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Adult Satoshi in Pokémon Anime

We Ask gently the staff of the pokemon anime to develop Ash's(Satoshi) in a worthy way: no more reboots, we would like to see Satoshi as an adult (it is preferable to avoid to specify the years of the timeskip, in order to not generate more mistakes with the series in which there was shown an effective temporal ongoing) and that he could reach his goal to be a Pokemon Master. Giving the Pokemon Master title doesn't necessarly mean to take it away from the anime and to conclude it. For us the sto

Created: 2017-12-20

Time period All countries United States
All time 1198 489
Last month 17 7

Petition to tackle the issue of smog in Bydgoszcz

Petition addressed to the City Council of Bydgoszcz, the Mayor of Bydgoszcz and the Chairman of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship Council regarding the undertaking of anti-smog activities in Bydgoszcz Dear Chairman, Sir, President, Dear Councilors, we, a group of undersigned inhabitants of Bydgoszcz, submit the following petition in the public interest: We demand the adoption and implementation of anti-smog resolutions in Bydgoszcz, modeled on anti-smog resolutions valid in Krakow, Łódź, Wrocław

Created: 2019-01-04

Time period All countries Poland
All time 2463 2404
Last month 16 16

the failure of our times

Change is inevitable but growth on the other hand is optional. Day by day we witness evolution to agreat extent: amongst people in the way they think, behave and learn. The question is, change isseen but however is it growing?This article is close to my heart ; it is my opinion on the education system of our country as well asseveral others opinions. As a student I do not think that this education system is promising ourgrowth and as a citizen of this country I do not think that it is helping in

Created: 2019-11-24

Time period All countries India
All time 15 14
Last month 15 14

Petition against dolphinarium in Varna

Petiotion to close down the dolphinarium and free the  dolphins from there because of bad conditions and death of baby dolphin.

Created: 2019-08-13

Time period All countries Bulgaria
All time 2407 1591
Last month 15 11

Calling for protection of all residents against the very high levels of crime in Kempton Park

We the residents of Ward 15 urgently petition the Minister of Policing and the Portfolio Committee safety and security to ensure the protection of all residents against the very high levels of crime in Kempton Park. Despite residents taking every precaution to protect their property they are continuously the victims of violent crime, armed robberies, hijacking and even murder. We also urgently request that satellite SAPS stations be set up in strategic areas. We also call on the South African Po

Created: 2019-10-29

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 36 35
Last month 14 13

STOP Illegal Billboards in Midrand Ward 132

To: Mr David Tembe - Chief of Police, City of Joburg Illegal outdoor advertising is defacing Africa's greatest City on a massive scale, scarring our roads and parks with clutter.  Prime space is being stolen by big companies, with no benefit to the City's coffers, or to ratepayers. By enforcing bylaws, JMPD and other City authorities can help clean up Johannesburg making it a more attractive place to live, work and invest. Visible action against rogue media companies and advertisers will send a

Created: 2019-10-23

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 50 50
Last month 14 14

Stop World Taekwondo from using new dobok in Tokyo 2020

We, the participants of taekwondo, around the world, OBJECT to the use of this dobok and respectfully petition World Taekwondo to preserve the integrity and tradition of our martial art and NOT USE this dobok in the Olympic Games.

Created: 2019-09-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 3117 732
Last month 14 2

Bramhall Grill appeal to stay open until 2am on Friday's and Saturday's

We had received requests from our customers to stay open until a later time on both Fridays and Saturdays. We applied to extend are opening hours to 2am, but unfortunatley our application was rejected due to objections.  One of the complaints we received was that opening late would increase vermin, however we regularly have pest control officers therefore there is no need to worry about the health and saftey of the food or the nearby area. Our shop has recieved 5 stars from the Food Standards Ag

Created: 2019-11-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 13 11
Last month 13 11

James for Ressies coach

For many years now we have had coaches come and go, constantly changing and have never been able to settle as a team. This year James was new to the club, and brought an unfamiliar bunch of girls group together and we finally felt like a team. James has been an outstanding coach this year and we’ve had the best results we’ve ever had playing for Skye Reserves. He not only took on the role of Skye Reserves coach but he also took initiative and helped create a state 5 team for the club.  It doesn’

Created: 2019-11-26

Time period All countries Australia
All time 12 12
Last month 12 12

Petition to kick No1normal out of Poland, from moris discord and beating him up

Hello fellow humans, in the recent years I have never seen such a fag like No1normal He needs to get beaten up (he has a Chinese accent btw) and he's annoying

Created: 2019-11-02

Time period All countries Taiwan
All time 12 2
Last month 12 2

No to Skip stop on the Nynäshamn line

Lets stop Skip stop also on the Nynäshamn commuter line! SL gets rid of Skip-stop - north of Stockholm. But we who live in Trångsund, Skogås, Jordbro and Krigslida has to continue standing on the platforms in the cold while the X trains swisches by! Other lines has 8 trains/hour while the Nynäshamn line has only 6 trains/hour. Despite this every third train skips over Trångsund, Skogås and Jordbro - and gives them even worse frequency of trains with only 4 trains/hour! Our skip-stopped stations

Created: 2018-12-07

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2171 2150
Last month 12 11