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Venice Isles owners against the new rental rule.

Dear Venice Isles Owners, This petition has been created to fight and eliminate the new "RENTAL RULE" our board has created. Please sign this petition so we can have enough names to impress on the board that they need to rescind this rule. It is in direct conflict with our documents. thank you,  

Created: 2021-10-07 Statistics

Anthony "Tony" Rossi for NAARSO Vice President

NAARSO Nomination Petition Form   Per NAARSO constitution section 1 (b), “Additional nominations for any office may be made by written petition signed by not less than 100 voting members of the Association, provided such petition is presented to the Secretary of the Association by January 1st of the even numbered year in which such election is due to be held.”     To have the name of a Candidate printed upon the Official Ballot for the 2022 National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials

Created: 2021-09-11 Statistics

Stop FL Panhandle Maritime National Heritage Area

Visit to learn more. Sign up for the newsletter for updates.     A National Heritage Area (NHA) drives a wedge between citizens and local government.    A National Heritage Area is a large area of land/water with a boundary. It operates with the permission and guidance of the National Park Service (no friend to private property). The National Park Service description is "National Heritage Areas are places where historic, cultural, and natural resources combine to form cohesive, natio

Created: 2021-08-15 Statistics

Bring AT&T Fiber to Bridgefield and The Reserve Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve in Madison, AL are located off of Wall Triana. Currently, these neighborhoods are serviced only by AT&T by their U-Verse service and Wow! Other parts of Madison City including close neighborhoods located off of Gillispe Rd. and Browns Ferry Rd. have AT&T Fiber capability. This is a petition to demonstrate the interest of AT&T Fiber in the neighborhoods of Bridgefield and The Reserve.  Signing this petition merely demonstrates interest

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics


Parents and Taxpayers of Columbia County, GA hereby sign this petition showing their support for the Columbia County Board of Education to adopt the following Resolution at the Board Meeting taking place on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021:   RESOLUTION TO RE-FOCUS ON ACADEMIC EDUCATION IN COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA SCHOOLS   WHEREAS, Columbia County parents and taxpayers have a vested, united interest in providing all children with a high quality, nonpartisan, academically focused education; and   WHEREAS

Created: 2021-10-10 Statistics

A Censure of America's Federal Government

A Brief List of Injuries and Usurpations inflicted by Our Federal Government Upon the People of the United States   (This is the list accompanying Cedric Keith's Long March of Liberty)       The federal government of the United States has long strained at its Constitutional limitations, writing law and creating bureaucracy within realms reserved to the states or to individuals. In 2020, this tendency accelerated as we watched  a common coronavirus employed as pretext for lockdowns, delineation o

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Requesting an appointment to the NANDC board as an At-Large Rep

Hello. My name is Jon Tieuel. I am requesting an appointment to the North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC) as an At-Large Representative. I have spent the last 9 years representing our neighborhood, but our job is not finished. We still must contend with developers who want to put high rise buildings in our neighborhood in the middle of residential districts. We need proper and smart development that our neighborhood benefits from. Help me represent your voice by signing my petition

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

Cemetery gates stay open and be able to put raised headstones and put items at the graveside.

Cemetery gates stay open and be able to put raised headstones and put items at the graveside.

Created: 2021-08-21 Statistics

Bring Justice for Dan Markel: Charge Charlie and Donna Adelson for his murder

We, the undersigned, urge State Attorney Jack Campbell to bring charges against Charlie and Donna Adelson, based on investigators’ probable cause to believe that they were responsible for the murder of Dan Markel. Six years ago, on July 18, 2014, Markel, an FSU professor and father of two young boys, was executed in broad daylight in his garage in Betton Hills. Investigators have clearly shown who is responsible: members of the family of Markel’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, and the three accomplices

Created: 2020-07-11 Statistics

Strong Students--Gaston County

Please join me in telling the Gaston County School Board:  1. No to ON CAMPUS COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing of unvaccinated students and staff. This practice creates 2 classes of people and is discriminatory based on personal medical decisions.  2. NO to mask mandates--Let the parents decide and sign a waiver if they don't want their child in a mask all day.  If this is news to you here is the backstory: The Gaston County School Board has the NC Department of Health & Human Servi

Created: 2021-07-26 Statistics