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32 36 STOP Ipswich Nude Bike Ride
On Saturday July 6th, an 8-mile nude bicycle ride will take place around Ipswich town centre. Ipswich Council has given permission for this to happen, and the Police have also been informed. We believe this level of nude exhibitionism - at a time and place where families and young children will be present - should absolutely NOT be allowed to happen. We're all in favour of exercise. We're all in f...
32 32 Bring GCSE Pod back
The ferrers school subscription of GCSE Pod has run out and the school are choosing not to renew it. Sign this petition to show you want GCSE Pod back to help us with our exams this year and to help relieve all this exam stress....
32 32 MRKT Extension
We are advised that our assignment had been pushed back by two weeks. This would have allowed us enough time to complete it baring in mind the current work load. 48 hours before the original due date, we were told that there would be no extension. This has now caused us to not have enough time to complete the assignment without being under immense pressure while still having to fulfill our moral o...
31 31 Recycling and Composting Lunch Waste in Schools!
78 pounds of garbage is thrown away on average by a student each year. The Las Vegas youth aims to reform and reduce the issues created by trash in our community. An effective and individual movement against climate change is to recycle, reduce, raise awareness about the severity of the problem. In this petition, we will collectively advocate for new policies concerning the amount of recyclable pl...
31 32 The Initiative for Responsible Scientific Assessment (IRSA):
The scientific community is by nature creative. As such, it is time for this group of creative persons to search, as a community, for new solutions and new directions when appraising Science. The pioneering DORA-Leiden-Tide documents requesting changes in scientific output evaluation need to be expanded upon to guarantee the full potential of Science´s undeniable ability to promote development (ht...
31 31 Falice deserve better!
This petition is for FP & Alice from Riverdale. Fans have been lied that they will get first season scenes, but almost all of their scenes have been cut from the episodes! Their first kiss of 3×8 was deleted and the fans were left with hope! Writers treat us as a trash, breaking their promises! Treat the couple with indifference and the stages of their relationship become illogical! They had s...
27 669 Concert Hall Sarajevo Campaign
Invitation to sign petition for Sarajevo Concert Hall We invite professionals, all citizens and friends of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina to support campaign to build the Concert Hall Sarajevo in Marindvor, according to the anticipated regulatory plan and programs of development of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton. This is an unduly neglected project that, by international agreement, through...
26 27 I cant tell you what it's for but it is important for the existence of our planet
Just agree. I can't tell you what it's for. It has something to do with Arda, Quantum mechanics, and the existence of man itself....
24 24 Vumatel Fiber Installation Goudrand
Hi everyone ,   I'm attemting to get Vumatel to bring us fiber network to our area of Goudrand. Please sign this petition to encourage them to setup infustracture. Thank You!
23 181 Protest for our right to be sick and be treated like human from the goverment!
Now I'm tired of how the Social Insurance Office and our Government treat us sick people! For almost 4 years (4 / 1-18 /) I have not received a penny in either sickness benefit, sickness compensation and I do not even receive social benefits! DISPATE that my only "wrong" was being hit from behind in my duty like a professional driver! Since then, the Social Insurance Office has done everything to...