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Decriminalize possession of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Europe's strongest hallucinogenic mushroom, 'Liberty cap', are thriving in Denmark. The mushroom contains the psychoactive compound called psilocybin - a so-called psychedelic substance - which recent research indicates has a huge potential for treating depression, as well as helping people out of their nicotine and alcohol dependence. It stands proud out there, swaying in the Danish mole, in the woods and on open plains. The fungus is the strongest of its kind in Europe. And in these autumn da

Created: 2017-09-20 Statistics

درخواست اعضای هیئت علمی و دانش آموختگان بهداشت محیط ایران جهت ممنوعیت استخدام رشته های غیربهداشت محیطی در گروههای بهداشت محیط دانشگاه های علوم پزشکی کشور

باسمه تعالی استاد گرامی جناب آقای دکتر ابوالفضل باقری فرد معاون محترم آموزشی وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی ‎با سلام و احترام و آرزوی تندرستی و تبریک حلول ماه ربیع الاول ‎ همانگونه که مستحضرید بر اساس اهداف و رسالتهای رشته بهداشت محیط که در همه رشته مقاطع بهداشت محیط مصوب شورای عالی برنامه ریزی ذکر گردیده است، انجام تمامی رسالت های قید شده این رشته و گرایش های آن بر عهده دانش آموختگان رشته بهداشت محیط در مقاطع مختلف کارشناسی، کارشناسی ارشد و دکترا گذاشته شده است. بدیهی است نیاز سنجی انجام شده

Created: 2021-10-09 Statistics

Complete Overdue Renovations at Johnson Middle School

Currently, Johnson Middle School 6th graders have classes on the 4th floor where only half of the floor is used for instruction.  The 4th floor renovation began years ago and was halted due to insufficient funding. This greatly limits the number of classrooms available for instruction.  Furthermore, without completion of the unfinished classrooms and other half of the 4th floor, the teachers, staff, and 6th grade students are forced to try and maximize social distancing in a limited space, incre

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

A Censure of America's Federal Government

A Brief List of Injuries and Usurpations inflicted by Our Federal Government Upon the People of the United States   (This is the list accompanying Cedric Keith's Long March of Liberty)       The federal government of the United States has long strained at its Constitutional limitations, writing law and creating bureaucracy within realms reserved to the states or to individuals. In 2020, this tendency accelerated as we watched  a common coronavirus employed as pretext for lockdowns, delineation o

Created: 2021-03-12 Statistics

Bring Justice for Dan Markel: Charge Charlie and Donna Adelson for his murder

We, the undersigned, urge State Attorney Jack Campbell to bring charges against Charlie and Donna Adelson, based on investigators’ probable cause to believe that they were responsible for the murder of Dan Markel. Six years ago, on July 18, 2014, Markel, an FSU professor and father of two young boys, was executed in broad daylight in his garage in Betton Hills. Investigators have clearly shown who is responsible: members of the family of Markel’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, and the three accomplices

Created: 2020-07-11 Statistics

Anger Management Law for the State of California

By signing below I support the CAAMP legislative proposal and urge the Legislature to support and pass this important Anger Management Law for the State of California.

Created: 2019-10-10 Statistics

Create a SIAM Section for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

This petition must be signed by at least 20 members of SIAM. No more than 10 of the 20 signatures may be from student members. In addition to the 20 required signatures, the petition may also be signed by prospective Section members who are not currently SIAM members. We, the undersigned, petition the SIAM Board of Trustees to approve the formation of a new Section of SIAM. The proposed geographical area to be served by the Section is New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Created: 2021-10-20 Statistics

Petition to change FW day from Sunday to Friday or Saturday, which can be voted on.

If this is changed Rebellion can become more active competitively and else where. It's because FW is on Sunday's that a majority of us can't attend because of work, school for some, and generally just busy schedules. Please please please consider Konati, this would bring some life back to DR ♥.   To sign it may require city and country, you're welcome to leave those blank or with random characters. Please sign to show Konati the change this could bring!

Created: 2021-10-19 Statistics

New Manager of Deepfried.soaringpride

The New Season is Lacking in comparison to last years DeepFried Media Presence. It time we new a manager, sign to save soaringpride

Created: 2021-10-16 Statistics

Spectrum Internet on or around Ballard Rd in Fuquay Varina

Spectrum internet has long denied laying the cable for their services up and down Ballard Rd in Fuquay Varina. Their claim is that there are not enough people to justify them extending their network.  The best way to get them to lay their cables is to show them with hard data the number of people willing to switch to their services. With the new housing divisions going in on Ballard Rd, I'm sure the number of people would be in the hundreds. The reason for this petition is to provide their buisn

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics