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Relieve Dominic Cardy of his duties as a member of the Executive Council.

To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, assembled: We the undersigned, residents of New Brunswick, humbly sheweth that this Legislative Assembly urge the Premier of New Brunswick to relieve the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dominic Cardy, of his duties as a member of the Executive Council. The actions of Your Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development are unbecoming of a Member of the Executive Council of the Province of New Brunswick.

Created: 2020-02-18

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Walkerville Graduation 2020 Reschedule

Graduation. From grades Jk-12 we spend 14 years in school. We study hard, stay up late, and deal with the stresses that comes with school. What's our reward ? A graduation. A place that celebrates the years of academic achievements and our hard work. A day that all students look forward too. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 graduation has been cancelled. It was already devastating for students to not be able to finish their senior year, now our grad has been taken away. Prom is in the works of bei

Created: 2020-06-04

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Petition to Have These DRPS Police Officers Identified , Fired, and Charged!

In May of 2019, The DRPS responded to a call in the Taunton and Thickson area of Whitby to what the police described as "distraught male in the area, possibly armed with a knife." What had transpired as can be seen in the video above is police taking down the teen, restraining him by putting a knee to his neck, and punching him several times in the back despite being down already. This video was shown on news stations in Canada a year ago but has resurfaced in light of the killing of George Floy

Created: 2020-06-04

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Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.

  Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada's Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros's (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of "refugee".  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from

Created: 2017-02-10

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URGENT: Help us to save the lives of Hundreds of Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh

Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh declared vermin in 91 tehsils of 11 districts to allow their culling. Today, we seek your generous help for those who cannot ask for it themselves as we are amid challenging times to provide aid to Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla, Feb 23 (PTI) Monkeys have again been declared vermin for the next one year in 11 districts' 91 tehsils and sub-tehsils of Himachal Pradesh, state Forest Minister Govind Singh Thakur said on Saturday. He said Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur

Created: 2020-05-30

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Supporting the letter of the Lebanese people to the IMF

النص العربي المترجم في آخر الرسالة The Executive Board International Monetary Fund 700 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20431 United States 27 May 2020 Dear Sirs The signatories of this letter represent a cross-section of civil society and activist groups in Lebanon and abroad, concerned that failure to tackle current issues comprehensively will result in spiraling unemployment, uncontrollable inflation, more social unrest and a severe deterioration in public health and other services. On 1 May 2020,

Created: 2020-05-28

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Urban Hens for Coalhurst

We are hoping to get a bylaw to allow residents to have a few hens in their yards for eggs! Here is some info from an organization in Edmonton ( that can explain the benefits and bust some myths about Urban Hens. This petition is to show support for the bylaw to go forward so that residents can have the choice to raise hens on their personal properties. Why Hens? Hens (vs. roosters) are quiet (way less noisy than your neighbour's dog).  In

Created: 2020-05-11

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(*la version française suit) For 27 years, with Council's approval, our Baie d'Urfe dogs have been permitted off leash in Bertold Park during specific hours. Recently, without any consultation and for no apparent reason, Council decided to justify fencing LESS THAN A THIRD OF THE PARK FOR DOGS TO BE OFF LEASH in order, they said, to comply with a 35 year old leash by-law (1981). Baie d'Urfé dog owners who use the park on a regular basis proposed that the the fenced area extend to two thirds of t

Created: 2017-09-16

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Stop the killings by fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

    The Honorable CongressmanDear Congressman, We write to you as concerned Christian citizens of Nigeria who seek help from the international community to intercede in the devastating violence ravaging our towns. Due to the negligence and impunity of our own government, we have been forced to seek assistance abroad. As part of our efforts to raise awareness and petition action, we have collaborated with the US-based nonprofit organization, Jubilee Campaign. Jubilee Campaign has expressed that

Created: 2017-02-07

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