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25 Bring legendary upgrade back to unknown
Pls sign this. This is for the best cause. Clipz asked for this follow unknown on instagram:
5 Wada ponte Wada en febuk
Wada ponte de apellido Wada pa que sea más carteluo etiquetarte en las vergas así burde arrecho...
8 Yoongi should hairstyle BTS for Next comeback
Yoongi should hairstyle BTS for Next comeback. He Gave Taehyung's longhair a ponytail. He obviously knows what he is doing and what's good for us.   ...
58 Selective attendance to Matric Farewell 2019
We, the undersigned, come forth to agree that we accept that Uitsig High aspires to obtain an image through which they enforce rules that learners need to abide to. As learners of Uitsig High we also acknowledge the pledge we signed that stated that learners with more than 300 debit points will not be allowed to attend the Matric Dance. Matric Dance being taken away from some students was meant t...
56 Petition to Ban Single-use Plastic Straws at McDonald’s
"Plastic straws and other single-use plastics are a non-essential part of our life. Yet, they cause so much damage to the environment," Get Green Now states. "The degrading of plastic could release chemicals that are toxic to wildlife and the environment." Plastic straws are polluting the environment and is having a very negative effect on marine life. Turtles have been found with plastic straws s...
62 Vote of no confidence against ward 26 councilor Whitey Moleba
We regret to inform you that the residence of west village have given Whitey Moleba a vote of no confidence.  We like to note the following as reasons: 1) Lack of integrity 2) Lack of honesty 3) Lack of transparency 4) Laziness towards he’s duties  We the residence of West Village are prepared to use whatever means necessary to ensure that our freedom and human dignity is not threatened. By this i...
33 Göngustígar í Mosfellsdal
Við undirrituð hvetjum bæjaryfirvöld í Mosfellsbæ til að koma framkvæmd á göngustígum innan/milli hverfa í Mosfellsdal í framkvæmd sem allra fyrst. Aukið umferðaröryggi íbúa og annarra sem þar dvelja eykst til muna. Auk þess sem göngustígar milli hverfa munu auka gæði og öryggi vistvænna ferðamára, draga úr umhverfisáhrifum og stuðla að breyttum ferðavenjum sem styður við heilsueflandi samfélag. ...
5 FREE Attractive Male Specimen from TYRANNY
The Oppressive Incel Moderators at "Lonely Hearts" discord server have silenced a leader of free speech. Attractive Male Specimen got in a heated disagreement with one of the peasants he sits upon. An uprising was imminent among the Incel community, all wishing to silence AMS (Attractive Male Specimen) who distracted the longing and lustful eyes of the few female members such as Sally and Jess. Th...
117 Say NO to more traffic and parking chaos in Glenmore Park
PETITION - Objection to the size and scale of proposed DA19/0419 to build 142-bed Aged Care Facility located 5 -7 Floribunda Avenue, Glenmore Park NSW on the following grounds: 1) It is not in the public interest to build this massive development, which contravenes Council Provisions for the current R2 zoning, which is for low density residential development without adequate provision of parking s...
917 The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!
Dear precious A9 community and fellow racers.   Many of you know me with my in-game name "Caribbeandy", the name I go by in Gameloft's Asphalt 9: Legends, a mobile arcade racing game. I have played this game since for exactly one year now. I have even created my own club, the "Asphalt’s Finest" -the club has today grown to a clan that consists of 4 teams. I am responsible for the well-being a...