Most popular petitions in Australia in 2014

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Fair trial for Ethiopian copilot Hailemedhen Abera

Petition asking Switzerland to conduct fair trial for Ethiopian Copilot Hailemedhen Abera To : Switss Court and Justice System Fair trial for Ethiopian co pilot Hailemedhen Abera A repressive state pollutes the spirit of its people; only few are brave enough to live out through the pages of history. Copilot Hailemedhen Abera chose to breathe a clean air of a prison cell rather than his high paying job in a land lead by anarchists. Opposing dictatorship in Ethiopia is like knocking your s

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

Hold Solihull MBC Accountable For Abuse of Power & Corruption

This Petition is aimed at highlighting the corruption & abuse of power pertaining at Solihull MBC (Social Services Dept).  Ian James, as Director of Adult Services, is ultimately responsible for the draconian and shabby actions of his staff and the devastation caused to the Parkes Family.  These people have acted in a malicious, draconian, unethical manner and are guilty of attempting to rip away the final vestiges of dignity of a vulnerable, frail and terminally ill man and his family.Every

Created: 2014-07-07 Statistics

Macleay Island State School Needs a New Principal

How many parents out there with children attending M.I.S.S. have had problem after problem with this school? How many parents out there have put in complaints to the QLD Education Department with no success in rectifying the situation? How many students have been pulled from the school to be home-schooled or use distance education? How many students have been pulled from this school and moved to get better education? Why should our beautiful children have to suffer under the wrath of the current

Created: 2014-02-10 Statistics

Magcon Tour To Australia

All the fans in America get everything, and Australia gets nothing. The amount of fans is underestamated in Australia and we never get noticed. So we started this petition to get the boys to notice us and bring the tour down under.

Created: 2014-02-24 Statistics


Local Mentone residents want to save the Collins street former Council depot site for open space/parkland. Developers want to make it a 3 story nursing home and relocate elderly residents there from other nursing homes in the area. The site currently leads into a dead end street and is right next to a railway line and substation. All shops etc. are located across a major rd and railway line. The current nursing home sites is far better located next to parkland and close to shops if a new facilit

Created: 2014-12-04 Statistics

No music desert in Basel!

>>please scroll down and sign below<<   Petition to the government of Basel-Stadt   On September 1, 2014, musicians who had been living and working in Basel for years were informed that they would have to leave Switzerland. The reason given was a change in policy at the Federal Office for Migration.  This change in policy makes entirely unrealistic demands on professional musicians: all musicians from non-EU countries have to demonstrate that they have 75% employment from a single em

Created: 2014-12-03 Statistics

Stop killing stray dogs

خمام، شهری میان رشت و بندر انزلی، در این شبها قتلگاه سگ های خیابانی شد!همراه با آغاز دوباره ی سیر سگ کشی در کشور، عبور و مرور از ساعت 12شب به بعد در شهر خمام ممنوع گردیدهدلیل این ممنوعیت کشتار سگ های خیابانی در این ساعت مقرر بیان شده!از تمامی دوستان برای جلوگیری از این جنایت سازماندهی شده بر علیه حقوق حیوانات طلب یاری داریم.آنچه از این حقیر بر می آمد، طراحی چند پوستر بود. کمی ها و کاستی ها را به عمق فاجعه ببخشید. تازه رسیدم پناهگاه، صدای سفیر گلوله در دوردستها میپیچد و سگها به ناگهان شروع به واق

Created: 2014-03-08 Statistics

Justice for Gaynor Fundira

We should all support Gaynor so that she is treated like any human being in the world. Everyone has a mental breakdown at one point but it does not mean that they can not live a normal life. She does not need to be sectioned for standing up for her rights. Gaynor allegedly found her husband cheating in their matrimonial home, if she was mentally disturbed she would have viciously attacked both her husband and the alleged mistress. Please sign this petition so that she is released back home and s

Created: 2014-06-03 Statistics

Heat 50m pool - Bundamba Swim Centre

Does the Ipswich Community need a heated 50m pool and/or would you use the 50m pool at Bundamba through Autum and Winter if it was heated to 27-28 degrees?   Benefits to the Community by having a heated Olympic Pool at the Bundamba Swim Centre. 1.It will free up space at smaller heated pools that are inundated by lap swimmers and squads through winter 2.It will promote swimming as an all year round activity for health & fitness. 3.It will strengthen the sport of swimming in Ipswich and offer

Created: 2014-05-27 Statistics

sign to see Brad Steele in KMS ride

if you would like to see brad in the KMS Hotrod then we need the numbers for this to happen!!!!!! please sign and share this petition!!!!!

Created: 2014-03-20 Statistics