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Support Richmond Hill residents’ right to choose flexible voting methods!

Richmond Hill residents and voters should have the option to vote online or by paper ballot in the 2022 Municipal Elections. In the next few weeks Council will be approving the voting methods that will be available to residents for the 2022 Municipal Elections.  Some councillors have already indicated that they do not support online voting and some councillors support a combination of online and paper ballot voting. The Council Accountability Group (CAG) feels that the decision on which voting

Created: 2021-05-14

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Stop Physical Separations for Bike Lanes In Etobicoke along Rathburn & Martingrove Roads

The City of Toronto is aggressively pursuing physical separation of bike lanes in Etobicoke, only providing a short one month notice for public consultation, and in the month of December when folks are busy planning for the holidays.  A link to the notice for public consultation can be found here:   Adding physical separation for bike lanes along Rathburn and along Martin Grove road t

Created: 2020-11-27

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Halvempi koronavirustesti omiin kotimaihinsa matkustaville! Affordable Covid19-test for travelers reaching their own home countries!

[Suomi/English below] Vaadimme että Suomessa koronavirustestien hinnat matkustamista varten olisivat kohtuullisia, kaikille saavutettavia ja muiden EU-maiden testien hintojen mukaisia. Turismi tai työ eivät ole ainoita syitä matkustamiselle. Suomessa asuville ulkomaalaistaustaisille (noin puoli miljoonaa) sekä ulkosuomalaisille (yli 1,6 miljoonaa) matkustaminen on välttämätöntä, jos haluaa tavata omia vanhempia, sisaruksia ja muita läheisiä. Useat ovat menettäneet sukulaisia ja rakkaita ihmisiä

Created: 2021-05-09

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Stop the "Vaccine Passport" proposed by the Liberal Government in Canada

             The urge and need of a "Vaccine Passport" for international travel to and from Canada, has been proposed by the Liberal Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Requiring Canadians and people of other nationalities to bear a "Vaccine Passport" to enter or leave Canada is not only unconstititutional and against the Nuremberg Code, but also goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms. No Canadian or international traveller should ever b

Created: 2021-05-02

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Petition to lower the speed limit to 60km/h throughout Whitebear

With recent deaths and accidents killing not only my uncle but wildlife as well this petition is to have the speed limit moved to 60 km/h for the entire stretch of highway#9 through Whitebear First Nations Saskatchewan  as most of you well know this stretch of highway is frequented by pedestrian all day long everyday and everyone of them has a story of a close call or witnessing an accident on these roads    my reasoning for this limit is ... by law you are required to drive no faster that 60km/

Created: 2021-02-26

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BE IT RESOLVED as a 3/4 Vote Resolution of the Owners, Strata Plan VR 732, Spuraway Gardens (the "Strata Corporation"), that the Bylaws of their Strata Corporation be amended as follows, such amendment to be effective upon the filing of an Amendment to the Bylaws in prescribed form at the Land Titles Office: Bylaw 38 currently reads as: No person shall bring a pet onto any part of the common property or a strata lot. To now read as follows: 38 (a) Strata Lot residents shall be entitled to keep o

Created: 2021-02-04

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Support 2021 Bargaining for iSchool TAs

On December 17, 2020, the Doctoral Students’ Association, alongside student contract educators of the Faculty of Information, held their first meeting discussing bargaining during the 2020/2021 academic year. As you may be aware CUPE’s Collective Agreement with the University of Toronto expires on December 31, 2020 and CUPE 3902 is engaged in bargaining for a new Collective Agreement. At this meeting a motion was moved and then passed unanimously to endorse the following letter and formally requ

Created: 2020-12-21

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The removal of the Canadian liberal government.

Petition to the House of Commons. (Humanity is in extreme and imminent danger!) Where as we the people of Canada feel "The Government of Canada" (on both a Federal and Provincial level) is a corporation obeying orders from the World Economic Forum and is no longer serving the people. Where as we the people of Canada also feel that "The Government of Canada" (on both a Federal and Provincial level) are acting in contravention of international and national law's and no longer have any legitimacy.

Created: 2020-12-05

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Albertans: Tell Jason Kenney To Resign

  This is a non-partisan call to all concerned Albertans for the resignation of Jason Kenney as premier of this province. Don't let the slogan on the sign fool you! He is not "standing up for Alberta"! Albertans are! Jason Kenney has shown he is unwilling or incapable of doing what it takes to be a provincial premier. He has failed Albertans on many of his election platform promises including: Education, Healthcare, Employment, Parks & Recreation, Environment. He has given billions to the oi

Created: 2020-11-24

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Tim hortons Sponsorship for the Timmies Boy

I love posting content trying all of my followers favourite and most creative things from Tim Hortons. I have made 48 videos so far trying the Tims creations, mostly drinks but a few food items. It has become somewhat expensive going multiple times a day but I continue to do it as I enjoy it. I want to start this petition to see if we can somehow create a sponsorship or partnership with Tim Hortons. I really enjoy making these videos and I hope all my followers continue to share with me crazy id

Created: 2020-10-29

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