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Life imprisonment.

Back in February 2019 on Valentine's Day 14th my father became a victim of a brutul murder. There is no way my father would of been able to fight back he was wheelchair bound with one leg, he was very lean and weak. The person in custody and named Mr Michael Bryant also known by another surname 'McMurchie' murdered a loving father, brother, grandad & uncle.  Life in prison in the UK isn't what it says it is. I want this person responsible to spend the rest of his life in prison I don't want

Created: 2019-12-31

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 20 20

Make Miguel wear Hawaiian shirts, white shorts, high socks and loafers for all of 2020

Sign this petition if you want Miguel to look like an ultimate version of himself for all of 2020.

Created: 2019-12-31

Time period All countries Canada
All time 12 12

Tirana-Berlin direct flight! Petition to airlines operating/expanding in Albania

[🇬🇧] With more and more airlines joining the Albanian market, flying to and from Tirana International Airport, still for many students and albanian tourists trying to travel to Berlin, there is no direct connection, with airlines offering very high prices for a very popular destination. Tirana International Airport, Albania's only and biggest international airport, has witnessed an increased number of new destinations, mainly coming from northern Europe destinations, and also some new direct fli

Created: 2019-12-28

Time period All countries Albania
All time 15 11

Raise the drafting age

We the people would like the drafting age raised because our soliders who die for our freedoms should be able to wash their young tourtured minds down with some alcohol or tobacco 

Created: 2019-12-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 8 8

Give us back the Artemis legacy of bow hunting

Fellow bow hunters, sign the petition to make bow hunt in Greece legal again! Throughout the 5 millennium history of the ancient Greeks until now, bow and arrows have always been linked to the survival of humans. The ancient hunting tradition of archery and the sporting achievements of archers in ancient Olympia are our legacy from our ancestors. But today, archery is outlawed. Why? Who has the right to deprive us of our ancient customs and of our grandparents' heritage?Nowadays, the only legal

Created: 2019-12-27

Time period All countries United States
All time 295 99

Remake of seven deadly sins S3

Let a-1 picture do the animation of seven deadly sins season 3 and stop censorship. Stop fan animating the fight of escanor and Meliodas  

Created: 2019-12-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 318 75

Tax exemption for people with disabilities in full time employment.

Hi Guys, I'm looking for your support and backing, to make a change for people with disabilities in full time employment.  There is currently no support in regards to medical expenses, assistance, etc for people in "full time employment" from the Irish state. I'm looking to make a change!! I'm looking to gain tax exemption for those who are able to hold down a full time job!!  Our Irish government should be encouraging people to get off disability allowance. They should be giving them the resour

Created: 2019-12-24

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 26 25

درخواست کمک از دولت برای بهبود شرایط آزمایشگاه فنی و مکانیک خاک

آزمایشگاه فنی و مکانیک خاک ، بیش از شصت سال پیش تاسیس گردید . این شرکت تنها مجموعه ی دولتی است که در امر کنترل کیفی پروژه های عمرانی فعالیت می کند . این مجموعه در تمام استانهای کشور و در دور افتاده ترین نقاط ، بویژه در مکانهایی که دولت در حال اجرای پروژه های ملی است ، به خدمات رسانی مشغول است . علیرغم توان فنی پرسنل و با وجود سابقه ی طولانی شرکت ، متاسفانه ساختار درآمد / هزینه ای آن سبب شده که حجم انبوهی از مطالبات پرسنلی و سازمانی ، افق دید را تاریک و انگیزه ها را بی رمق نموده است . از شما می خ

Created: 2019-12-24

Time period All countries Iran
All time 37 33

Appeal against increase in school bus fees - PLMGPS

We note that Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Primary School has appointed Raffles to coordinate school bus services for 2020. This led to a significant increase in school bus fees for parents, despite of MOE's assurance that its intention of introducing 9 months payment schedule is to reduce parents' financial hardship - total amount for a year is supposed to be the same whether parents are on the 9 months or 12 months payment schedule, but this is not the case. For example, the majority of parents s

Created: 2019-12-24

Time period All countries Singapore
All time 11 11

No to ECO; at least not under the terms which France presents

ECO is a devaluation led by France for a new form of colonization of African youth. What is the trajectory of this currency !? Why should we keep the "same par" with the Euro if we say we change currency !? We, the African youth, must define our own currency on our own terms, so we will assume all the impacts that this currency will have on our different countries. The parity of the CFA Franc with the euro is one of the aspects that controls our financial autonomy. When are we going to change th

Created: 2019-12-23

Time period All countries Burkina Faso
All time 12 10

Help Harambe be Remembered

In 2016 we lost our dear ape Harambe he was shot because a kid jumped into his cage and Harambe was trying to take care of the child but unfortunately they thought he was harming the child so me and my partner have decided start this petition to organize a harambe memorial.

Created: 2019-12-21

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 10 4