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Crystal Archlord Szerver

Hello! UPDATE: We have reached 10 signatures! Thank you :-) Website: We would like to start a new private server called Crystal Archlord, but at first we would like to recruit players! We are going to use VPS server with 100/100 internet connection! --> NO LAG! Our server has a lot of RAM  --> NO CRASH! Information about the server: Experience 3x & Drop 3x Uniques drop implanted Rare rings drop implanted 92 weapons drop implanted Cm stats added/Wz stats mixe

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Mentsük meg a József Attila Színházat!

"A főváros vezetése arra kérte fel Méhes Lászlót, a József Attila Színház igazgatóját, hogy a következő évadtól ne hosszabbítsa meg a munkavállalók és egyéb foglalkoztatottak szerződését - közölte a színház az MTI-vel. Mint írták, ez azt jelenti, hogy az idén 55 éves József Attila Színház nyáron megszűnhet önálló intézményként működni és a társulatot feloszlatják. Az épületre hamarosan hasznosítási pályázatot ír ki a tulajdonos önkormányzat."(Forrás: origo) Minden kultúrát kedvelő embert k

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Il Volo concert to Hungary!

The Il Volo is an Italian band. They are a successful band, who among others won the 2015 Sanremo Music Festival and gained qualification to the Eurovision Song Contest. They ended up being third in the contest but winning the televoting.  The guys had several successful concerts around the world and have millions of fans. However, Hungary and Budapest weren't included in their Europe-tours, yet.  I think that we should bring Il Volo to the Hungarian capital, as a concert there would fulfil many

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Petition urging FISA to preserve lightweight rowing

 Please sign this petition urging:  FISA to work to increase universality in rowing by preserving a significant lightweight program at the Olympic Games, and at the very least to maintain the number of olympic medals for lightweight men’s rowing.    FISA to work to improve gender equality in rowing and to expand opportunities also for women in rowing by adding a women’s lightweight event that would allow as many women as possible to row so to emphasize the characteristics of team spirit that is

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Minecraft for ARMv6!

Hy Mojang! We want only one thing! Minecraft pocket edition for ARMv6 Android phones! Please, do it! Thanks

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Declaration of social scientists at the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences concerning the Central European University

As researchers and employees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences we join with the declaration of the President of the Academy, stating that “the CEU is an extremely important scientific centre and international education institution. It is good for all that it operates in Budapest.” In agreement with social sciences committees of the HAS we assert that education programs and research carried out at Central European University ensure a high level of professional qualit

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We are against the Emergency Decree (OUG) no. 13/2017 that modifies the Penal Code

(Versiunea în română a acestei petiţii aici) On Wednesday, the 1st of February 2017, the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis sent the Romanian Prime Minister, Mr. Sorin Mihai Grindeanu, the letter below, in which he demands the  abrogation of the Emergency Decree no. 13/2017 that modifies and amends Law no. 286/2009 regarding the Penal Code and Law no. 135/2010 regarding the Penal Code Procedures. We, the undersigned, are requesting the repeal of this Emergency Decreed so that it is prevent

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Mecca Disaster فاجعه سرزمین منا

   به نام خدا   جناب آقای بان کی مون دبیر کل محترم سازمان ملل متحد  با سلام و عرض ادب   ما هنرمندان، ایثارگران، اصحاب رسانه، فرهنگیان، دانشگاهیان، ورزشکاران و سایر اقشار جامعه ایران، بدین‌وسیله همدردی و پشتیبانی خود را از همه بازماندگان اندوهگین فاجعه سرزمین منا در مناسک آیینی حج امسال اعلام کرده و از شما درخواست داریم تا با دخالت مستقیم و مسئولانه خود تمامی ابعاد این واقعه خونین را شفاف‌سازی نمایید  بی‌گمان پی گیری مجدانه این موضوع، بهترین نوع حرمت گذاری به جان و امنیت انسان‌های بی‌گناه، با ت

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Right to use sign language in educational programmes

  World Federation of the Deaf is calling individuals to sign this petition, New Era Document, which rejects the resolutions of the 1880 Milan Congress that banned the use of sign language from educational programmes for deaf children. This is a call upon all nations and people of the world to remember history and ensure that educational programmes accept and respect all languages, including sign languages, and all forms of communication. The New Era Document was first presented and signed by hu

9232 Created: 2010-09-17 Statistics

Justice for Baby Elephant, Agam

PETISI keadilan untuk Gajah Agam (Please sign & share) #Justice4Agam  Justice for agam video:   Indonesia version KEPADA YTH 1. PRESIDEN RI, IR. H. JOKO WIDODO 2. MENTERI KEHUTANAN RI, SITI NURBAYA   Agam - bayi gajah Sumatera berusia 2 tahun dinyatakan mati pada 26 Oktober 2014 akibat cedera tulang panggul yang dideritanya sejak pertengahan Mei 2014. Agam adalah gajah yatim piatu yang dirawat di PKG Saree, Aceh Besar. Kare

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