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2nd Chance at Life

My name is Tyler Holmes, an African-American man who fought to become successful while many obstacles were trying to keep me from living up to my full potential. My story and my help could inspire and aid anyone that has been in a bad position or sucked into the justice system and simply need a second chance in life. Currently, I am the CEO of Ty’s TV Mounting & Home Services, the Founder of 2nd Chance LLC., and a Youth Mentor of Boys2Men, etc. Yet, due to past incidents with the law, to the

Created: 2021-09-03 Statistics

Removing Neshaminy School District Board Members

Dear Neshaminy Parents,  On 08/24/2021 the Neshaminy School Board held a meeting to debate mandatory masks for grades K through 8. During the meeting the board voted that masks for students K through 8 will be mandatory despite the overwhelming response from parents to have masks optional. Of note, the school board was maskless during the entire meeting. Please consider signing this petition to remove the Neshaminy School board members immediately so that the parents in our community can elect a

Created: 2021-08-27 Statistics

Support Smart Solutions for 3511 Manor Road

We appreciate and share the concern of Mayor Pro Tem Harper-Madison and others regarding the latest city-sanctioned campsite proposal. We have been working with the city to utilize the land at 3511 Manor Rd for affordable housing to ensure the J.J. Seabrook neighborhood remains diverse and accessible. A city-sanctioned campsite at 3511 Manor would jeopardize these efforts. By signing this petition, you encourage the city and its council members to engage with our community for smart development

Created: 2021-08-20 Statistics

Complete Overdue Renovations at Johnson Middle School

Currently, Johnson Middle School 6th graders have classes on the 4th floor where only half of the floor is used for instruction.  The 4th floor renovation began years ago and was halted due to insufficient funding. This greatly limits the number of classrooms available for instruction.  Furthermore, without completion of the unfinished classrooms and other half of the 4th floor, the teachers, staff, and 6th grade students are forced to try and maximize social distancing in a limited space, incre

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

Allow Australian stores to sell Star Wars Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol Product

 **Please review and sign this petition if you agree Australians should be able to sell Australian stock of the following items which are on hand** - Star Wars Legion Wookie Warriors - Star Wars Legion Yoda - Star Wars Legion IG-100 Magnaguards - Star Wars Legion - Super Tactical Droid Commander - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Blade and Moon Knight - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Doctor Voodoo and Hood - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Doctor Strange and Clea - Marvel Crisis Protocol - Sanctum Sanctorum Terrain

Created: 2021-09-30 Statistics

Help Rahway Residents Rebuild! Waive Permit Fees for Ida Flood Damage Repairs.

Dear Mayor Giacobbe and the Rahway City Council, As you know, many of your constituents and neighbors suffered major flood damage due to Tropical Storm Ida and the sewer backups that occurred all throughout Rahway. We are shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to repair and rebuild our homes.  We request that you please waive permit fees for work that homeowners need done in the wake of this disaster. For instance, replacing furnaces and hot water heaters, as well as more major work. Th

Created: 2021-09-16 Statistics

Choice for masks at Riverside

While the Covid situation continues to control the media spotlight, other issues such as personal health decisions are being pushed to the sidelines. Riverside School District in Painesville Township currently has an optional mask program.  Parents and Guardians still have the right to choose or not choose to have their children wear masks in class and throughout school facilities.   This optional mask program needs to remain in place. No mandate should be established in order to appease a part

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics

My Body, My Choice

This petition was made by: Isabella Littrell. A senior at East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg, Georgia. This petition was made in order to fight the strict, sexist, slut-shamming, and body-shamming dress code East Coweta High has given the female student body. Our voices need to be heard. OUR BODY, OUR RULES. 

Created: 2021-08-25 Statistics

Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore

The original petition had been removed on 12 Oct'21 morning! Censorship by Big Tech again! It has garnered more than 7350 signatures as of 11 Oct'21 night! Please sign this petition to let your voice be heard again! Allow unvaxxed people to enter malls in Singapore! Singapore is a densely-populated island and most goods n services are concentrated in malls for this reason. How can unvaxxed people be denied of important, including essential, goods n services for themselves n their families? This

Created: 2021-10-12 Statistics

Families Desiring Their Loved Ones Delivered From Mass Incarceration; Georgia Sentencing Reform Act.

It's time Georgia, to help bring our loved ones back home.                                                                                   Facts: The incarceration rates in every state are out of line with the entire world, and we find that this disparity is not explainable by differences in crime , or violent crime.   The U.S. has been engaged in a globally unprecedented experiment to make every part of it's criminal justice system more expansive and more punitive.  It's time Georgia, to repe

Created: 2021-10-24 Statistics