22nd, 2022 was probably blocked because of hateful conduct. The exact reason was not statedTaylor Alesia isn't doing anything wrong on her stream. On the contrary, she even helps other people with their problems and enlightens them with the help of Bib

Created: 2022-04-25 Statistics

Improving CA Science Education (AB 2565 amendment)

Dear Assembly Member Rubio, The State of California has made great strides in advancing TK-12 science teaching and learning over the past decade. Despite these advancements, the members of the CA TK-12 science education community are deeply concerned about the current state of science education. Our concern is considerably heightened in respect to TK-5 science education. Due to a lack of state funding for teacher and administrator professional development, a lack of funding and support for an in

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Reinstate the Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

The Biden Administration revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, putting many people out of work, not only in the United States but also in Canada. Since the revocation of the permit, not only have thousands lost jobs, but gas prices have significantly increased. When gas prices increase, food and goods distributors and manufacturers raise prices to cover the cost of fuel. Revoking the pipeline permit only hurts America and creates a national security issue. We, the undersigned, request that th

Created: 2021-02-21 Statistics

A Raise for Jamie

I created this petition to get Jamie a raise in all 17 of her jobs. She works hard and does the job of every employee combined. 

Created: 2022-05-22 Statistics

Petitioning Hon Imran Okoth to vie independent on the 9/08/2022

Hon. Benard O. Okoth has been one of the most progressive leader the constituency has witnessed. I am a voter in Kibra and I petition Hon. Benard O. Okoth - Imran to vie independently unconditionaly on the 9th August 2022. This Must reach Imran and that he should know that HE MUST BE ON THE BALLOT.

Created: 2022-05-17 Statistics

Arrest Georgia Ballot Traffickers who Illegally Subverted the 2020 Presidential Election

It is time for law enforcement in the State of Georgia to arrest those individuals identified by True the Vote as having made multiple trips between non-profit voter activists' offices and ballot boxes leading up to the November 2020 Presidential Election.Once arrested, these individuals need to be interrogated to determine: 1. Where they obtained the ballots? 2. Who provided the ballots? 3. Whether or not they were paid for their work? 4. How much were they paid? 5. Why they deposited the ballo

Created: 2022-05-16 Statistics

Amend S6405 Bill for ALL Tier 2 FDNY Firefighters

In an effort to create parity amongst all tier 2 employees of the FDNY, Senate Bill S6405 was passed by the state of New York. Although we agree with the ruling, we strongly disagree with the exclusion of employees who retired prior to the bill's passing.  We argue the case that ALL tier two employees who retired prior to September 2021 should have the right to adjust their pensions based on their past labor.  We are asking our unions (UFA and UFOA) and local politicians to join us in support of

Created: 2022-04-20 Statistics

Stop using single use water bottles!

I pledge to stop using single use water bottles. I will try to carry a reusable water bottle or reuse cups when I need water.

Created: 2021-12-27 Statistics

Make Armored Mud Balls a State "Sedimentary Structure"

Lithified Armored Mud Balls are rare and research indicates they can best (and perhaps only) be seen in Franklin County.  This petition supports officially recognizing their significance by becoming the official State Sedimentary Structure. These interesting and unique features from Mesozoic time, will therefore become celebrated and appreciated, along with over 50 other Massachusetts State Symbols representing the history, culture, and geology of Massachusetts. 5 minute video:

Created: 2021-03-03 Statistics