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Condemn Brutality of Home Repossessions by KBC Bank. Evict KBC from Ireland.

In the light of the recent, brutal and traumatizing eviction of a family of three elderly people at a house in Strokestown, Co Roscommon and earlier violent eviction of the family with children in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, who were inflicted with physical injuries to the head, as well as other repossessions throughout the Ireland, we invite you to sign this petition to send a clear message to the director and all the agents of KBC Bank Ireland plc that Irish Sovereign people do not and will never

Created: 2018-12-23

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 401 360
7 days 1 1

Save the old burial places of Aure Church

Do not destroy the old burial places of Aure! The address is addressed to the church authority of the Ylöjärvi parish regarding the old burial places of the Aurejärvi Church (Itä-Aure, Kuru, Ylöjärvi).   We demand that the burial grounds of the Aurejärvi Church not be removed from the old burial places with the funeral stickers even though they could not be found for redeemers to renew the management period. The place is valuable in many other ways than just the annual fees.   We are very concer

Created: 2018-12-16

Time period All countries Finland
All time 358 349
7 days 1 1

No to Skip stop on the Nynäshamn line

Lets stop Skip stop also on the Nynäshamn commuter line! SL gets rid of Skip-stop - north of Stockholm. But we who live in Trångsund, Skogås, Jordbro and Krigslida has to continue standing on the platforms in the cold while the X trains swisches by! Other lines has 8 trains/hour while the Nynäshamn line has only 6 trains/hour. Despite this every third train skips over Trångsund, Skogås and Jordbro - and gives them even worse frequency of trains with only 4 trains/hour! Our skip-stopped stations

Created: 2018-12-07

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 2149 2129
7 days 1 1

Basic Income / Citizen's Pay / Negative Income Tax

I'm running this petition NOT of concern of myself, but my fellow EU citizens, the world, and it's future generations. SERIOUS comments / suggestions ? ONLY here, or via Facebook Messenger, please.    --- --- ---  --- --- ---  --- --- ---  --- --- ---  Do not attack any political party, or any individual. If such still occurs is, it WILL be reported and have repercussions! SIGNING = FREE! AND WITH FULLY PROTECTED INTEGRITY, POLITICALLY INDEPENDENT AND NEUTRAL !  :-) Basic Income / Citizen's

Created: 2018-08-28

Time period All countries Sweden
All time 356 338
7 days 1 1

Middelburg/Witbank against TracN4tollfees@middelburgplaza/30tripcard-tagrulemustfallawat


Created: 2018-07-30

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 177 174
7 days 1 1

Hands Off Mr Louw

MR LOUW HEARING DATE: 19 JULY 2018!! THE GAUTENG DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN IN THE GREATER ELDORADO PARK. 1) KLIPSPRUIT WEST SECONDARY SCHOOL In 2017 there was a community uproar when it was found that there was wrong processes followed in the appointment of the new principal of Klipspruit West Secondary School. As a result the matric class of 2017 missed several months of teaching. Promises was publically made by the MEC of education: Mr. Lesufi,

Created: 2018-07-09

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 233 216
7 days 1 1


Africa owes its current development level to its vast mineral reserves and relatively fair governance. However, resource based economies at some point in development face the Dutch disease (otherwise known as resource curse) which is a situation where the majority of our resources are directed towards our highest income generator (in our case diamonds). Sub Saharan Africa tried to avoid this by adhering to the Hartwick rule (diversifying away from mineral reserves as the reserves near depletion)

Created: 2018-04-09

Time period All countries Botswana
All time 46 40
7 days 1 0

کمپین اعتراض به تصرف ظالمانه بخش هایی از خاک استان لرستان و چهار محال و بختیاری

کمپین اعتراض به تصرف ظالمانه بخش های از خاک استان لرستان واستان چهارمحال وبختیاری بررسی نقشه های مرزبندی جغرافیایی نشان می دهد مرزهای استان لرستان و چهار محال بختیاری طی یک اقدام بدون سر و صدا تغییر کرده است و بخشی از اراضی این استان توسط استان اصفهان به تصرف درآمده است.   این درحالی است که بخش های جدا شده از بخش های پرآب این منطقه بوده است به نحوی که استان اصفهان با تصرف غیرقانونی بخش پر آب استان های لرستان و چهارمحال و بختیاری به هم مرزی با استان خوزستان رسیده است.بعد از اینکه وزارت کشور این م

Created: 2018-01-23

Time period All countries Iran
All time 72 65
7 days 1 1

Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons

Do you like tim hortons apple cider. Well they discontinued it. If you want them to bring it back sign this petition. Share with as many people as you can country wide and lets try and get tim hortons to bring this delicious drink back to all stores.

Created: 2017-12-07

Time period All countries Canada
All time 18 11
7 days 1 1

بازبینی در تعیین حد نصاب قبولی سهمیه های ایثارگران 25% و 5% در آزمون ورودی دانشگاه از 70% به حداقل 80% نمره آخرین فرد قبولی داوطلبان آزاد

باسمه تعالی   موضوع : بازبینی در تعیین حد نصاب قبولی سهمیه های ایثارگران 25% و 5% در آزمون ورودی دانشگاه از 70% به حداقل 80% نمره آخرین فرد قبولی داوطلبان آزاد   سلام علیکم   احترما به استحضار میرساند تفاوت بسیار زیادی در درصدهای پاسخگویی دروس آزمون ها در  قبولی های سهمیه ایثارگران 25%  با قبولی داوطلبان آزاد و بدون سهمیه و همچنین داوطلبان سهمیه ایثارگران 5% در تمامی رشته ها و مقاطع تحصیلی وجود دارد و میزان حد نصاب 70% نمره ی آخرین قبولی آزاد بسیار پایین میباشد که تاثیر آن بسیار فراتر از وصف میب

Created: 2017-11-24

Time period All countries Iran
All time 129 121
7 days 1 1

Saving Hippodrome in Belgrade

One of the oldest active sports facilities in the World should not become the shopping mall! It is 8 years older than Wimbledon! Sign to save culture, tradition, thrill and excitement of this iconic Institution!

Created: 2017-03-30

Time period All countries Serbia
All time 9819 7681
7 days 1 1