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Kezdeményezés a hazai zsidó közélet megtisztulásáért

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 בס“ד   Kezdeményezés a hazai zsidó közélet megtisztulásáért     Mi, hitüket, identitásukat sokféleképpen megélő magyar zsidók, a magyarországi zsidó közösségek tagjai aggodalommal figyeljük egyes intézményi vezetőink egyre inkább elmérgesedő nyilvános vitáit, botrányait. Nem

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Petition for the exclusion of FIDESZ from the European People's Party

Petition to all members of the European People’s Party We the signatories submit this petition respectfully to express our utter bewilderment and deep concern over the ever-growing influence exercised by the Hungarian Fidesz and its leader within the political arena of the European Union. We are asking you to radically reconsider Fidesz’s place within the European People’s Party and exclude them from your group before the 2019 European Parliamentary elections.   We have cogent evidence to suppor

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Réflexions on your strike

  ***English*** (find French below) Thoughts about the strike A lot of energy, efforts and passion are spent each day worldwide by the 102 012 Air France and KLM employees to ensure a healthy and harmonious growth of our Family.Pricing, network, commercial departments, line maintenance, operations, crews, etc., each of us is an important part of a chain. Without any of these parts, the chain breaks.  We cannot function without each other. During the last few days, a part of the chain has been mi

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Petition for the respect of the human rights

I want to draw to your attention to a big error made recently by the Romanian autorities by putting the refugee and yoga teacher, Gregorian Bivolaru, on Europol's "Most Wanted" list, under false and illegal accusations (namely "sexual exploitation of children” and "infantile pornography” - reasons for which he has never been convicted). This huge lie and abuse led to Mr. Bivolaru being arrested in Paris on the 26th February 2016.   In keeping with his status of political refugee in Sweden and ho

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Equal rights to LMBTQ people

I ask you to sign a petition asking the government of Hungary to amend the text of the Fundamental Law/Constitution and to amend the text of the Family Law Act to ensure equal rights for the LGBTQ people:- marriage (civic wedding) and- in case of adoption.motivationA.In Hungary, it is guaranteed by law that people who have undergone non-conversion surgery: marry. That is, a man who was born with male or female genital organs but decides to live as a woman or a man after a lengthy and costly medi

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Justice for Hungary! - Appeal of the Presidium of the WFH

At its meeting on 17 March, 2012, the Presidium of the World Federation of Hungarians discussed the widespread political and press campaigns that are being conducted against Hungary in various countries of the world at the present time.  In the interests of truth, integrity, and fairness, it was decided to issue the following appeal.   The Presidium of the World Federation of Hungarians denounces the campaign of hate that has been under way for months against Hungary, her people, and her gover

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime season 3?

Hi there! For me one of my favorite anime Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Unfortunately, only two season at the end of the second season is is not properly closed. If you like this anime please sign that anime creator, the issue I would like to see that, if you continue this anime!

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Crystal Archlord Szerver

Hello! UPDATE: We have reached 10 signatures! Thank you :-) Website: We would like to start a new private server called Crystal Archlord, but at first we would like to recruit players! We are going to use VPS server with 100/100 internet connection! --> NO LAG! Our server has a lot of RAM  --> NO CRASH! Information about the server: Experience 3x & Drop 3x Uniques drop implanted Rare rings drop implanted 92 weapons drop implanted Cm stats added/Wz stats mixe

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Mentsük meg a József Attila Színházat!

"A főváros vezetése arra kérte fel Méhes Lászlót, a József Attila Színház igazgatóját, hogy a következő évadtól ne hosszabbítsa meg a munkavállalók és egyéb foglalkoztatottak szerződését - közölte a színház az MTI-vel. Mint írták, ez azt jelenti, hogy az idén 55 éves József Attila Színház nyáron megszűnhet önálló intézményként működni és a társulatot feloszlatják. Az épületre hamarosan hasznosítási pályázatot ír ki a tulajdonos önkormányzat."(Forrás: origo) Minden kultúrát kedvelő embert k

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Il Volo concert to Hungary!

The Il Volo is an Italian band. They are a successful band, who among others won the 2015 Sanremo Music Festival and gained qualification to the Eurovision Song Contest. They ended up being third in the contest but winning the televoting.  The guys had several successful concerts around the world and have millions of fans. However, Hungary and Budapest weren't included in their Europe-tours, yet.  I think that we should bring Il Volo to the Hungarian capital, as a concert there would fulfil many

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