Most popular petitions in Ireland in 2018

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Multi use games area for Irvinestown

Although Irvinestown may seem well equipped with football pitches at the Bawnacre Centre, i feel the town is really in need of a Multi-Use Sports Area (Muga). These Mugas provide an area for kids to go to enjoy the sports they love, whilst staying healthy and meeting new friends in a safe, well lit and free area. At present the Bawnacre is the only real option and this all comes at a cost, which i don't think is fair on the children of this town and surrounding area.

Created: 2018-06-28 Statistics

Martins dress code is bullshit

I think the dress code is a load of horse shit and we all should vote yes,if we reach 30 votes imma dm it to them

Created: 2018-06-23 Statistics

Save tilted towers

Please help save tilted towers, a beloved space of many battles, victorys, defeats, and memorys

Created: 2018-04-01 Statistics

Keep Irish horse racing on Attheraces

Please help us keep Irish racing on Attheraces. Where it is free to air under a Sky TV package. If Racing UK gets the rights for Irish racing, it could be a very damaging situition for the sport here in Ireland. If you love Attheraces please sign this petition.    Thank you. 

Created: 2018-02-03 Statistics


!! SZANOWNI POLACY-RODACY Z CAŁEGO ŚWIATA !! Petycja ta jest skierowana do przewodniczącego komisji do spraw zagranicznych przy kongresie Amerykańskim aby jednogłośnie wyrazić nasze poparcie dla Polonii USA w ogromnym przedsięwzięciu powstrzymania ustawy w sprawie roszczeń żydowskich dotyczących mienia bezspadkowego na terenie naszego kraju. Ustawa ta jest prawnie chwiejna i mamy wielką szansę wygrać. Polonia z Kanady utworzyła tą petycję i wyraża silny sprzeciw jej uchwalenia.  ‼️

Created: 2018-01-23 Statistics

Jack O’Brien on Purple Tour


Created: 2018-12-19 Statistics

Lobby to the Irish government to implement rent restrictions in lim

This petition is to ask the Irish government to implement rent restrictions to the Limerick area.

Created: 2018-11-13 Statistics

Please write KYIV not Kiev (Stop the Russification of Free Peoples)

Dear Director: In accordance with the 10th United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names, we, the signatories to this petition, politely and urgently request your media organisation  to immediately abandon your usage of outdated, Soviet-era placenames when referring to Ukraine.   Ukraine has been an independent sovereign nation for more than 27-years.  Notwithstanding, the Soviet-era versions of many geographic names stubbornly persist in international practice, largely

Created: 2018-10-05 Statistics

Tear down the invisible wall between Meath and West Meath

You all know it's about time. Please make your word heard and let it be

Created: 2018-06-04 Statistics

The scumbags who attacked Lidl in Citywest do not represent the majority of good people in Tallaght and Citywest.

The events tonight at Lidl in Citywest are disgusting. The people of Tallaght and Citywest are not represented by these scumbags. There are no excuses for this behaviour. The signatories of this petition disassociate themselves from these people completely and want them to be brought to justice. No excuses, no sob stories. Punish them severely!!

Created: 2018-03-02 Statistics