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Support for Second Amendment Sanctuary Status for Piscataquis County

We, the undersigned residents of Piscataquis County, do hereby request that the elected Board of Commissioners of Piscataquis County pass a resolution declaring that they, as our elected representatives, do resolve and promise to protect the rights of all citizens in Piscataquis County as described in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and under the Constitution of the State of Maine, Article 1, Section 16, and that such a resolution, commonly referred to as a ‘Second Amendme

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Laity Against Locking Down in Indiana

We ask the Indiana Catholic Conference of Bishops (The Most Reverend Archbishop Charles Thompson, Archdiocese of Indianapolis; Bishop Kevin Rhodes, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend; Bishop Timothy Doherty, Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana; Bishop Joseph Siegel, Diocese of Evansville; Bishop Robert McClory, Diocese of Gary) to resist closing our churches in the state should there be any new government-issued stay-at-home orders. Your Excellencies,We, your spiritual children, are writing to urge

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Protect Ventura County Schoolchildren and Teachers from Indoctrination and Forced Ideology.

By signing this petition you are protecting our schoolchildren and teachers from indoctrination by helping implement the following protections in every Ventura County School: 1. Present multiple sides to issues without bias. Teachers, guests of the school or faculty members who discuss current events or widely debated and currently controversial issues of public policy or social affairs shall explore such issues from diverse and contending perspectives without favoring any one perspective. 2. No

Created: 2021-06-09 Statistics

Traffic & Speed problems in District 3

The recent accident that took place on NE 2nd & 11th Ave was not due to the normal cut-through traffic. The car was involved in a hit and run and decided to leave the scene, fleeing into the neighborhood at a very high speed, blowing through stop signs and ultimately ending in a terrible accident.   Old pompano does get its fair share of cut-through traffic with vehicles not obeying traffic laws and this has been a top priority of mine since running for District 3 Commissioner. I have h

Created: 2021-03-06 Statistics

JJ Grey PLEASE send a Happy 50th Birthday message to one of your BIGGEST Fans!

Dear Mr. Grey, I am married to the most compassionate, soulful, generous man in the world, and lucky for you, he also happens to be one of your biggest fans! Your FaceBook page recognizing him as a top fan seems to be shadowed only by the birth of his children. My husband, Rick, was raised not just listening to music but feeling it. His parents were music enthusiasts and record store owners; this helped to facilitate his passion for real musical and lyrical talent. Since Rick came upon your musi

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The City of Cottonwood Bill of Rights Protection District Petition

PETITION IN SUPPORT OF THE COTTONWOOD CITY COUNCIL TO ADAPT A RESOLUTION DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL CITIZENS WITHIN THE CITY OF COTTONWOOD AND ALL OUTLYING AREAS.  We, the Undersigned, Stand Together Hereby Petition the Cottonwood City Council to Codify, into Local City Ordinance, a Resolution Codifying the U.S. Bill of Rights.   We Petition the Cottonwood City Council to Resolve that No Local, County, State or Federal Personnel or Financial Resources Be Secured, Utilized and/or Sanct

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I do not want John Butler's records sealed!

John Butler escaped justice through a plea deal.  Even though he agreed to repay $450,000 stolen from taxpayers at the Coliseum, he continues to claim he is innocent. Sealing his records is a slap in the face to the citizens of Bloomington.  By signing this petition I am asking the judge to deny his request.

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     MILITARY SERVICE VETERANS ARE ASKED TO SIGN THIS PETITION IN SUPPORT OF A REQUEST TO PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN TO REMOVE Denis McDonough AS THE CURRENT SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS.       McDonough is not a military veteran, and his recent policy missteps have caused us to believe that he is mostly "unteachable" about the priorities and urgencies that continues to plague our national veterans agenda, while he ignores the same.       The VA has been running an entire disability claims system with

Created: 2021-06-22 Statistics

Sabrina Davis - Judicial Council Chair

We the undersigned students of the University of Mississippi, do hereby request and petition that Sabrina Davis be nominated for the position of Judicial Chair and request that their name be placed on the ballot for this position. 

Created: 2021-02-04 Statistics

BRF School District Petition Against In School COVID-19 Testing For Students and Staff

On Tuesday, June 22nd, WI DHS announced COVID-19 Testing Support for K-12 Schools for the 2021-2022 school year. The new program would implement ON-SITE COVID-19 testing for teachers, staff, students, and their families. Participation of schools and school districts is strictly VOLUNTARY and NOT required.(See full announcement here the program, participating K-12 schools and districts choose the type of COVID-19 testing that works b

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