Most popular petitions in South Africa in 2015

  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
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Part-time Soldiers should be considered as Military Veterans

Conscripted or part-time soldiers (Citizen / Reserves Force) will not be considered as Military Veterans in South African in future! Irrespective if they have been involved in conflict losing comrades or being wounded. Should they should look after themselves and not the government? We, the citizens of S. A. are extremely concerned and disappointed that the definition of a Military Veteran given by Mr Makwetla, the Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, when addressing the Parliamenta

Created: 2011-06-05 Statistics

DSTV customer complaint

I thought of not doing this but .. If we all just leave it, we’ll end up paying R800 a month .. very soon ...  and for what?   DSTV is once again increasing their tariff, so you now have the pleasure of paying more for channels that you NEVER watch! That's absolutely amazing, but wait, there's more! You can watch all the same movies over and over again, even if you have seen them 6 or 9 times before! (more than 10 years) Interested yet in their great, once in

Created: 2011-04-18 Statistics

intec college

Herewith I start a petition against Intec's bad service, empty promises and refunds. Please support this if you have any trouble so that we can go to the media with this. I know on hello peter there is a lot of complaints let's help get them exposed and help people not to fall into the same trap as we did.

Created: 2011-03-24 Statistics