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Tell Taco Bell to keep the Mexican Pizza

In 1985, Taco Bell introduced the Mexican Pizza to its menu (or what was then called the "PizzAzz" pizza) and it has been a staple of the menu ever since. However, it was announced on September 3, 2020 that it would be discontinued on November 5 as a part of the company's attempt to "streamline" their menu. This is one of their most popular items on the menu, and it is believed Taco Bell is going to lose a lot of business from the discontinuation of it. This petition is to be sent directly to Ta

Created: 2020-09-04

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 6 6

Ban Single-use Plastic by 2025

Plastic is a man-made invention that has generated significant benefits for society, and even in some cases, the environment. Unfortunately, the way industry and governments have managed plastics and the way society has converted it into a disposable and single-use commodity transformed this innovation into a disaster. This is a pledge for our planet. Let’s stop plastics choking our oceans – and harming people and nature! We will submit this petition with 1,000 signatures to the United Nations

Created: 2019-11-27

Time period All countries United States
All time 148 59
30 days 12 6

Peace and Reconciliation in Syria

A Petition to Support Peace and Reconciliation in Syria Yes to Democratic Reform – No to Intervention including A Critique of the Petition “Solidarity with Syria” Solidarity with the Syrian People or Submission to Imperialist-Zionist Hegemony? On April 29th, 2013 and under the title of “Solidarity with Syria,” a group of intellectuals, academics, activists, artists, concerned citizens, and social movements signed a petition in “solidarity with the Syrian revolution and people’s struggle agains

Created: 2013-06-21

Time period All countries United States
All time 859 369
30 days 9 6


PETITION FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS IN LEBANON PRESENTED BY THE THIRD VOICE FOR LEBANON (LEBANESE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL POLICY AND THINK-TANK GROUP) LAWS AND PRACTICES: Lebanon adheres to the United Nations Charter that states that all men are free and equal and have equal rights with no discrimination between men and women. Despite its adherence to the Charter of the United Nations and the signing of international treaties, there is still much discrimination against women b

Created: 2011-11-05

Time period All countries United States
All time 3630 1534
30 days 16 6


Dear Homeowners of DHCCWe have a critical decision to make. The current situation in regard to leadership and management of the affairs of our community has degraded to never-before-seen levels  and got completely out of control. There is little or no trust, respect or confidence in the current Board of Directors.They have refused to listen to the concerns of the homeownersThey are unresponsive to requests for informationThey do not take the input or feedback of the community into their decision

Created: 2020-10-10

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 32 5

Protect the Rights of Civilians Without Defunding Law Enforcement

I support the Ohio Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 which calls for justice for victims of excessive force by police and declares opposition to efforts to defund law enforcement. The Ohio Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 will provide punishments for law enforcement’s use of excessive force and protect those affected by excessive police force.  

Created: 2020-10-08

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 5 5


On the 2nd October 2020 the Rt Hon Fabien Banciryanino, a Tutsi independent Member of Parliament, was arrested by the State Police Security without any arrest warrant and is still being held in custody for three days.  In fact, the State Police Security Officer entered his house without a warrant and requested him to attend his office “in order to discuss important matters”.  It is during this “alleged conversation and discussion” that the Rt Hon Fabien Banciryanino was informed of the ground fo

Created: 2020-10-06

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 111 5

Justice against rape / rapists deserve proper punishment

Rape is a really serious topic and a lot of people suffer it, even on a regular basis. This is not fair. As a world, we need to unite and do this. Due to the corona virus, we can't launch real protests but we can trend hashtags on Twitter, spread awareness and sign petitions. Please do take a part in this, we all need to unite on a serious issue like this.

Created: 2020-10-05

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 29 5

Free Anthony C. Shy II (Inmate: 340427) Due to Covid-19 Risk

Greeting my name is Sheila Wallace and I have created this petition for my son Anthony c. Shy II his inmate number 340427. Nearly 12 years ago, my son was almost 18 years old. Anthony Was Trialed as an Adult and Sentenced to 15 years first offence not even being 18 yet. I am asking people to sign along with me for an early release for Anthony C Shy II Due to0 Covid -19 and other reasons along with those dangers alone.  If you need a reason Use the Text Below: Compassionate Release: Under Title 1

Created: 2020-09-17

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 5 5


TO:  International Criminal Court Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda We, Belarusians of the World and friends of Belarusian People, would like to draw the attention of the International Criminal Court to the multiple crimes against humanity, recently committed by self-proclaimed “president” of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, his state officials, and the members of his law enforcement bodies. We are asking you to respond to the disturbing and tragic events in Belarus, to protect the live

Created: 2020-09-03

Time period All countries United States
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30 days 113 5