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Boycott Disney for Opposing the Education Bill into Law HB 1557 - Supporters of HB 1557 say it would give parents greater control over their children’s education, vindicating their “parental authority

Earlier this year and to the delight of parents everywhere, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature passed the "Parental Rights in Education Bill," which prohibits public schools from indoctrinating children grades K-3 with pro-gay, pro-transgender propaganda. Again, the Florida law is simply designed to protect the youngest grade-school children from being taught lies, such as their birth gender might possibly be a freak of nature and that they can change it. I encourage you to

Created: 2022-03-30 Statistics

Gainesville's Future

To the Gainesville City Commission: We the undersigned vigorously object to the City’s proposal to do away with single-family zoning. We believe this proposal will disproportionately impact historic African-American neighborhoods and families in economically-challenged neighborhoods close to UF and Depot Park. Moreover, we believe this proposal will lead to a reduction in home-ownership, an important way for all citizens of all races to build family wealth. We object to any comprehensive plan am

Created: 2022-07-03 Statistics

Equal Rights Amendment to the Oregon Constitution

We demand the Oregon Legislature amend the state constitution to include equal rights for women and person's capable of pregnancy and childbirth. A guaranteed right to reproductive choice by constitutional amendment including abortion as currently outlined in state legislation not to be ceded unless by a referendum of the people.  A guaranteed right to contraception in all insurance plans including employer, private and state sponsored plans and access to contraception as a private matter with a

Created: 2022-06-28 Statistics

National dab day

We are trying to make the dab a national day join here to help make it a day it would be on the 2nd Thursday of every month   help needed   @joebiden

Created: 2022-03-30 Statistics

End the Mandates, U of I Boise

Petition to End the Mask Mandate at The University of Idaho College of Law, Boise The time has come to end the mask mandate that was instituted because of the COVID-19 crisis that began over two years ago.  Each student has various tools to combat any concerns regarding COVID-19 such as vaccinations, distanced learning, and the option to mask based on personal preference.  The views of everyone at this school are incredibly diverse, and conformism to one viewpoint, and one line of behavior shoul

Created: 2022-03-01 Statistics

Support Maximus Collectors Store in the Vestal Town Square Plaza

It's officially happening. The fate upon this great store is now facing the end of days. With the landlord of the Vestal Plaza trying to raise the rent 8x times than what we've originally been paying since 2019. We are forced to shut down at the end of May. With inflation and prices rising on literally everything except Arizona Ice Tea for .99 cents. I cannot stay open to the public any longer and find it to be worth my time and hard work. It took me 5 years to build enough inventory and capital

Created: 2022-05-18 Statistics

Support the Students of the May 2022 Costa Rica Study Tour

We formed this petition to advocate for and support our classmates who were involved in an incident during our study tour. We are appealing to Indiana University and the Kelley School of business for grace and compassion in determining disciplinary action.    As students who enjoy travel, we aim to balance enjoyment and safety but all at times fall short. Signing this petition is an expression of advocacy for those involved and an act of empathy, understanding that we could all be in their shoes

Created: 2022-05-18 Statistics

End mandatory masks in our school district.

This petition is to end the mandatory mask wearing in our school district. Our children have been masked for 2 years now and even with the less severe Omicron variant,  are forced to wear them outside as well. Neighboring cities and ither states are doing away with the mandates.  It's time to let our kids breathe and learn while seeing their teachers and peers faces again. 

Created: 2022-02-18 Statistics

Petition to take legal action for defaming women by Natraj Master Alias Natraj Kasturi

Natraj Kasturi alias master has been a live participant on BiggBoss Non-stop show hosted by Hotstar and Star TV India Private Limited. During his live telecast, he has abused women calling them different animal names, body-shamed women based on appearances and insulting them and emotionally torturing them in the pretext of getting angry and losing control. He continues to do so even after coming out in various television platforms with derogatory remarks against women and their families. Kindly

Created: 2022-05-19 Statistics

Roseman EBR Petition

This petition is designated to change the wording of the Roseman student handbook in order to allow each person in the course to do their own EBR individually as opposed to doing one EBR as a team.     - Each individual would be allowed to use their own computer and submit EBRs on examsoft while still being allowed to consult with their respective team.  - Allowing students to do the EBRs on their own computer will allow each student to submit which EBRs they think should be assessed without for

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