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Petition for Direct Cash Payment Stimulus

We, the undersigned faith leaders and Kingdom builders of America, who pastor a flock of more than 30 million African American citizens, affix our names to this petition as representatives and spokespersons for a community that has been given short shrift for far too long, and that has been disproportionately affected by the ravages of the coronavirus, both in terms of lost lives and economic devastation.   As signatories to this petition, we are asserting that the communities we represent speak

Created: 2020-11-27

Time period All countries United States
All time 29 29
Last month 27 27

Steilacoom High Dance Team

Hello! We are working on starting a dance team at Steilacoom High School. We need 15 signatures from you to become a club. By signing you are not joining, only saying you would be interested in seeing a dance team at our school. Thank you!

Created: 2021-02-03

Time period All countries United States
All time 26 25
Last month 26 25

JJ Grey PLEASE send a Happy 50th Birthday message to one of your BIGGEST Fans!

Dear Mr. Grey, I am married to the most compassionate, soulful, generous man in the world, and lucky for you, he also happens to be one of your biggest fans! Your FaceBook page recognizing him as a top fan seems to be shadowed only by the birth of his children. My husband, Rick, was raised not just listening to music but feeling it. His parents were music enthusiasts and record store owners; this helped to facilitate his passion for real musical and lyrical talent. Since Rick came upon your musi

Created: 2021-02-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 32 32
Last month 24 24

Bring Justice for Dan Markel: Charge Charlie and Donna Adelson for his murder

We, the undersigned, urge State Attorney Jack Campbell to bring charges against Charlie and Donna Adelson, based on investigators’ probable cause to believe that they were responsible for the murder of Dan Markel. Six years ago, on July 18, 2014, Markel, an FSU professor and father of two young boys, was executed in broad daylight in his garage in Betton Hills. Investigators have clearly shown who is responsible: members of the family of Markel’s ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, and the three accomplices

Created: 2020-07-11

Time period All countries United States
All time 1538 1344
Last month 30 24

Sunday Obligation

Dear Bishop Estevez, We, the undersigned, with all respect and humility, request that you reinstate the Sunday obligation for all Catholics in the Diocese of St. Augustine.  On March 16, 2020, you gave universal dispensation, to all Catholics in the diocese, from Sunday and holy day obligation due to fears of spreading coronavirus.  It was a time of confusion and fear of the unknown with regard to how serious this virus was.  Nearly a year has gone by. We now know, based on the science of this v

Created: 2021-02-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 38 38
Last month 20 20

Reinstate Father Michael Suhy

This petition is to get Father Michael Suhy reinstated as Pastor at OLGC.

Created: 2020-11-18

Time period All countries United States
All time 378 373
Last month 22 20

Save the ‘Party’ option on Facebook

We the undersigned do not want to lose the 'Watch Party' option on Facebook for the following reasons: It enables us to watch the chosen screening as part of a group but from the comfort of our own homes. So you don't feel you are watching alone even though you may well be physically alone.  We have the option to discuss the material being watched in the chat in real time with other audience members. You don't get that experience at a cinema as you cannot talk through a showing.  We get to learn

Created: 2021-03-23

Time period All countries United States
All time 28 21
Last month 26 19

Make School Lunches Healthier!

I believe that school lunches should be healthier. I believe this because making school lunches healthier can make kids focus more and it can even be cheaper if you find the right food. Mara Fleishman of Boulder Colorado says that you can make school lunches healthier and at a cheaper price. According to SELF, there are many different healthy foods that you can make for under $2. According to "" healthy meals boost kids' energy and make them learn better. According t

Created: 2021-01-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 48 40
Last month 24 19

Designate Oneida County as Constitutional Sanctuary County

We the People of Oneida County, Idaho request the Oneida County Commissioners to consider this petition to make Oneida County a Constitutional Rights Sanctuary.   The Federal Government is increasingly making laws which restrict and infringe on our God Given Rights set forth in the Constitution of the united States of America.  We request that our local elected representatives take a stand for the citizens of this county.  The Constitution of the united States of America is the supreme law of th

Created: 2021-03-07

Time period All countries United States
All time 17 17
Last month 17 17

Creating Cairo High Drama Club

Our children that have been active members for the one to three years of Drama Club at Washington Middle School. They deserve to enter Cairo High School with the same excitement they had starting at Washington Middle School. This petition is for our supporters parents/students/ family members that love being a part of this truly exciting time in these students lives. It is heartbreaking to see the true family unit not being given a place in the theatre department at Cairo High School. By signing

Created: 2021-03-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 17 17
Last month 16 16