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Ban Single-Use Plastic at the University of Alberta

Ban single-use plastics and encourage the use of reusable products on the University of Alberta (UofA) campus!   Why should the UofA ban single-use plastic? Plastics do not biodegrade and take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to break down into microplastics Across the planet: Each year, up to 500 billion plastic bags are used Each year, over 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans – equivalent to a full garbage truck every minute 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute 50

Created: 2019-10-10

Time period All countries Canada
All time 168 166

Help us by commenting your name to help us get moved from current accommodation

We are both living in mold  and damp flat all over   our flat  I know that you have all helped us so far we are waiting for help from local authorities but I'm the mean time  I think it would help us and have support from people that  care  thank you   

Created: 2019-10-09

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 6 5

Our kids freedom to speak any language during free time.

This petition is to let the school know that we are not in favor of disciplining our children for speaking any language other than french during their free time.  As it stands now,  our kids are getting official warnings everytime they are caught speaking a language , other than french, outside of class time.  We want to positively encourage them to speak french, not fear them into it.  If you agree, and feel they should be encouraged without punishment  please sign this petition.

Created: 2019-10-09

Time period All countries Canada
All time 7 7

Convince Lewis Capaldi to go into the Im A Celeb Jungle!

We all want this. You know it.  My aim is to get this to Lewis and get a reply from him to see if he’ll go in!

Created: 2019-10-08

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 89 89

درخواست برگزاری میانترم درس اطفال ۲نظری

بسمه تعالی مدیر گروه محترم کودکان ، جناب آقای دکتر جعفرزاده با سلام ک تحیات احتراما ما دانشجویان ترم 9 ( ورودی 94 ) با توجه به ارائه ی درس کودکان 2 نظری در ترم جاری و اهمیت و دشواری این درس همچنین با توجه به اینکه همه ساله با لطف و ملایمت شما امتحان میانترم برگزار می شده است، خواستار برگزاری امتحان میانترم برای این درس می باشیم. پیشاپیش از بذل توجه و همکاری شما کمال تشکر را داریم.

Created: 2019-10-08

Time period All countries Iran
All time 17 16

Barbers, hairdressers & beauty theapist should be given mental health training

I recently found out that barbers in North Wales are being trained to spot the warning signs of mental health problems in their customers from A article on itv website. This was lanuched on International Men’s Day, the initiative aims to raise awareness of male suicide, which is the biggest killer of men under 45 across the UK. Barbers in Wales are being trained to spot the warning signs of mental health problems in their customers, along with best practice guidance on how to listen, give helpfu

Created: 2019-10-08

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 22 18


Hey Epic, hoping you can take this petition into consideration.    As as a whole hoping we can get enough people on this petition for them to even take this into consideration. Show them there is a lot of people in OCE who are wanting duos. Please stop taking it out especially on WEEKENDS !!

Created: 2019-10-08

Time period All countries Australia
All time 55 41

NYPS GEP students do not get special treatment during PSLE! As this news article on Zaobao states, NYPS GEP students "get unfair treatment" compared to the rest of the cohort. However, most of these claims are fabricated since we GEP students: -did not take our examinations in the classroom (instead, the PSLE were taken in a different examination hall due to the large cohort size) -had to place our heads on the table for a 1.5h period (like the mainstream students)-were not brought to a separ

Created: 2019-10-07

Time period All countries Singapore
All time 33 31

Maternal Exam 2

We havent gone over the material for exam 2 in class. We would like to know if its possible to make this a take home test. Everyone that has signed this petition agrees to having exam 2 a take home test. Thank you very much. 

Created: 2019-10-06

Time period All countries Puerto Rico
All time 5 3


Hello Queen's                    I am writing this petition to ask T-ara to make a comeback. -  In this vein, I ask my friends, Queen's and  all T-ARA fans to support this petition and sign it, hoping that your wish will arrive. We all know that T-ARA is going through different times. also they have a separate companys. SO We just want T-ARA to know QUEEN'S need them. and we want T-ARA to stand on  stage again. Also we must deliver the largest number of signatures .. And don't forget to post thi

Created: 2019-10-06

Time period All countries Czech Republic
All time 5 1

STOP CRIME NOW! Petition on behalf of the residents of Ward 104

We the residents of Ward 104 urgently petition the Minister of Policing and the Portfolio Committee safety and security to ensure the protection of all residents against the very high levels of crime in Ekurhuleni. Despite residents taking every precaution to protect their property they are continuously the victims of violent crime, armed robberies, hi-jacking and even Murder. We also urgently request that satellite SAPS stations be set up in strategic areas. We also call on the South African Po

Created: 2019-10-04

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 45 43