Most popular petitions in Romania in 2018

  • Country: Romania
  • Language: English
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Save homeopathy in Romania!

Created: 2018-05-13 Statistics

Investigate Corona Brasov intentional fouls in the Erste Liga and the romanian national league

Created: 2018-10-02 Statistics

Hillerød kommune in Denmark, return William to his loving mother Hermina and stop snatching children from their loving parents

Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

Support the Romanian Tax incentive law

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics


Created: 2015-12-31 Statistics

Open letter. On the dissolution of the work contract of Prof. univ. dr. Florin Draşovean

Created: 2018-04-24 Statistics

Opening times change at Sarmizegetusa Regia during the solstices + installation of webcam for remote viewing of astronomical events

Created: 2018-04-10 Statistics

Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

We are against the Emergency Decree (OUG) no. 13/2017 that modifies the Penal Code

Created: 2017-02-02 Statistics

Help “Floria Capsali” Choreography High School to exist

Created: 2016-10-21 Statistics

Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program

Created: 2018-08-14 Statistics

Galin Radkov, known by all lovers of cacti and succulents has now been officially and UNFAIRLY dismissed from his position at the Botanical Garden in Balchik!

Created: 2018-05-22 Statistics

Petition for building a Museum for the Image in Romania

Created: 2016-03-17 Statistics

Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

Created: 2018-10-28 Statistics

اعتراض به دستورالمعل ترویج زایمان طبیعی ۱۳۹۷

Created: 2018-04-24 Statistics

Vrem o scena A State of Trance la Untold (We want an A State of Trance stage at Untold)

Created: 2017-08-20 Statistics

ROMANIA-NORWAY, jointly for the Bodnariu children

Created: 2016-01-11 Statistics

نامه به شورای محترم نگبهان در خصوص مستثنی شدن اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات از شمول سقف پاداش بازنشستگی و مالیات پلکاتی

Created: 2018-01-20 Statistics

Endre egyvégbe másnapos, de velünk sose iszik.

Created: 2018-12-29 Statistics

Bring back jupi

Created: 2018-11-22 Statistics