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Asmi is cringe not her unfunny jokes impact the serenity of my mind as is true for othersSO LESS ALL COME TOGETHER TO STOP ASMI FROM MAKING JOKES FOR A WEEK IN WHICH SHE IS REQUIRED TO:-*NOT TEXT JOKES ON WHATTSAPP OR CALL TO TELL JOKES OF ANY KIND*REFLECT UPON HER ACTIONS AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED HER FRIENDS*MAKE NEW JOKES AND STUDY HOW JOKES ARE MADE TO BE FUNNY FOR A WEEKOnly after following these protocols will she be allowed to cite jokes on said whattsapp grp

Created: 2020-07-02

Time period All countries India
All time 9 9
7 days 9 9

Remove Osozis from CI and block him

I think you all know.  I don't need to say much.  We have had enough.

Created: 2020-07-01

Time period All countries United States
All time 9 3
7 days 9 3

Petition to the General Directorate for the Environment to step up efforts to protect the wolf.

  Petition to the General Directorate for the Environment to step up efforts to protect the wolf. Andrzej Szweda-Lewandowski General Director for the Environment 52/54Wawelska St. 00-922 Warsaw     Sear Sir,      We, the undersigned, concerned about the numerous recent confirmed cases of wolf deaths due to gunshots, ask you to take all possible measures to strengthen the protection of wolves in Poland. In recent months, the media have reported on further such cases from time: 13.03.2019. - two

Created: 2020-03-15

Time period All countries Poland
All time 2500 2387
7 days 9 3

2020 Graduations!

The unfortunate COVID-19 virus has forced the world to shut down and end the school year early and abruptly. Not only are students losing out on their normal ways of education but the graduating classes of 2020 have lost the last few months of their high school journeys; including graduation. As students, we understand that precautions need to be taken to keep everyone safe, but we still deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged like past and future graduating classes. This petition is to send

Created: 2020-05-11

Time period All countries Canada
All time 580 562
7 days 9 9

We want to KEEP the trans rights in Hungary!

We want to claim the transgender rights in Hungary! The government wants everybody in Hungary to be identified as the gender he/she was born with! We are humans too, this would make our lives extinguish! Please sign this petition to help hundreds of people with one click!

Created: 2020-04-01

Time period All countries Hungary
All time 11282 10388
7 days 9 7

Petition against forest logging due to the construction of the summer ski hall in Donovaly

The forests of Donovaly represent a unique natural wealth. They are an irreplaceable natural environment in which thousands of residents and visitors regularly relax, do sports and recreate and provide a unique microclimate for all of us. These are forests in the protection zone of NAPANT (Low Tatras National Park), where there is a II. degree of nature protection, they are home to a number of protected animals, plants and biotopes of European and national importance. This wealth is increasingly

Created: 2019-11-07

Time period All countries Slovakia
All time 23048 22375
7 days 9 8


I hope you all remember your geography lessons correctly. If you do, you know that we drew the map of India with its crown. Some teachers tried to correct us by erasing the top right corner of it, indicating Line of Actual Control. Deep down in my heart I knew it wasn't right. I was ready to lose a few marks in the finals but wasn't ready to draw the map they instructed. Maybe it was the eccentric look of it or it was the inner patriot telling me to not give up. It is now time for the next gener

Created: 2020-07-01

Time period All countries India
All time 8 8
7 days 8 8

Reduction in school fees

Reduce school fees of students due to covid-19. School is conducting  online classes in which students are using School's only one resource that is TEACHER. REDUCE the fees because students are not coming to school and not using your school resources then also your management has added(hiddenly added) all types of fees within tution fees, for example- miscellaneous, lab, library, sports, personality development fees..If management is not adding these extra fees then how is that possible, only tu

Created: 2020-06-28

Time period All countries India
All time 8 8
7 days 8 8

Please extend our Working Holiday Visa expiry date

A lot of NZWHVer unable to enter the New Zealand since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. We made this petition without asking for entry permission or refund back the money. We just request to Extend our Working Holiday Visa expiry date until next application date re-open to the new batch for all countries. As we know that, New Zealand Working Holiday Visa is able to apply once in our entire life after we successfully made the payment. Thus, this visa is very important and special to us. We lov

Created: 2020-05-25

Time period All countries Malaysia
All time 386 204
7 days 8 2

Petition for ingredients declaration on alcoholic beverages

Within the EU, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages do not need to tell you what they have put into the bottle. All other food and beverages, on the other hand, must have detailed ingredients lists.   In wine, for example, the manufacturers can use some 60 different additives and other substances, without them being declared on the bottle.   It all comes down to an EU decision in 1979 where they failed to decide the labelling rules for alcoholic beverages. And since then, they have left things

Created: 2019-02-19

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 5049 4105
7 days 8 2