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To get Hypnotherapy services rebated by medicare

Hypnotherapy is a powerful alternative modality that enables people to make transformations in their lives. It can help people to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling and drugs, release anxiety, change unhealthy habits, lose weight, eliminate phobias, to mention just a few. There are so many positive benefits to having a hypnotherapy session which will save the government money in the long run due to fewer sick days, fewer medications taken, fewer side effects from the medications, fewer hospital adm

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5 year extension of harness expiry for FIA 8853-2016 standard

I am a Motorsport Australia member.  We the undersigned request that Motorsport Australia permit a 5 year extension to the marked expiry date for all FIA 8853-2016 harness in use for club and state level rallies.  This practice was in place for the superseded harness standard in Australia and is currently in place for 8853-2016 by The equivalent governing body in the United Kingdom.

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Sydney 188 Applicants

For applicants whose provisonal visa was nominated by NSW, the conditions have been changed in a way that many of them may not be able to meet the new requirements. The recent changes are as belows: 1- Net and personal assets have been increased to A$1,500,000, which was A$900,000 before. 2- "Two out of three conditions" for employees has been removed. 3- The word "NEW" has been added to employees, which is vague and confusing. 4- It has been issued that the applicant must have A$600,000 in Sydn

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Give back Belgravia Leisure access to Fitness Passport members

Dear Clover Moore   As a resident of Sydney, I have been using the Belgravia Leisure centre facilitities for many years on my Fitness Passport. Canceling my access is not meeting my needs as a member of the community. It is unfair to expect your constituents to pay extra fees to be able to use these services. Please reinstate my Fitness Passport access to these facilities. Thank you

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Keeping traditional school hours

Premier Dominic Perrottet has stated on the 7th of February 2022 that "9am until 3pm doesn't work".  The NSW Government is planning to overhaul the traditional school hours as a part of the new trial.  The trial is expected to take place from term three in schools across the state, and could include staggered start and finish times, earlier hours and longer.      This is not what we want for our children. Children do not need to be spending their days in classrooms for long periods of time with

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The Boulevarde Lilyfield

We, the residents of The Boulevarde Lilyfield, respectfully request the Inner West Council upgrade our street by considering: 1. New in-road tree planting We request large tree planting on a median strip in the middle of the road. The Boulevarde is an unusually wide street which leads to the spectacular Callan Park. Native trees in line with this heritage should be considered.  The Boulevarde is at the top of the crest of the hill and is quite exposed and hot in summer. Trees will benefit our c

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AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL HUMANITYThe most substantial environmental climate proven example. BASIC RULES FOR THE OPERATION OF A DEMOCRACY- INHERENT IN THIS PETITION. 1. The government is elected by the people to serve the people. 2. For the government to execute their duties they need to be confident of the advice they are given. THE OPPORTUNITY THIS PETITION PROVIDES FOR THE ENTIRE AUSTRALIAN POPULATION ADDRESSING CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES. The Australian continent offers visually

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JUSTICE FOR THE 48 that never came home

Please only if you want to sign our petition in support for the Stardust families and the lost of their loved ones and the treatment from this government and passed ones on this disaster 41 years is to long to wait for Justice

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Demand justice, fairness, and accountability for tenants involved with social housing

Queensland provides housing to vulnerable members of our community. The housing we provide must not make residents ill, cause them injuries or be unsafe. We owe a duty of care to residents. We must support them and compensate them if they become ill or injured because of inadequate social housing. The Minister and the Department must treat residents fairly and behave as model litigants in negotiating compensation for claims that may arise from inadequate housing. Accountability matters.“I contra

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Everyone in Geelong knows how greatly loved the Yeah Boy green machine pizza has been over the last few years. Many of us have grown to become reliant on this gastronomical masterpiece and the potential loss of this gift to our local community saddens many of us. Please sign this petition if you believe the green machine should stay on the Yeah Boy menu for all to enjoy, let’s avoid future generations missing out on this delectable treasure. Please spread the word!! 🍕🍕🥦🥦

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